Lights Flicker When Vacuum Turns On

Are your lights flicker when the vacuum turns on? If you are looking for a solution to this problem then you have come to the right place. Some vacuum users rarely face this problem. But this can happen due to some common mistakes and reasons that allow this problem to happen. Let’s find out in detail about those aspects.

If your device lights up as soon as you turn on the vacuum cleaner, don’t worry. You can bring it back to normal. A vacuum cleaner consumes a lot of electricity. The power voltage may drop temporarily when you turn on the device. This often happens on electrical devices.

However, it is not always the voltage drop of electricity that is responsible for flickering the lights of a vacuum cleaner. Sometimes even more exceptional factors work. In today’s article, we will share those topics with you. By the end of this article, you will discover the secret of your vacuum light flicker and remedy accordingly. So keep reading this article to know the rest of the reasons for flicking your vacuum light.

Lights Flicker When Vacuum Turns On

It is normal to occasionally flicker when using a vacuum cleaner. But if this incident is repeated regularly then it is indicating a huge problem. This problem may be on your device or your electrical system. Now you need to understand where the problem is coming from. Take a look at some examples behind flickering a vacuum lightly.

Plugged State

The most common cause of vacuum cleaner light flickering is if it is pre-connected to an electrical connection. While this may sound ridiculous to many, it is true. Loads vary in electrical circuits. This means that a load of electricity is not always the same.

Since the vacuum cleaner takes a little more electrical voltage to run, if ever the voltage gets lower, the device lights flicker as a reduction. This phenomenon does not occur only in the case of a vacuum. It also occurs in other electrical appliances such as washing machines, fridges, and so on.

Defective Electrical System

Sometimes the voltage of electricity becomes overloaded. This happens when you run multiple devices at once. Then there is extra pressure on your circuit system. And to meet the need for high-quality electricity, the vacuum lights flicker and even fades for a while. So never run extra electrical machines or devices at the same time. Otherwise, there is no guarantee of when any kind of accident will happen.

Also, if your home is very old, such as 50 to 60 years old, then there may be some faults in the electrical system. This is because the cables may not be strong enough to carry electricity to older homes. A vacuum cleaner is an electric device that requires a fair amount of electrical energy to operate.

Now the old power system is not able to give you that amount of power. As a result, you will see a light flick when you connect a vacuum cable to an electrical outlet. Additionally, running a powerful device on an old or faulty electrical system can sometimes cause an explosion or burn.

Not only defective electrical systems but broken or shaky switches can also affect the vacuum. If the switchboard of your power source is broken or shaky, the connection will not be appropriate. As a result, the lights on your vacuum device will continue to flick automatically.

Faulty or Lose Wire

The wiring problem in your home works greatly behind the flickering of lights on other devices, including vacuums. Often there is a problem with the wires in the house or they break which we do not notice or it is not fixed due to lack of time. This can be simple but can cause huge damage to your entire power system at any time.

When the wire is loose, the right amount of electricity does not flow through it. When the right amount of electricity is prevented from flowing, the vacuum cleaner will fail to receive the electrical voltage properly. This failure will hit the device’s lights and cause flicker or stagnation. If you have such a problem with your electrical wiring, fix it as soon as possible by a skilled electrician.

Internal Issues With the Device

If you do not have any of the above problems in your home, then you need to understand that an internal wire or joint is leaking inside the vacuum cleaner. Sometimes the lights may flick due to an internal error in the device.

Since the vacuum cleaner has to be used almost every day, it is not uncommon for technical errors to occur. You should check the inside of the device once to verify that this idea is correct. If you are unable to do so, seek the help of an electrician.

Moreover, due to continuous use for a long time, sometimes some technical issues are created in the machine. It can even cause its decay. Then remove the whole wire without attaching it with tape and attach a new one. This will allow your device to receive full power from the power source and will not affect the device in any way.


Is It Dangerous to Flick a Vacuum Light?

There are some probable causes for vacuum light to flick which is not at all harmful to the vacuum. One of these is to pre-plug the vacuum device with electricity. Of course, we have said this a while ago. However, if the vacuum light flicks due to problems other than this, it can be a dangerous issue for both the power and the device.

What are the Warnings of An Overloaded Electrical Circuit?

The lights of different electrical devices will flicker or dim. A vacuum cleaner is one of these electrical devices. The wire may burn and smell. Besides, it can cause a short circuit as well when you try to connect a device.

Can a Bad Breaker Cause a Vacuum Light to Flick?

Of course, it can. A bad circuit breaker causes the electrical panel to malfunction. If a vacuum cleaner is connected to that faulty breaker, it will definitely cause problems with the device. And after turning on the vacuum device that problem can affect the lights and allow them to flick.


A vacuum cleaner is a daily necessity. It has no pair as the most effective means to clean all the dirt inside the house. There may be something like a light flicker due to a mechanical or electrical fault. Try to solve the problem without worrying about it. Protection Status
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