How to Clean Car Carpet without Vacuum

Learn How to Clean Car Carpet without Vacuum

We might want to learn how to clean car carpet without vacuum. Suppose that you don’t have a vacuum cleaner. But, you need to clean the carpet and surface of your car. There’re lots of dust and debris on your car. So, are you thinking that it’ll be very hard cleaning process?

Well, no. For your ease of car carpet cleaning without a vacuum, we’ll provide you with ways more than one. You can then follow any one of the process and go ahead to clean your car carpet without a vacuum. The diverse discussion in this article will enhance your knowledge on cleaning cars.

Clean Car Carpet Without a Vacuum

There can be stains along with dust and sticky debris on your car carpets and other places. So, find some ways below to clean them without a vacuum cleaner.

1. Clean Car Carpet with Broom and Dustpan

During a whole lot of time before vacuum cleaners, people still used to clean things. Right? Well, what did they use to clean back then? Broom and dustpan were quite popular to clean things in the past.

Still now, many people use these two items to do their cleaning works day to day. However, nowadays, it’s considered old fashioned to do so. But, it can be very effective at times. If you can brush in a single direction and collect the dust to a side, then it’s easy. Then, you can just go ahead and collect the dust with the dustpan and do the cleaning.

Scrubbing with a brush is recommended in this type of cleaning. Brooms can also work, but the best ones that come with natural bristles is quite effective. Loosening dirt is the key here.

The type of bristles like palmyra bristles are good and much rigid to clean sticky debris that you got there in your car carpet. Moreover, there’re bendable brooms like Broomcom which is very popular to many. Always remember to use brush or broom with high quality bristles.

2. Clean with a Carpet Sweeper

Next, on our list is the carpet sweeper. It’s one of the best alternative to a vacuum cleaner. The operational level is quiet. So, whether you’re engaged by guests or kids around you while you’re cleaning, a carpet sweeper is the best option you can have.

Also, there’s no involvement of electricity using a carpet sweeper. The cleaning process is completely manual. It has got rollers, brushes in the base part. If you can access the carpet with the carpet sweeper, the brushes can very well rotate and accumulate the dirt and debris from the carpet.

The process of using a carpet sweeper is flexible and simple. Besides, the weight is extremely light and can weigh up to 9 pounds. Different models have got different weight, color, and shape. This is completely a mechanical tool rather than an electrical tool. Whether you want a dry cleaning or wet cleaning, a carpet sweeper is the best option you can have.

3. Clean Car Carpet with a Packaging Tape

Packaging tape can another option. But, how can a packaging tape clean the carpet or any other thing. Well, there’s adhesives on the tape right? So, when you find a lot of pet hair and brush bristles around your carpet, you can collect those easily with the help of packaging tape.

The only thing that you’ll concern about the use of tapes more frequently. Because, once you use a piece of tape, that cannot be used over again. To clean with a packaging tape, you need to find the dust and debris and place the tape on them. Then, simply take out the tape back again.

Then, you’ll see that the dust, debris, or hairs are on the packaging tape. In the meantime, you’ll need to open another piece of tape, if you’ve got to clean more.

4. Wash the Carpet

Suppose, there’s lot of stains, dust, debris, and hairs on your car carpet. Then, normal cleaning won’t work. It’ll require a deep cleaning process. So, for the washing the whole carpet is the key. Overall, a complete wet cleaning will be necessary.

There’re lots of carpet cleaners that you can either find them online or local store. You can simply use those to kill the bacteria that may or may not have accumulated in the car carpets. However, too powerful cleaning agents might damage the texture and skin of your car carpet.

You can also use the detergent that you’ve got at your home to do the cleaning. Vinegar, baking soda, or boric powder can also be useful to deep clean a carpet. That way, you’ll have a completely clean and germs free car carpet. So, this process is so far the best and can be done easily by ourselves.

Extra Case of Washing Carpets

Some carpets maybe made from silk, wool, or other soft textured materials. The best practice is not to use any high level or powerful chemicals to clean them. For those, you can use grease and use brushes. However, one important part of cleaning car carpets is to dry them in the sun after the cleaning.

Dry cleaning is a process that is mandatory after you’re done with the wet cleaning process.

Final Thoughts

So far, we’ve given about four different ways to clean car carpets in our article. None of the process will require a vacuum cleaner. You can follow any of the process that best matches your requirements and comfort.

One important thing about cleaning car carpet is the proper use of force. Excessive force on carpets might damage them and make it unable to use further.

Also, if you don’t dry them after cleaning, there can be sticky dust and debris over again very soon after you’ve cleaned the carpets. Protection Status
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