How To Install Intex Pool Vacuum

Find Out How To Install Intex Pool Vacuum 

Pools are very much a part of life, and Intex pools make it all easier. At least when you consider the finances. These pools get dirty and need to be cleaned frequently. Using an Intex pool vacuum cleaner is the best bet at cleaning your pool since you need a vacuum to help remove the accumulated debris effectively. This debris accumulates from dirt, dust, tree debris, and every other thing that gathers at the bottom of your pool. Since they are always out in the open, intex pools are prone to dirt and these specks of dirt have to be removed by vacuums that can do that work perfectly. And that is why the purpose your Intex pool vacuum cleaner serves cannot be overestimated. Getting an Intex pool vacuum cleaner is quite easy if you ask me, but the challenge starts when you want to get it installed and you don’t know how to go about it. First, I’d like to say the steps involved are easy. All you need to do is to pay attention and get the details right, which we will consider in this post. If the Intex pool installation has been a challenge for you, read on to find out how to install an Intex pool vacuum cleaner. 

What To Know About Intex Pool Vacuum Cleaners 

Intex pool vacuum cleaners are built to clean up Intex pools. Intex pools are gaining a lot of popularity these days since they are more economical to maintain. The major issue with using an Intex pool is the debris that gathers in it which needs to be removed. Not every pool vacuum cleaner can remove that debris properly, and that is why Intex pool made their vacuum cleaner which can do the job just fine. It makes cleaning the pool floor easy by suctioning up the dirt efficiently. There are two types of Intex pool vacuum cleaner that you can choose from, that is, the manual vacuum cleaner and the automatic one. Both types are quite different from using a pool robot and should not be confused with it. Most Intex pool vacuum cleaners are plugged into power sources other than an electrical source. They also come with a lot of hoses which are labeled A to D and each of them has a point of attachment, they all need to be attached to the one before it. Although using an Intex pool vacuum cleaner is easy, many people tend to get stuck at the installation level, especially if it’s the first time of use, but this often gets resolved because Intex pool vacuum cleaners have the same method of operation and subsequent use will make users more comfortable with working it. 

Steps To Install Intex Pool Vacuum Cleaner

Most Intex pool vacuum cleaners come with a user manual that often elaborates on how it can be installed, how faulty accessories can be changed, and a lot more information that concerns its use. Despite these, many are still confused about how to use this vacuum cleaner, so we will go ahead to consider it in short and easy steps. 

  • The first step is to unplug the pool pump from its outlet. After that, go ahead and unscrew the hose connection into its parts. 
  • The hoses are marked A- D and each part has a place where they will go into.
  • Check for the hose made A, it goes on the upper part of the vacuum cleaner. Screw it up right there. 
  • Connect the hoses. B goes into A, C into B, and D into C. Leaving D With an open end. Attach and lock hoses to the adaptor by turning it in a clockwise direction.
  • The open end of hose D goes to the clamp of the hose. Connect this and tighten the clamp with a screwdriver. 
  • Submerge your vacuum cleaner in the pool. Make sure the hose is beneath the level of the water so that the air in it can be filled with water. 
  • Turn the upper air release valve in the counterclockwise direction. Fill the vacuum with water to create a backflow. Do this up to two revolutions. 
  • Limit the inflow of air by tightening the valve back to the opposite position. 
  • The Intex pool vacuum cleaner will remove most of the debris, and push the ones not removed to points where it can be easily removed. Mostly around the corners of the pool. 

Tips For Using The Intex Pool Vacuum Cleaner 

One of the best ways to ensure the adequate functioning of your Intex pool vacuum cleaner is to make sure you use it right. Follow these tips on how to use your Intex pool vacuum cleaner. 

  • The product always comes with an instruction manual, always make sure you use it to find information that you need. 
  • Make sure you remove all the air in the filter before you start the vacuuming process. 
  • Allow filter to run for up to 15 minutes before you go ahead and start sucking. 
  • Do the cleaning gently and partially so that you will avoid spreading the dirt from the bottom of the water to the surface. 
  • Make sure you backwash the filter after you complete a big vacuuming


Many people love pools because it helps to serve a lot of recreational purposes. Although, some pools are very expensive to maintain. Many the start to look for other economical means to own a pool and that is why Intex pools are getting more popular by the day. Now how do you keep your Intex pool clean? I’m sure you guessed correctly. You need your Intex pool vacuum cleaner for that. While this is a solution to a problem, it might come with its tiny issues too. And that involves how to install an Intex pool vacuum cleaner. This post has covered all the steps involved in installing your Intex pool vacuum cleaner. And with a user manual that comes with each model of your Intex pool vacuum cleaner, you can be sure that you will be able to install your Intex pool vacuum cleaner with no issues whatsoever. Protection Status
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