Why Isnt My Pool Vacuum Working

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I Want To Know Why Isnt My Pool Vacuum Working 

If you own a pool, then you must know how important it is to vacuum your pool. If not, what you will get in place of the refreshing feeling that you expect will be nothing close to it. The pool is prone to dirt and debris like dried leaves and so many other things. And, these dirts can give your pool a cloudy look or even make it smell, that is why more than anything you do with your pool, you want to vacuum it. Now, it is easy to want to vacuum your pool but it all gets weird and annoying when you pick up your pool vacuum and for some reason, it isn’t working! This is so annoying and anybody would want answers to that. Keep in mind, in most cases, these issues can be easily fixed. So you don’t have to get all worked up over it. Why Isnt My Pool Vacuum Working? You’ve got all the answers you need in this post. 

How Does A Pool Vacuum Work

To fully understand how to fix your pool vacuum when it isn’t working, you have to understand how it works as much as possible. A Pool vacuum is always uses a  hoses connected to a vacuum system. The vacuum usually uses the pool’s pump system to draw water through the head of a portable vacuum appliance. The pool vacuum is usually of two types, there is the automatic ones which require minimal efforts and the manual one which you have to move around with a poll. It scrubs the entire ground of the pool when it’s in use. All pool vacuums use internal filters and nets to trap dirt, irrespective of the type of vacuum being used. If there is any alteration to the normal functioning of the pool vacuum, there is a high chance that it won’t work. So, when using a pool vacuum, you have to make sure that everything is well connected and in order. 

Why Isnt My Pool Vacuum Working As It Used To

Since you now understand how a pool vacuum works, then you understand that if there is any alteration, then the pool vacuum will not work. There are a lot of reasons why your pool vacuum isn’t working, but mostly, they only require little fixes which can be done in a short period of time. When a pool vacuum isn’t working, it’s mostly because there is an obstruction somewhere either in the pump system or the vacuum cleaner itself. We will go ahead and consider some of the problems:

  • The pump filtration system might not be able to drain water. If the pump filtration system is not able to drain water, then the pool vacuum will not work, since it requires the water in the pool to be drained. 
  • For a pool vacuum to work, it requires that there is an adequate amount of water in the pool. If the pool water level is low, then, it wouldn’t be able to vacuum properly, if it vacuums at all. 
  • The pool vacuum won’t be able to work also if the suction hose of the vacuum has holes in it or it isn’t properly connected. 
  • Another reason why pool vacuum isn’t working is that the skimmer basket is clogged with dirt. This might not even appear like a major issue, but if the skimmer basket is clogged, then the pool vacuum will not work until something is done about it. 
  • If air is getting into the vacuum hose, the pool vacuum won’t be able to work. All that the vacuum hose needs is water, so when there’s anything other than water in in it, then it won’t work. And there is a possibility that air will get into it. Especially if it’s not properly fixed. 
  • The vacuum filters at the vacuum head can also get clogged by dirt that it traps. If this happens, then the pool vacuum will not be able to work too. 

If your question is why isn’t my pool vacuum working? Then you’ve got the answers right there. These are the main reasons why your pool vacuum isn’t working. 

What Are The Possible Fixes To Get My Pool Vacuum Working 

To get your pool vacuum working again, the first thing you need to do is to run a few checks. You can start from the vacuum cleaner. Check for obstructions and other abnormalities. Whichever one you discover, go ahead and put it back in place. If there is air in the hose or something, get it out, then check again to see if your vacuum will work. If it’s an obstruction, try to get the particles out. The dirt and debris getting trapped can remain in the head or filter. All you have to do is to get them out. If the vacuum is not properly fixed at any point, you might want to get it in the right position to make your pool vacuum work again. Then, you can go ahead and check the pump system. If the water level is too low, then get it up. If there is any obstruction anywhere, particularly in the skimmer basket, all you need to do is to remove the particles stuck in there. Once you do all of these, your pool should be able to work again. If not, then you might want to have someone check it for you. Maybe it’s something bigger than expected.


As a pool owner, one of the most important things you need to do is to vacuum your pool often enough. Since what you need to get that done is a pool vacuum, then it is an issue if it won’t work. The good thing is, its mostly not a major issue and can be resolved easily. Just run a few checks to conduct the right diagnosis and offer the correct action to get your vacuum cleaner working. Follow the already discussed ways and your pool vacuum will work in no time.

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