Why Does My Dyson Cordless Vacuum Keep Stopping And Starting

My Dyson Cordless Vacuum Keep Stopping And Starting

Why Does My Dyson Cordless Vacuum Keep Stopping And Starting? Dyson vacuum cleaners, which consistently rank at the top of our Best vacuum cleaner and Best cordless vacuum lists, are not without flaws.

One of the most typical problems, especially with cordless ones like the Dyson V10, is that they frequently stop and start, not providing a constant stream of suction.

How to detect and fix problems with your Dyson vacuum cleaner if it keeps stopping and beginning (pulsating). Although we’re utilizing a cordless cleaner here, the same information applies to corded ones as well.

Issues With Electricity because Of My Dyson Cordless Vacuum Keep Stopping And Starting

First, ensure your vacuum is correctly plugged in or fully charged if it’s a cordless vacuum. Although cordless Dysons are compact and strong, they must be charged on a frequent basis, especially if the MAX (extra-powerful) mode is used.

The vacuum’s battery may need to be charged, as indicated by a blinking light. Flashing lights, on the other hand, may indicate a blockage or other issues, depending on your model. Before trying to switch on the vacuum once it has been charged, ensure it is unplugged from the power outlet. Cordless vacuums don’t work when they are attached to a power outlet.

Checking For Obstructions For My Dyson Cordless Vacuum Keep Stopping And Starting

When your Dyson vacuum cleaner keeps restarting and pausing, one of the first things you should do is empty the bin. It could be full, or the machine could simply think it’s too full to keep working. A full bin can prevent Dyson vacuum cleaners from working properly since they demand regular circulation.

Make sure there isn’t any dirt in the bin’s top section. To get rid of all the parts, you may need to give it a couple of knocks or even use a thin blunt item. Next, look for obstructions in other parts of the vacuum, such as the stick or the wand and hose on a cylinder and upright types. Check that your computer is turned off and not plugged into a power outlet.

Other potential blockers include any tool attachments, particularly motorheads, which can cause tangled hair difficulties.

Filters Should Be Cleaned As My Dyson Cordless Vacuum Keep Stopping And Starting

Even if you haven’t washed the filters in a while, they may appear clean at first glance. Don’t be deceived by appearances, though: much of the dirt and dust is likely hidden inside the filter, which will become visible once you start rinsing it.

Dyson recommended that the filters be washed in cold water until they are clear (without using any detergent or soap). While the long pre-filters should be squeezed and twisted to expel any dirt inside, the post-filter can simply be rinsed away, taking care not to harm the pleats inside. The filters need to dry for around 24 hours after they’ve been washed.

Examining The Vacuum Head For A Flap

A flap inside the vacuum head of some Dyson cordless vacuum cleaners may become trapped. The bin inlet flap can become blocked, causing the device to pulsate on and off. Pull the cyclone release upwards until the bin base opens, and then remove the bin.

When you open the bin base, press the red catch under the bin to release it from the machine—clear debris from the back of the bin inlet flap. Locate the flap inside after disconnecting the attachment. To loosen the flap, gently push it down.

Turn Off The Max Option for My Dyson Cordless Vacuum Keep Stopping And Starting

A flashing light usually indicates that the vacuum’s battery needs to be charged. Flashing lights, on the other hand, could indicate a blockage, in particular Dyson machines. Max mode is for spot cleaning that requires a lot of power. It speeds up the cleaning process. However, it depletes the battery if you use Max mode all the time.

When your Dyson cordless dustbuster keeps pulsing on and off, look for the MAX mode on your device. If the MAX button flashes and lights up, push the power button and depress the MAX button to turn off the function.

Clean My Dyson Cordless Vacuum

If your Dyson is stopping, pulsing, or making a noise, you’ll need to thoroughly clean the vacuum. To clean the gadget completely, shake or tap the dust bucket or flapper to release the blocked dust. Even if the filter appears to be clean on the outside, you should try to rinse it once a month.

The dust container may be easily removed for complete vacuum cleaning. To open the flap, pull the red release tab once, then a second time to detach the dust bucket. The cleaner house’s powerhead or neck clog ports make it simple to clear blockages.


Dyson makes high-end vacuum cleaners that include cutting-edge technology. However, due to a problem with the attachments, the vacuum keeps shutting off and on. But don’t be concerned! The checkpoints listed above will assist you in determining why vacuums stop and start.

These will assist you in properly resolving the pulsing issue. If you try the above suggestions and your gadget still doesn’t work, you can ask the supplier.

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