Where To Find Model Number On Dyson Vacuum

Dyson has made a reputable name for itself in the realm of home vacuum cleaners, air purifiers, and hair care products. Regardless of the price, consumers eagerly invest their money in vacuums and other household devices simply because they bear the Dyson brand. This British technology firm was founded in 1987 by James Dyson.

The question that arises is what is that specialty that makes Dyson so special and so popular all across the globe.

No matter what it is that you want to clean hardwood, carpet, or stairs people always turn to Dyson.  

How Is Dyson The Better Choice

Fixing The Flaws Of The Modern Bagged Vacuum

The Dyson company figured out and got inspired by the most common flaw of modern vacuums such as using bags to trap dust, hairs, and other debris. This only leads to the vacuum becoming more clogged, dampened and ends up destroying the suction power which is something you don’t want to happen to your vacuum cleaners.

So to remedy that problem, James Dyson came up with the brilliant idea of using centrifugal separators that are used in industrial settings to eliminate sawdust and other debris from the air and place this smaller-scale technology into Dyson vacuum cleaners.

The Harbinger Of New Vacuum Technology

Dyson vacuum cleaner uses the good old cyclonic separation technology to remove dust particles and all the other particles from the air, earning them the name for the most superior on the market. This technology helps to clean more efficiently because the air inside the cleaner spins at a very high speed which enables strong and consistent suction. This technology provides lasting suction which doesn’t cause vacuum clogging.

Dyson Vacuum Features HEPA Filters

A lot of companies claim that they have the best HEPA filtration but Dyson offers the best in the market. Its HEPA(high-efficiency particulate air) is designed for 99.97% of airborne particles. This means the air you breathe will be clean of all the dirt and pollutants.

Build To Last

If I haven’t explained it enough by now, perhaps now I will. Dyson’s vacuum cleaner is by far the best option. It has everything you need and can ask for. Thanks to Dysons cyclone technology eliminated the need for bags. Vacuums don’t lose suction anytime soon. Its elements don’t need to be replaced, removed, or washed. it’s made of quality material even if the vacuum is a little wrecked it still won’t damage easily. So to cut a long story short you won’t have to worry about spending your money on a new vacuum for a while.

Innovative Dust Ejector

The Dyson dust ejectors are this unique and advanced invention and its unique function is with a silicon collar that slides down inside the bin. This means it collects all the dust and debris and you won’t have to get your hand dirty in order to empty it.

Versatile Designs

The variety of Dysons unique vacuum cleaners fits the needs of many homes and many commercial offices and establishments. Its lightweight stick is designed to be easy to store and its cordless hand vacuum comes in handy and reaches a place that seems impossible to reach sometimes.

How Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Works

  1. Its dual cyclone technology draws dirty air in using a fan.
  2. The air goes into the top corner of the vacuum bin.
  3. As the air goes in it spins around, creating a centrifugal force, which further causes the larger dirt particles to separate and fall into the bin.
  4. The air passes through the filters and catches more dust. 
  5. The air continues through the conical cylinder housed in the bin and further purify the sir of your surrounding
  6. The centrifugal force acting on the streams increase which further forces the dust particles to move against the side of the cone and go through the hole at the bottom of the cone, while the air escapes from the upper center of the vacuum

How do I know my Dyson model

  • Your serial number 
  • It is the five-digit number on your machine you will find on the machine on a label.

Now the question is that where you find this model number on your Dyson vacuum

  1. It’s usually at the back of the machine behind the suction hose
  2. Or on the base of machines where the wheels are located 
  3. Or in front of the body of the machine where the dust canister is.


Dyson vacuums are one of the topmost leading brands when it comes to household supplies. Their vacuum uses better faster more efficient techniques for you to use. It’s unbelievably easy to operate. The only con is that it can be a little pricey but when it comes to home appliances especially Dyson vacuums they are a once-in-a-lifetime investment.

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