Why Was The Vacuum Cleaner Invented

Why Was The Vacuum Cleaner Invented

If you have rugs and carpets in your house, you are undoubtedly very familiar with vacuum cleaners. They are a great cleaning tool for fabric surfaces and hard to reach areas of the house. You save a lot of time and effort using a vacuum cleaner. But have you ever wondered why the vacuum cleaner was invented and how would life be without it? Continue reading this article to find out about the history of vacuum cleaners and explore their future.

The Invention Of The Vacuum Cleaner

It’s 1901, and if you were lucky to witness that scene on the streets of London where someone is rolling a machine on the road, creating a hovering sound, then you know where the vacuum cleaners begin. Well, most of us weren’t even born yet, so below are the details:

The person who was rolling the first vacuum cleaner on the streets of London was engineer Hubert Cecil Booth. A company mainly employed him for designing suspension bridges and fairground ferris wheels. In 1901, he developed his skill set in making the first vacuum cleaner after watching a machine at London’s Empire Music Hall.

Hubert found some significant flaws in the machine he watched. It was designed to blow out the air for remove dust from the carpet. However, the engineer took the challenge to develop a device that would suck the air.

After certain attempts, Hubert launched his vacuum cleaner company and sold his designed vacuum cleaners. This was the introduction of the world’s first vacuums. You can also say it was the invention year of the right vacuum cleaners. Why Was The Vacuum Cleaner Invent?

The First Vacuum Cleaner In Action

The introductory vacuum cleaners were not as they look presently. When we say ‘the first vacuums’, that thing was a big machine, powered by a petrol engine and cost as much as a junior domestic maid’s salary. 

Owning a vacuum was a major flex-back then. You would have to bring in long hoses from the windows while the petrol-powered engine stands outside to conduct the cleaning. The air was drawn through a suction pipe from the hose and took all the dust from the carpet.

It was a moment to watch as locals stood outside the house, watching the dust collected into the canister. The canister was helpful in the transparent glass-a marketing strategy by the manufacturers.

Vacuum Cleaning Is A Luxury

The invention of vacuum cleaners was a due luxury. Although it faced many court cases for disrupting the streets and propaganda by competitors, Hubert successfully convinced the court that it was the only successful machine among the substitutes.

From cleaning the carpets of Buckingham palace to the royal mint and crystal palace, the royals used these vacuum cleaners massively. It was soon consider the most reliable cleaning tool.

Soon after, its popularity reach different countries around the world. The vacuum cleaners were purchase by Russians, Americans, and all countries having access to this machine and enough purchasing power.

The wealthier households had this machine as a premium feature of the house. Servants were getting lower in number. So it won’t be wrong to say, vacuum cleaners change the cleaning process of modern households to a great extent.  Why Was The Vacuum Cleaner Invented?

The Future Of The Vacuum Cleaner

The basic suction principle has been followed in vacuum cleaners to date. However, with technological progress and efficient designs, vacuum cleaners got smaller, more effective, and cheaper.

With time. Electronic appliances came into the homes increasingly. Vacuum cleaners were among them. The mass production and production efficiency made them available for mass consumer markets.

Vacuum cleaners have the exact working mechanism, but the way they are powered is altered in plenty of ways. Nowadays, there are battery-powered vacuums. Much lighter and convenient to carry.

There is a more powerful version of vacuum cleaners available to the consumer market that can operate for hours without the worry of overheating. Vacuums are use in industries for mass cleaning, and the lead time that previously include cleaning time is now reduce considerably.


Vacuum cleaners were design to reduce the workload on homemakers. Still, with time, the daily routine is mould so that the time-saving factor of vacuum cleaners is not so prominent anymore. However, it is still a fact that the invention of a vacuum cleaner makes so much sense because, without it, you would be struggling to pull out each hair of your pet from the carpet.

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