How To Convert Car Vacuum Cleaner At Home

Vacuum cleaners have obviously acquired a lot of popularity these days for cleaning purposes, thus they have found their way to the heart of the house as a piece of important equipment for the home.

Things will get difficult and untidy in the absence of a specialized vacuum cleaner in the home. What will you do, for example, if the vacuum cleaner in the house is broken and in need of repair? And you need to have your cleaning done right away.

If you have a vehicle vacuum cleaner, the solution to your cleaning duties may be in your car. But wait a minute. Car vacuum cleaners are incompatible with household electrical grid mains/sockets. As a result, we’ve dedicated an entire page to discuss how to convert a vehicle vacuum cleaner for home usage.

Overview Of The Task

In general, there is a distinction between how house vacuums and vehicle vacuums are connected and powered. A residential vacuum system is powered by alternating current (AC), whereas vehicle vacuum cleaners are powered by direct current (DC).

To utilize a vehicle vacuum cleaner with a domestic power supply, you must first figure out how to convert the power source. Converting the power source will allow you to run the machine in your house with ease.

On the body of your vehicle vacuum cleaner, look for the power ratings. The present residential power supply rating should be 220V from the grid. Examine the vacuum and look for a sticker put on the vacuum to find out its power rating.

A car vacuum is typically rated at 12V DC. Once you’ve determined that, the next step is to find out how much current it needs to operate safely without harming it.

Your Options For Conversion

  • Using a PSU Unit

Because many households already have a PSU desktop unit, this is one of the cheapest options to power the vehicle vacuum cleaner. A PSU unit will guarantee that you have 400W of power without damaging the vehicle vacuum cleaner. To create the connection correctly, follow these instructions.

  • To begin, remove the vacuum cleaner’s outer case to uncover the power section.
  • After identifying the power portion, disconnect the battery connection.
  • Then attach the vacuum cleaner’s connecting wires to the desktop’s PSU before using an extendable cord to power from the plug.
  • After that, put the PSU in a good location and line it properly with the mains and the vacuum to improve conductivity.
  • This must be done to avoid mishaps during the cleaning procedure.
  • Device options

If utilizing a PSU and opening the vacuum cleaner’s exterior shell seems too strange, there is another option. Because the vehicle vacuum cleaner comes with a cigarette lighter socket, you will need a power supply that provides at least 8 amps at 12 volts. Go to eBay or Amazon and look for a socket device with such power ratings. Once you’ve found the gadget, you’ll need to purchase a cigarette lighter plug to connect it to the power source.

  • Using A Two-In-One Vacuum Cleaner

Using a two-in-one vacuum cleaner is one of the most convenient methods to avoid the headaches of conversion. Most two-in-one vacuum cleaners include detachable technology, which makes the equipment more portable and convenient to use. Look for the following characteristics in a two-in-one vacuum cleaner for the house and car:

  • It must have two cleaning modes and an extended handle so that it may be used as a regular vacuum or a convenient vehicle cleaner
  • Because the cigarette lighter is the primary power source for a vehicle vacuum, it must have connections.
  • Make sure what you choose is light enough to be used for both types of cleaning.
  • Ensure that the bundle includes a variety of cleaning equipment for both conventional and vehicle vacuuming.
  • It should also include a separate HEPA filter. Because you will require it as a multi-choice tool, a HEPA filter is an ideal solution.


Nowadays, vacuum cleaners are quite popular for cleaning purposes. As a result, it has become a vital component of a house. So, without a vacuum cleaner, life would be difficult.

What would you do if your vacuum cleaner were to break down? You may use a vehicle vacuum cleaner to clean your house if you have one. In this section of the article, we covered how to use a vehicle vacuum cleaner at home.

In general, house vacuum cleaners are powered by an alternating current (AC) source, whereas automobile vacuum cleaners are powered by a direct current (DC) supply. This implies that in order to use a vehicle vacuum cleaner at home, you must first convert the machine’s source code so that it can run at home. Protection Status
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