Is Shark Better than Roomba

Is Shark Better than Roomba in Quality?

The Shark vs. Roomba is the two robot vacuum cleaners that come from a durable lineage of excellence vacuum cleaners.

Shark and Roomba Robot Vacuum Cleaners Comparison

While Roomba predominantly attentions on robot vacuums, Shark has vacuum past across the panel, creating upright, stick, container, and handheld product types as well.

Differences between Shark & Roomba

Is shark better than Roomba, iRobot Roomba is far more recognized as a robot vacuum industrialist vs. Shark. Shark’s ION and RV models propose simpler robot vacuums compared to Roomba’s packed model lineup. That supposed, the Shark IQ with its self-emptying dirt bin is a notable upgrade.

Comparing Shark vs Roomba’s upper-end models there is a further significant difference. The Roomba S9+, i7+, i3+, e5, and further high-end product types offer more sorts and enhanced cleaning presentation compared to maximum Shark robots.

Shark Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Shark proposes a wide collection of vacuum types, having a range from uprights and stick vacuums to movable handhelds and tag-along containers. To retain with the ever-changing vacuum cleaner market, they moreover now manufacture robot vacuum cleaners.

Shark R85 Robot Vacuum Serviceability

The present lineup of robot vacuums in the Shark ION sequence comprises:

Also actually quick, let’s chat about the names. Shark has prepared a number of vagaries to the naming of these vacuums, which can occasionally make for complicated comparisons.

For ease, there are essentially three naming resolutions. Beneath shows the development of one model in all three naming styles:

Usually, the two numerical number models (ex: ION 85, have been phased out and swapped with three-digit product types like the AV751 or the RV871. In spite of the fact that the model names are frequently dissimilar, they are characteristically extremely (if not exactly) matching to other models.

For instance, Shark ION 75 and R750 are accurately the same. And the AV751 is enormously alike to the 75 and R750.

The continual changes of the identification style is a bit puzzling in my opinion, but confidently, this rundown assists to clear up the fact that these sub-names are essentially the same vacuum older product types, but with the latest name.

Roomba Robot Vacuum Cleaners

iRobot is the business behind the Roomba name. iRobot specifies two kinds of robots, comprising the:

The Roomba e5 will drive automatically onto the stored electrical energy base when it needs to be refueled.

In the fight vs. Shark robot vacuum cleaners, Roomba will be the foremost contender.

Roomba automatic vacuums are available in a variety of series kinds and models, but for the sake of this evaluation, we will chiefly be looking at the selective.


Representing, Shark IQ, Roomba S9+, and Roomba i7+ entirely have innovative digital mapping. They all make a map you can have access via your android or apple phone. From there you can arrange scheduling, room scrubbings, view antiquity, and more. Roomba i3+ also has a chart, but it doesn’t store the map among cleanings and you can’t utilize that map to set up regions. Even plainer, the Roomba e5 does not have numerical mapping competencies at all.

Run Time

The run time for wholly these robots is equally similar. Roomba e5 has a trivial edge with a 90 minute run time, associated with the S9+, i7+, and i3+, which work for 75 minutes. Shark doesn’t reveal their certified run times, but in our examinations, it appeared to be pretty similar. All of the vacuums recorded here (Shark or Roomba) have Recharge & Recommence with the one exclusion being the Roomba e5.

Cleaning Performance

The maximum striking difference among these models is cleaning capability. Roomba S9+, i7+, i3, and e5 all were practically immaculate, eliminating 99% of debris throughout our tests. Shark wriggled more, only eradicating 87% of debris. This isn’t to say Shark is a wicked cleaner but associated with the Roomba high-end line; there is a strong difference in working capability.

Recharge and Resume

This facility lets the robot go refresh by having charging itself and then restart where it left inedible, in the occasion it’s not capable to finish a clean job earlier the battery is fully consumed. Roomba S9+, i7+, i3+ & Shark IQ obligate it,  but Roomba e5 does not.

Self-Empty Containers

Roomba models like S9+, Roomba i7+, Roomba i3+, and Shark vacuum IQ entire models have a self-emptying dirt bin. The Roomba e5 and the typical Roomba i3 do not have this facility. This is the main convenience factor and could be a big plus if this is a feature you’re exactly searching for.

Bag vs. Bagless

Roomba vacuum models like S9+, i7+, and i3+ use a bagged scheme within the Unpolluted Base charging situation. As these items of baggage get full you’ll want to swap them. The Shark IQ utilizes a bagless scheme that you can just vacant. There are pros and cons to every design. More usually speaking, bags are extra hygienic, but cost additional over the life of the component, while bagless are additional convenient and less costly.


Roomba vacuums like S9+ and i7+ are around twice as luxurious as the Shark IQ which is a vast difference. The Roomba vacuum e5 and Shark IQ are nearer to the same value. The Roomba i3 smashes a nice sweet spot among cost and expediency.

So formerly, we’ve realized all the data, what’s the actual bottom line on what’s healthier or worse?

Roomba S9+

It’s the furthermost expensive, but it’s accurately the best performer with the maximum features. Bottom line, it’s debatably the best robot presently being sold anywhere. It has got suitability, numerical mapping, keep-out zones, and astonishing performance. If you need the best, get the S9+.

Roomba i7+

This is essentially the S9+ lite version. It’s acquired a little less suction control likened to S9+ and it utilizes the circle scheme, so it’s not as abundant at getting into bends. Outside that, performance, usability, and additional facilities are substantially alike to the S9+. It’s a worthy choice if you need the best, but also needs to save tiny money off the wringing edge. Protection Status
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