How to Install Belt on Kirby Vacuum

How to Install Belt on Kirby Vacuum after Removing the Old One

Are you facing trouble while replacing your Kirby Vacuum cleaner belt? Well, here we will describe to you everything you’ll require to know to do this at your home.

Important Safety Tips

Learn, how to install belt on Kirby vacuum always ensure your machine is not plugged and the power switch is turned off, before overhauling your vacuum.

Always ensure your hands are dry and moisture-free before servicing your vacuum cleaner.

Be sure to use gloves when servicing your appliance to prevent any cuts or problems. If you are feeling uncomfortable while doing maintenance of your vacuum, you can get help through the process or you can send it to the company to fix it for you.


The primary thing you need to do is lift up this lid.

If you stare at the powerhead you will see a label. It has a green indication labeled “belt on” and a red sign labeled “belt off.”

The round part on the front is the best winch. If you look at the upper side you’ll see that it likewise has a green sign.

Now lift the metallic tab on the obverse side of the belt lifter and it goes into a holder.

Now you can straightforwardly turn it to stripe up the red arrows.

By folding the tab back-down and then turning the discharge lever. The control head will dewdrop down.

Look into the head and you’ll notice that the belt is bent around a hanger. This is how the belt winch removes the belt from the vacuum cleaner and permits you to eliminate the powerhead.

Turn the stubs on the control head to “unlock.”

Now you can eliminate the plate. This provides you full admittance to the brush roll and also to the belt.

Grip the brush roll and girdle and tug them out.

Slither the old strap off and then slide the fresh one on.

Keep close consideration to the tabs on the individual sides of the brush roll. These edges are numbered from 1 to 3 and one sides is also greater than the other.

The statistics are fine adjustments for how great or low you need your brush roll to assemble. If you have an actually high mound carpet you’ll possibly want them together on 1. If you have numerous low pile rugs or have hard floors you’ll perhaps want it on 3. Mostly we have them on 2.

To fix both of the tabs to the wanted number. Glide the brush reel in. Keep in mind that one edge is superior to the other, so it only outbursts correctly in one direction.

To get the strap back on the hanger, use your belt winch and line up the green-colored arrows.

Now grip your strap and grip it snug against the brush roll.

Move the belt lifter towards red and you must be talented to see and sense when it grabs the belt. Keep meandering until the red arrows (labels) are lined up.

Reinstall the salver on the lowest side of the powerhead. The opposite slides into the slits on the powerhead and the two tags go in the back.

Lock it in the actual place.

To style the powerhead stress-free to get back on, increase the elevation of the vacuum all the way up by the height toggle.

Hanger the hooks on the back of the power skull onto the bar and on the vacuum cleaner.

Hinge it up and then latch it in place.

Move the belt lifter to array the green arrows.

Adjacent to the cover and you’re done.

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What about an original brush roll? We acquired those, too.

  • G3 and G4 models
  • G5 to Avalir Models

To Exchange Your KIRBY Brush Belt

  • Move the front knob until the red labels match
  • Eliminate the head from the machine
  • Move the front handle until the green labels match
  • Find the 2 unlocking handles for the roller brush and unlock the brush
  • Eliminate the protective metallic cover
  • Jerk out the brush
  • Exchange the belt
  • To accumulate, reprise this process backward

Buy belts to exchange them, supplies, and spares for older Kirby vacuum cleaners.

Step 1:

Plug out the KIRBY vacuum cleaner. Before you find some more, utilize your time with this belt adjustment. It’s not much challenging, just a little altered than most other vacuums. These belts are precise and easy to catch on the internet. This guideline will give benefit Kirby Heritage, Heritage 84, Fable, Legend II, Tradition, and the typical series.

Step 2:

You must be facing the obverse of your Kirby vacuum cleaner. The elevation adjustment treadle will be on your right. Thrust the lever all the method down. Boost the light hood with your leftward hand. Rotate the Kirby vacuum strap lifter counter-clockwise with your right arm. Unravel the fixture lock. The fitment lock is located under the light cover. Move the lock to the left to unfasten it. Eliminate the front of the vacuum.

Step 3:

Rotate the vacuum belt lifter all the way right-handed until the belt drips down. Unlock the roller dish by freeing the two latches on the end. Jerk the roller bowl up slightly and then off.

 Step 4:

Curve one closing point of the roller bracket just enough to eliminate the roller. Eradicate this end of the roller. If you want to replace the roller take it the entire mode out. Eliminate any carpet fiber, cord, or hair from the roller with clippers.

Step 5:

Subsequently, you have removed the used belt; slide the fresh one back on the central side of the roller. If your Kirby vacuum has a belt display light, the roller will have a magnet erected onto one culmination of it. It’s exactly significant to install a roller with an electromagnet on a similar side as the needle light. The roller really will only be adequate into the roller salver one way.

Step 6:

Install Kirby Belt Quickly

Keep the roller back in the support. Place the roller strut back and lock it into the exact place with the 2 fasteners. Revolve the vacuum belt pulley counter-clockwise. You would feel the belt fastening. Notice from inside to ensure the belt is being strained onto the vacuum belt lifter. Assemble the vacuum again. Protection Status
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