How to Remove Hair from Shark Vacuum Roller?

Want to Know How to Remove Hair from Shark Vacuum Roller?


Searching for how to remove hair from a shark vacuum roller? Yes, then reading this article is imperative for you.


Vacuum cleaners have become quite an essential part of daily cleaning processes. These machines help people getting rid of all the messiness and dirty environment. However, regular cleaning, along with other jobs, is a difficult task to do. Today, to make your life at ease, many types of vacuum cleaners are available on the market. And shark vacuum is one of those.


Therefore, if you own a shark vacuum and want to clean all the hairs from your machine, give this article a read.


Shark Vacuum Cleaners- Why Are They in Great Demand?


Sharks vacuum cleaners are one of the leading brands on the market. These vacuums have a wide range, from best-selling upright vacuums to cordless models that can take up multiple cleaning tasks at a time. 


These vacuums use advanced suction technology and fully sealed HEPA filtration systems that suck away the stubborn dust and debris from your home. 


Why Is It Necessary to Clean to Remove Hair from Your Shark Vacuum?


One of the significant parts of the shark vacuum cleaner is the brush roller. Over time, the brush roller gets cover with hair dust and other small debris. The presence of hair and dust on the brush roller makes it challenging to work. Therefore, the brush roller must be removed and cleaned for its better performance.


How to Remove Hair from A Shark Vacuum Roller 


Here is a detailed step by step guide for you on how to remove hair from shark vacuum roller;


1.    Unplug The Vacuum from Any Power Source: 

The most crucial step to remove the brush roller is unplugging the vacuum cleaner from the power source. Because the security of users is essential, it can be dangerous to have your vacuum roller just go on when you take out the brush roller. So, to avoid any danger, disconnect the power source of the vacuum cleaner.


In addition, if you have anybody to switch on the source, take your unplugged vacuum far away from the source. Make sure you have completely disconnected the power source before continuing the process.


2.    Find The Brush Roller:


The brush roller piece is located beneath the vacuum cleaner. Because the brush roller brushes the dust and debris from the floor, lay down the vacuum cleaner on the floor for the easier removal of the brush roller. Here, screws are present that cover the base plate. Sometimes, screws are rusted. Use rust remover to clean the screws. 


3.    Remove The Screws:


Remove the screws with the help of a screwdriver. Put all the screws in a container to avoid any loss. If you lose your screws, visit the nearest electric shop. 


4.    Remove the brush roller:


Shark vacuum cleaners have a panel that covers the brush roller at the bottom of the vacuum cleaner. Remove the plastic panel gently after removing all the screws. The front side of the panel will expose the brush roller. In most cases, the brush roller is removed easily, but it is found difficult to remove the brush rollers in others. 


If the roller does not come out quickly, rotate the brush until it comes out. Turn the brush in an anti-clockwise direction. Remember the method and direction of the removal of the roller brush from the vacuum, then install the brush roller back to the original position.


Besides, read the manufacturer’s instructions and manual that came along with the vacuum cleaner


5.    How to Get Hair Out of a Brush Roller:


When you remove the brush from the shark vacuum cleaner, clean the roller brush. Cover your surface area with paper or cloth. Start cleaning the brush roller. The hair wrapped around the brush can be cut with hair scissors. If you do not have hair scissors, use simple scissors to cut the extensive hair. 


Now you can use your fingers to remove the hair and other stuck particles. Continue doing so until the brush roller is completely clean of all debris and hair. When your brush is free from hair, remove the cover on both ends of the brush roller. Usually, the dust and debris are stuck at the ends of the brush. Clean the ends of the brush.


6.    Install The Brush Roller Back:


When you have cleaned your brush roller, now it is time to install the brush back to its original position. Put the brush again in the same direction as you removed it. Put the plastic panel back together again. Tighten all the screws. Finally, check the vacuum cleaner by turning it on, whether it works properly or not. 


Frequently Asked Questions


1.    Why does my shark vacuum smell?


The primary reason for your vacuum to smell is, it is not cleaned. If it stays for a long time in your machine, the dirt and debris from outdoors and other organic materials create a bad smell inside the canister.


2.    Can I wash my shark vacuum canister?


Yes, you can. Take some soapy water and soak your canister in it. After some time, rinse it with water and let it dry.




Shark vacuum cleaners are used for cleaning. But there is a need to clean the cleaner itself. If you do not clean the vacuum, hair dust and debris get stuck in the brush roller, which affects the machine’s performance. 


On the other hand, when you clean your vacuum, you see a clear difference in the vacuum cleaner’s performance. Protection Status
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