How to Connect Pool Vacuum to Skimmer

In terms of pool cleaning and maintenance, ad advanced skimmer is very essential for effective cleaning. Most pool owners use a hand skimmer to remove leaves, pulses, flower petals, dead bugs, sunscreen oil, and other waste from the pool. But the right skimmers simplify the filtration of your pool. But how to connect a pool vacuum to skimmer?

A skimmer is a great way if you want to keep your pool’s circulatory system active at all times. Because it uses suction to capture the debris of the pool. This comprehensive guide will let you know the process of connecting a skimmer with a pool vacuum and how it works. So keep reading the rest of the article to know the right way to connect a skimmer with a vacuum.

How to Connect Pool Vacuum to Skimmer

Due to hostile weather and nuisance, various types of dirt accumulate in the swimming pool. You need a complete power system skimmer to tackle your pool from these. If you want to clean the pool from the bottom with your skimmer, collect the following tools first.


  • A vacuum head
  • A telescopic pole, according to the depth distance of your pool from the ground.
  • A vacuum hose
  • Plus you can use a skimmer plate that will allow you to use the skimmer basket.

Get the Setup Ready

Once the tools collection is over, you will need to do the following task.

You have to attach the vacuum head with the telescopic pole. Now add the vacuum hose to the fitting of its head outlet. Then dip the head of the vacuum under the end of your pool. Push the remaining length of the vacuum hose under the water until it is full of water.

Connect the Skimmer to Its Suction Port

Since your vacuum head is ready, now you can proceed to the process to connect pool vacuum to skimmer.

Step 1

When deeply vacuuming your pool, take some time and do the work slowly. Although it will take a bit more time, it is effective as well. You can overlap the strokes to make sure you are vacuuming all the dirt under your pool. If you do this quickly you will not be able to properly remove the residue of dirt.

Step 2

Remember that if you rush to do the job, your work will be longer. The reason is that you are going too fast. This will spread the stagnant dirt and you will have to collect them again.

Step 3

If you notice that your pool has become cloudy while vacuuming, wait a while so that the dirt can accumulate a bit. When you see that the cloudy feeling of the pool is cut and the dirt has settled. Then start the vacuum again.

Step 4

When your work is done, separate the head of the vacuum from the pole. Now it’s time to drain all the water in the pool. Now take a brush to clean and attach it to the floor. During this time if any materials are collected along the walls of the pool, avoid them immediately.

Step 5

This time you can do another great job and that is the chemistry experiment of the pool. At the same time, if you need any adjustment, take this opportunity. However, clean the equipment with a vacuum hose.

Step 6

All the above work is done. Now it’s time to finally swim and spend some quality time with the pool. Note that it is your responsibility to clean your pool before swimming.

Different Kinds of Skimmers for Pool Cleaning

Currently, there are different types of skimmers. I am explaining them here for your convenience. Because not all skimmers are suitable for all pools. Hopefully, the following explanation will help you choose a skimmer according to your pool type. Let’s check out them.

The Floating Skimmer

Some pools have a floating skimmer and these are directly connected to the pool vacuum. These pool vacuums float around the pool to collect all the dirt randomly from the pool surface. It is best to use these skimmers for pools that are above ground.

The Robotic Skimmer

Technology is now so fast and modern that the days of manual skimmers for cleaning swimming pools are over. Since everyone is now dependent on technology, why would there be an exception when it comes to vacuum the pool. Robotic skimmers are so fast that you can clean the whole pool in a short time and without any hassle. These can be either semi-automatic or fully automatic.

Skimmers that are semi-automatic run on solar energy or batteries. You may have to control some of these. But fully automated shots don’t have to do that. A robotic cleaner of skimmers floats on the water and float in all the pools to collect dirt. It has sensors that act where there is dirt. This type of skimmer is perfect if your pool is an ingrained type.

The Wall-Pool Skimmer

These types of skimmers are somewhat like rectangular baskets and are set directly on the pool wall. It fits in with the underground pool. Because it adjusts to the view of the pool around the pool. With the help of a hatch, you will be able to comfortably access the wall skimmers.

Typically, the parts of this skimmer are made of PVC concrete. Inside they have a basket system that holds debris from the pool. This means you don’t have to spend a lot of time and effort vacuuming the pool. Moreover, there will be no opportunity to deposit dirt in the pool. You just have to check the system every few days and remove the dirt that is stuck inside it.


Regular cleaning is necessary to keep the pool environment pleasant and beautiful. And for that, you need a pool vacuum skimmer through which you can easily collect all the debris of your pool. So learn the proper connection method of the skimmer with pool vacuum and enjoy swimming. Protection Status
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