How To Clean Shark Vacuum Brush

If you have a Shark vacuum cleaner, it is essential to maintain it. Because it is one of the best technology in the industry to clean the floor. Especially its roller brush round with long, soft bristles that help whisk windowsills or lampshade. You have to clean the brush of your vacuum machine from time to time, whether it is metal, plastic, or wood. So how to clean the Shark vacuum brush?

Shark vacuum brush is responsible for the delicate task as it keeps carpets deeply clean. This brush roll is operated with a separate belt. For this pull the handle and activate the roll. To prevent any damage to the brush, the shark machine has added an indicator light so that you can see if there is a problem with the roller brush.

In this article, we will discuss how to remove Shark vacuum brushes. Along with this, how to clean it so that you can keep it clean before giving any indicator. Keep reading this article to know the exact fundamentals of Shark Vacuum Brush Cleaning.

How To Remove Shark Vacuum Brush

Before cleaning the shark vacuum brush, you must first know the technique to remove it. Because if you clean the brush without removing it completely, it will not be as effective. Below, we are mentioning that how to remove the brush from the vacuum.

Detach The Shark Vacuum

Some people clean the top without removing the brush from the vacuum for laziness. It does not clean properly and gets stuck in different parts of the dirt. So for safety, first completely detach the vacuum from the power source. If your vacuum is connected to a power source, it can be dangerous to detach the brush.

Also, when you do the work of removing the roller brush, make sure that there are no children. Because he may turn on the power source without your knowledge. If a vacuum buyer is accidentally connected to electricity, you will be injured and your cleaner machine will be damaged at the same time. So be very careful about this.

Access The Brash From The Machine

As we said before that the Shark vacuum cleaner brush is roller type. And it is just below the vacuum. It will be easier for you to remove if you can expose the vacuum downwards. This will make it accessible for you to open all the jars holding the bottom plate.

Open The Screws

Accessing the brush from the vacuum, it is time to screw from the bottom plate. Usually, most Shark vacuums have a suitable screwdriver package and it is a head screwdriver. If for some reason you can’t find or lose your toolbox, you should immediately buy a right head screw from the nearest electrical store. Each vacuum cleaner has four screws on its faceplate.

Now unscrew the screws with a screwdriver. It is better to have a container to hold the screws. This is because these screws will be needed again for positioning the roller brush later and then you will not have to search for it. Avoid using the wrong screwdriver. This can damage your screws. If the screws catch the pepper or do not open easily, you can use a pepper removal liquid such as gel or oil.

Take Out The Brush

Disassemble all screws from the faceplate, it is time to take out the brash from the machine. Now pull the end of the brush with its holding belt to get it out of the machine completely. If this does not work, keep rolling the roller gently until it comes out.

Do not rush to separate the roller brush from its belt or the belt may slip. If you are cleaning the brush for the first time, you may run into problems while refitting. Notice the initial position of the roller brush for that so you can easily reset it after cleaning. This way you will be able to remove the brush from your shark vacuum cleaner.

How To Clean Shark Vacuum Brush

If you follow our vacuum brush removing process, hope you successfully got it out of your shark vacuum. Now all you have to do is clean it in a nice way. Since the brush is rolling, you may find hair, strings, and other dirt stuck in it. To clean it, first, remove the floor attachment from its handle.

Moreover, there is a button to release the head of the brush completely and press it. As a result, you will have the opportunity to clean the brush well from all angles. Now use a pair of scissors or tongs to release the dirt from the brush. Make sure there is no damage to the bristles when cleaning the dirt debris.

Soak the brush in warm water for a while to clean a little hard type of dirt that cannot be pulled with scissors. Then rub with a small soft brush. Optimistically, all the dirt has been cleared. Now let the brush dry for at least 24 hours to re-attach to the vacuum.

How Often To Clean a Shark Vacuum Brush?

According to the Shark Vacuum Cleaner’s manual book, it is best to clean the brush once every three months. Generally, it is possible to operate the vacuum without problems for the first two years without cleaning. This theory comes from customer reviews and company experience.

If you want to get better and faster service then we will recommend you to clean the roller brush of the Shark vacuum machine every six months or every one year. If you are busy, you can set a reminder in Google Calendar. This is an additional tip from us for you.

How Long Does It Take To Clean A Vacuum Brush?

If your shark vacuum is small or medium in size then you can remove the brush very quickly. Once the brush is removed, it does not take much time to clean. But, time can vary based on the amount of dirt. However, 10 to 30 minutes is enough to clean the brush. In the case of large machines, this time can be up to 60 minutes. Because it takes time to unscrew the large vacuum.


Simple tasks like brush cleaning can save you from an ineffective vacuum cleaner. With the right guidelines and tools, you can comfortably clean your shark vacuum brush. And the above article will come in handy for cleaning the brush. Protection Status
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