How to Remove Dirt from Bottom of Pool Without Vacuum

Learning How to Remove Dirt from Bottom of Pool Without Vacuum

Learning how to remove dirt from bottom of pool without vacuum is important. What happens if your vacuum is not working? The knowledge to clean without vacuum will then come into use. It might be a bit lengthy to clean dirt and debris from the pool without vacuum, but it’s worth it.

However, you can always use vacuum to do the cleaning part. The thing is that, with a vacuum, you need to be more technical to clean a pool. You need to ensure that your vacuum is compatible with both dry and wet cleaning. So, it’s better to learn an alternative to clean with vacuum.

Using Tools to Clean Bottom of Pool

  1. Tennis Ball

Tennis ball can be effective to clean the bottom of any pool. It’s also a great alternative to vacuum cleaning the pool. So, if you’ve got no vacuum cleaner, try tennis ball to clean the pool. How? If you throw few tennis balls into the pool, it’ll do the work of eliminating any sticky debris and stain from the pool. You’ll see that after a while, the ball will have debris and stains attached to it.

  1. Leaf Rake

Leaf rakes are known to be a great helping hand in cleaning pool and different other items. They can accumulate the extra debris like leaves, tree branches, and other things from the bottom of a pool.

However, it’s important to know how to use a leaf rake.

  1. Brushes

Needless to say that, brushes can be really effective in cleaning pools. Using a brush to clean anything is traditional and many has been doing it since years. But, there’re brushes that are specifically made to clean pool.

To clean pool, ordinary brushes won’t work. For that purpose, strong, tall, and rigid brush is necessary. However, you can clean with brushes by spreading vinegar or other cleaning agents beforehand.

  1. Pool Filter System

Pools that come with a filter system are easy to clean. You can filter away most of the debris and dirt from the pool very easily. But, an extra step is to clean the pool filter to ensure proper cleaning operation.

Filtering requires some additional steps. For example, you need to clean it and start filtering. Closing the filter with a brush is also necessary at times.

  1. Shock Method

The shock method is a new one in the cleaning process. This method is preferable when your pool has got no filters. It’s a bit tedious though. The idea is to clean the pool bottom with a brush and collect the debris, algae, sticky sand, dirt, and other waste at first.

Then, after the sweeping process with the help of brush, you need to be collect the dirt from the pool bottom and continue to discard them accordingly from the pool.

Shock Method to Remove Dirt from Bottom of Pool

It can be considered as an easy way to clean the pool bottom. In short, it’s cheap and many consider it as a standard method to remove dirt from the bottom of pool without vacuum. However, there’re some equipment that you’ll need to remove dirt.

  • Eyewear
  • A bucket
  • Hand gloves
  • Calcium hypochlorite 

Use Shock Method to Remove Dirt from Bottom of Pool

  1. Take the shock material and use it with hypochlorite item. Mix well in water on a bucket.
  2. Shake or stir the mixture and spread it on the pool overall.
  3. Then you can go ahead and allow flow of water for 10-12 hour at a stretch. This will get rid of the germs, algae, sand, and other sticky debris around the pool.
  4. Finally, you can filter away the shady water from the pool and allow the pool to generate water over again to gain a clear flow of water.

Hand Method to Clean Bottom of Pool

It’s the most simple and tedious method to clean bottom of pool. Why? Well, the hand method requires you to clean the pool by your own hands. You can do with bare hands or even do it with cleaning gloves.

The thing is that you’ll need to do a lot of hard work cleaning the pool by your hand. Often, there’re three to five people who work together to clean a whole pool using the hand method.

But, for big dirt and debris, you’ll have to use a brush to remove or destabilize them initially. Then, you need to remove the debris from the pool. After that, you can very well go ahead to clean the pool to remove the stains and oily debris from the bottom and the sides of pool wall.

If Your Pool Has a Filter

We’ve talked about this already. But, let’s go through it again. Many pool has got a filter. It’s easier to clean those pools. But, the important step in this case is to clean the filter beforehand. So, you can ensure that, it’s in proper condition and will work well to filter away the dirt and debris from the pool.

Then, you can very well use brushes to clean the pool residue, dirt, sand, and algae. At last, you can just filter away the floating dirt and waste through your pool filter.

Final Thoughts

Well, we’ve given you two different methods of cleaning the pool bottom without using vacuum. One is the shock method and the other is the hand method. However, we’ve given other simple procedures and ways to.

You can also clean with a tennis ball, brush, or leaf rake. In either of the processes, the cleaning needs to be done properly. Improper cleaning will lead to the dirty water in the pool and dirty bottom of pool very quickly. Protection Status
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