How to Fix a Vacuum Brush Roller

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Cleaning is the most important task every household needs to do. However, while cleaning, you may experience the most disastrous and irritating occurrences when your vacuum brush roller does not spin. Therefore, keep reading to know how to fix a vacuum roller brush.

The Role of Brush Rollers in Vacuum Cleaners 

Vacuum cleaners are widely used for cleaning purposes today. It works efficiently till the vacuum brush works appropriately. Moreover, these appliances require attention for their maintenance.

On the other hand, vacuum cleaners do not perform well if they are left unchecked. The most important part of a vacuum cleaner is a brush roller. The brush roller removes the dust, dirt, and hair from the floor and carpets. The longer hair wrapped around the brush causes the vacuum cleaner to overheat and does not spin the vacuum. So there is a need to clean the brush rollers regularly.

Why Is It Necessary To Clean The Vacuum Brush Roller 

The vacuum cleaner brush roller plays the most critical role in

the cleaning process. So, if the dust, hair, and debris get stuck in the brush

roller for a long time, it will affect the working capacity of the vacuum

cleaner. Thus, it is necessary to clean the brush roller regularly for the best

output. If the brush roller is broken, replace it with a new brush roller.

Check the belt and fix the problem with the brush belt.


How to Fix a Vacuum Brush Roller 

Let’s go through 8 simple steps to fix a vacuum brush roller and get rid of all stuck hair or fibers

  1. Take the brush roller out of the vacuum 

First, you should find the brush roller in the machine. Usually, they are located at the bottom of the machine. Be sure to unplug the vacuum from the power source. Lay the vacuum on the floor, unlock the screws, and then remove the plastic panel of the brush roller. When you remove the plastic cover, then remove the brush roller gently.

  1. Find An Appropriate Place To Work 

When you remove the brush roller, find an appropriate place for your further process. You should find a place where you can remove all the dust, hair, and debris from the brush roller. Then place a paper or any piece of cloth for dust and hair.

  1. Examine the Brush Roller Belt 

Examine the brush roller through which the brush roller is attached to the machine. If the vacuum is not spinning, check the brush belt properly. If it is damaged or broken, it needs to replace that part. Or, if the brush belt is loose, fix it first.

  1. Clean The Brush Roller 

Remove all the dust, debris, and hair from the brush roller. Cut the hair with hair scissors or simple scissors. Use your fingers to clean the brush roller.

  1. Repair Any Broken Or Unattached Belts 

If your vacuum cleaner brush belt is broken, you will need to replace this. If you have a separate belt, fix it to the machine. When you do not have an extra belt, take the broken belt to the vacuum cleaner shop. You can buy several belts of this size in the vacuum cleaner shop.

  1. Fix The Vacuum Roller Brush 

Clean the brush roller completely. If the vacuum cleaner is not working properly, then there might be a broken part. Replace the vacuum roller brush in this case.

  1. Replace The Damaged Brush Roller with A New One

If you notice any broken or damaged parts, replace the vacuum brush roller. If the bristles of the strips are damaged, replace them with those from the brush roller. Sometimes, the bristles get hard and rigid. The rigid bristles do not move and spin the vacuum cleaner.

8. Connect The Brush Roller And The Brush Belt

After cleaning and replacing the brush roller, attach the brush roller to the brush belt.

  • Connect the belt to the spindle that moves the brush belt.
  • Switch the vacuum on to check the fitting of the brush belt.
  • Then unplug the power source. Place a plastic cover on the brush roller.
  • Lock all the screws into their places in the brush roller. Then connect the switch on the vacuum to the power source.
  • Turn on the vacuum cleaner to check its perfection.
  • If the vacuum cleaner does not work properly, take the machine to the repair shop or vacuum cleaner shop after replacing and cleaning the brush roller.

Important Tips to Maintain Vacuum Brush Roller

Well, to keep the brushes in your vacuum, here are some tips which you should follow;

  1.    Remove your vacuum roller brush.
  2.    Scrub off any large dust particles attached with brush’s hair
  3.    Now, wash the bristles with water
  4.    Here, you can use vinegar water solution as well, for better results.
  5.    Once washed, let the bristles dry.
  6.    Attach the brush and start cleaning.


How do I know if my vacuum brush is bad? 

After vacuuming for the whole year, you may require to replace the roller brush of your appliance. If you find any broken bristles or varied heights among them, then it is high time to consider getting a new roller brush.



Vacuum cleaners offer high-quality cleaning performance. however, they require daily maintenance to ensure that every part of the machine is working properly. If you find your vacuum brush roller is not working, follow the above-listed steps to fix the vacuum brush roller. Protection Status
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