How To Change Central Vacuum Bag

Changing Central Vacuum Bag

How To Change Central Vacuum Bag? Vacuums have the function of disposing of dirt, dust, and debris. 

You change the central vacuum bag by opening the top of your central vacuum and removing it. You can change the central vacuum bag even if you have never done it before. Let’s explore how to change the central vacuum bag and much more.

The Steps For Changing The Central Vacuum Bag

It is not only simpler to use central vacuums, but they also reduce the frequency of bag changes since they eliminate the need to move the vacuum from room to room. Central vacuum bags typically need to be changed twice a year.

Step 1. Remove The Cover From The Vacuum To Change Central Vacuum Bag

Take off the top cover on your central vacuum cylinder unit. Covers will likely rest on top of cylinders with no fasteners, relying on weight to hold it down.

Step 2. Pull Off The Seal From The Vacuum To Change Central Vacuum Bag

The top of the paper bag has a rubber seal that can be seen when you look inside the cylinder. Remove the seal and place it to one side.

Step 3. Remove the Bag From The Vacuum To Change Central Vacuum Bag

Above the paper bag, there should be a loop or tag. Pull this tab or loop to release the bag. You will lift both bags because the tab or loop is attached to the cloth bag that supports the paper bag. Pull both bags straight out by lifting them straight up.

Step 4. Separate the Bags From The Vacuum

There is an elastic neck inside the cloth bag. That holds the paper bag and places it over the rigid frame. Pull and gather the paper neck of the paper bag carefully. When you move the bag, tie it so that dirt does not spill out. Pull the cloth bag from around the neck of the paper bag, if necessary.

Step 5. Shake the Cloth Bag From The Vacuum

You can shake the cloth bag outside vigorously to remove any dust granules that may still be in it.

Step 6. Clean the Filters From The Vacuum

The built-in vacuum cylinder will have some filters at the bottom. Remember to remove these filters in the order and in the orientation in which they were oriented. Filters may have a weave pattern on the top or not, depending on the manufacturer and model. To clean the filters, simply shake and pat them gently.

Step 7. Replace the Filters In The Vacuum

It is necessary to reinstall the filters into the cylinder in reverse order, but in the same direction that they came out.

Step 8. Put New Bag into Cloth Bag In The Vacuum

Place the new paper bag in the cloth bag. Pull down the elastic neck of the cloth bag to fit under the hard frame at the top.

Step 9. Replace the Bags From The Vacuum

Let the bags fall inside the cylinder and open up the paper bag so air can flow through it. Bags will rest on a ridge to prevent them from going in further than necessary. You need to leave the loop of the cloth bag or tab sticking up.

Step 10. Replace the Seal From The Vacuum

When sealing the bags, the seal fits around the top as tightly as possible.

Central Vacuums – What You Need To Know

The benefit of central vacuums is that they are efficient and eliminate the need to move portable vacuum cleaners from room to room in your home. Many central vacuums are bagless. Some central vacuums have filters, and others have a container that can be removed and emptied.

Depending on the model, the dirt receptacle on the central vacuum can be removed by twisting or unlatching the base. Put the dirt, dust, and debris in a garbage bag or garbage can. To avoid annoying dust clouds, you should get rid of this as soon as possible, so that you do not throw something else over it.

When Should You Empty A Central Vacuum Bag

About once every three months, you should empty your central vacuum bag. A good rule of thumb is to check your central vacuum bag periodically and empty it when it’s two-thirds full. Make sure to replace your filters as well.

Keep your central vacuum working efficiently by emptying the bag. Dirt, dust, and debris can cause central vacuums to overwork the motor, resulting in lower performance. Additionally, this problem can cause the machine to overheat or break due to a lack of suction.


Hopefully, you found this guide helpful and informative as you change your central vacuum bag and remove it. It is possible to remove dirt, dust, and debris from central vacuums by opening them up. It’s a very straightforward process even if you’ve never done it before. Protection Status
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