How Long Can A Wasp Live In A Vacuum 

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Are you a fan of the bugs? People rarely are. But imagine finding a whole community of bugs living inside the vacuum? Can that happen? Yes, it can and it has, to many people. There have been cases and sadly, most of them did not survive. The bugs, I mean. Of course, the fear is not being taken into account here.

So, let us discuss the theory of wasps. How long can they survive inside a vacuum? Is there a way to clean them out? If so, then how? We are going to answer the queries you had when you opened this blog to read.

How Long Would The Wasp Live

Well, the average life expectancy of a wasp is known to be around 22 days. It depends on many factors but the studies have supported this fact as well. 

Now, think about a wasp that has been sucked into the vacuum. Poor thing, just minding its own business, flying to relish its freedom. But wait, it has been sucked by something that appears like a black hole to him? That is what probably seems to be the case to him. How do you think it will survive there?

There is no food. An environment that will not favor any living organism seems to be cornering around the wasp. And, wait, is it getting hot in here? It will be inside the vacuum.

So, you do get the point, right? The conditions inside the vacuum would be so unfavorable that the wasp itself will not be able to survive that long. It might even be on a clock unless there is a wasp hero dying to get the wasp out of the vacuum. 

The dust inside will be the major factor and the one that can kill the wasp the fastest. An hour, or a few hours at most.

How To Remove Them

You need to design a wasp trap. Yes, you have to become an artist and design your own wasp trap! Don’t worry, you can buy from the store as well. We are just messing with you.  

You just need an efficient trap that can hold off itself and stay put as you tie it across the vacuum opening. Just make sure it is not a plastic bag that the wasp can race its way through. The better idea would be to wait a couple of hours until you are sure that the wasps are not alive anymore. 

However, it is always safe to take precautions. Hence, you should cover up your face, hands, legs and anything that might get stung. Even if you are at no war with the wasp, the wasp will think of you as the general he needs to injure. Better safe than sorry.

If you believe there are more than one wasps inside the vacuum, you should seek the help of a professional. Or come prepared for the removal to happen. Because if things go wrong, you are looking at a swarm of potential stingers flying at you at full speed. 

Is There An Alternative

Yes, there is an alternative to all the killing you are planning to do. You can buy vacuum cleaners that can vacuum the wasps. Now, it does not contradict with the start of our blog because these are different vacuum cleaners. They have a special, transparent bag that allows you to see the contents inside. 

So, if a wasp or a swarm of wasps are in there, you can easily identify and take the necessary measures. Why didn’t we start with that? Well, you have to love the suspense. 

There are different kinds of vacuum cleaners available for wasp removal. You can either buy the big ones that have a huge nozzle and can easily suck the insects in. Or you can buy the power suctioning ones that do feel like a black hole to you let alone to the wasp. 

But for the people who want to do this without any killing can also have a decent option for a vacuum purchase. There are special vacuum cleaners that trap the wasps but do not harm them. You can then release them far from your home and enjoy a peaceful sleep at your home.


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