How to Change Miele Vacuum Bag?

How to Change Miele Vacuum Bag?

While vacuum cleaners can be the real workhorses for your house, they need proper care as well. You need to pay attention to every bit and piece, from changing the filter bag to cleaning the filters to prolong its life. If you have a Miele vacuum cleaner, you can expect it to last years.

Although to max its life, you must take care of its vacuum bag. So if you are looking for how to change the Miele vacuum bag, you come to the right place because we will tell you everything about these machines.

How to Know you Need to Change the Filter Bag?

Every vacuum cleaner of the Miele comes with an airflow indicator. You can check whether to change the bag or not by that indicator. When the color marker of the vacuum cleaner fills the display, you need to change it.

Filter bags are single-use items that you can employ once. It would help if you discarded full filter bags. Do not attempt to repurpose. The vacuum cleaner’s suction power is reduced when holes are blocked.

How to Check the Airflow Indicator?

  1. Connect the vacuum cleaner to the essential brush of floors.  Any alternative suction tools can interfere with the flow indicator’s operation.
  2. Would you please turn on the vacuum cleaner and set it to the maximum energy setting?
  3. Raise the flooring brush off the ground a little. It would help if you replaced the filter bag unless the marking entirely occupies the indicator pane.

How does the Airflow Indicator Work?

  • The airflow meter detects the airflow across the filtration bag and indicates once it is filled with ordinary home dirt. Dirt, fur, carpeting lint, strands, sand, and other materials are typical household dirt particles.
  • The pore spaces of the filter bag could become barred if tiny particles, including such drill sand, dust, daub, or flours, seem to be vacuumed. However, if the bag isn’t packed, the pointer will still suggest that it is complete. In addition, it will help if you replace the filter bag because the suction force has significantly decreased.
  • The indication may not display “full” unless the bag bursts with cat fur, hairs, carpeting fuzz, or other debris. The reason is that the airflow of the filtration bag might be sufficiently potent to alert the marking to indicate max. However, it would help if you changed the bag in that case as well.

How Can you Change the Filter Bag of Miele Vaccum?

Follow the below-given steps once you know the vacuum bag is jammed up and you need to change it.

Step 1: Open the Dust Compartment.

To change the filter bag, first pull the release button. After lifting it, you have to lift the dust chamber lid upwards till it snaps.

Whenever the filtration bag is withdrawn, the cover immediately shuts to keep dirt from leaking.

Step 2: Remove the Filter Bag from the Holder

Now you should grab the collar and extract the filter from the holder.

Step 3: Insert New Filter Bag

Place the clean filter bag into the container. Try to reach it as far as it can in the holder.  Whenever you pull the filter bag out from the container, you must not unfold it.

Whenever Feasible, unfold the Filter Bag and place it in the Debris Container.

Step 4: Close the Dust Compartment.

Lock the dust compartment cover until it snaps into position, carefully trap the filter bag within. The dust compartment door will not lock unless you install a new filter bag, so you do not need to insert it forcefully.

How to Change Miele Stick Motor Filter?

  • Open Cover

To reach the inner casing of the Miele, you should click the release button. Mostly you can find the button on the front of the vacuum casing.

The motor filter is located at the back of the Miele K/K self-closing fabric sack. You should draw upwards on the plastic outer shell to free it from its container. And once it’s done, you can replace the dirt chamber filter.

  • Replacing Dust Compartment Filter

Quickly put the fresh-picked motor filter behind the plastic protection shell to install. Then, press lightly on the filter container while it’s in position till you get a click that indicates it’s secure.

  • Close Interior Housing

Press carefully on the sturdy casing to seal the inside chamber. When the inner housing is completely sealed, you could perhaps notice a subtle click.

How to Change Miele Stick Exhaust Filter

  • Open Covering

You can reach the Miele exhaust filter by pressing down the pulling forward the outer chamber. That chamber is found on the back of the Miele stick vacuum.

  • Replace Miele Exhaust Filter

You can now take out the old exhaust filter to insert the fresh exhaust filter.

  • Reinstall Exhaust Filter External Covering

You should line the two hooks on the detachable covering with the openings on the back of the vacuum to reinstall the exhaust filter external case. Once you’ve got everything lined up, press upwards, therefore, for you heard the loud snap, which means the exhaust filter compartment is secured.


Can you Clean and Reuse an Old Vacuum Bag?

One can reuse a paper vacuum bag with some preparation. Vacuum cleaner bags tended to be constructed from fabric, so one can replace them by unhooking and dumping the dust out of them. When the pack is filled, gently detach it from the vacuum, unclip the clamps, empty it, and reattach and reinsert it.

How do you Clean the Dust out of a Vacuum Bag?

You can do the following to clean the bag:

  1. Dump the dirt out of the bag
  2. Seal it and bring a wall or even another hard object now that it’s emptied.
  3. Now shake it repeatedly over the garbage container to get rid of any remaining loose dirt or dust.
  4. After that, vacuum it with a second vacuum connection; the more vigorous, the best.

Bottom Line

Changing the Miele vacuum bag is not a tough job unless you know what you are doing. Though the different model of the Miele vacuum comes with a slightly different configuration, they usually have an exact mechanism. We hope this guide helps you in this regard of changing the vacuum bags. Protection Status
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