How To Vacuum A Pool Without Skimmer 

Vacuum A Pool Without Skimmer 

Vacuum cleaners have made our lives much more accessible. Apart from their uses for cleaning the household and spillage, vacuums are also employed for multiple other applications. Many chemical and physical processes happening around use vacuum pumps for their functioning. 

Another critical application of vacuum is in cleaning the pool. Your pool is subjected to dirt, dust, debris, bird droppings, bacteria, and other contaminants such as smoke. Hence, cleaning the pool timely indeed contributes to healthy swimming and a healthier environment. 

Carelessness in the cleaning of your pool can indeed lead to multiple diseases and health conditions. Skin conditions such as rashes, allergies, and dermatitis are associated with swimming in dirty pool water. In addition to this, health conditions such as respiratory syndromes, ocular problems, and hair issues can also arise from swimming in unclean or contaminated pool water. 

Hence, the solution to all your issues is cleaning your pool timely and efficiently. The majority of people use a skimmer to clean their pool. However, in the absence of a skimmer, you can also use a vacuum to clean your vacuum better than a skimmer.  

Guide On How To Vacuum A Pool Without Skimmer 

Many people take care of their pool and poolside environment to ensure a healthy life and well-being. The skimmer is the most commonly used instrument employed for the cleaning of pools. Skimmer allows significant contamination of pool through toys, leaves, bird droppings to be cleaned well. 

However, if you do not have a skimmer available, you can also use a vacuum to clean your pool and make it as new as before. 

Here are the steps you will have to follow in cleaning your pool by vacuum

  • Prime Your Vacuum

The first step to begin cleaning your pool is setting up your vacuum. To do so, you have to prime your vacuum. Priming the vacuum is important as it will remove all the air bubbles or air spaces in your vacuum pipe. Air spaces tend to reduce the suction power of your vacuum; hence, doing so is essential

To prime your vacuum, you have to connect your vacuum head to the telescopic pole. After doing so, you have to submerge it into the Intex Pool. Next, to remove air bubbles, you have to push the free end of the attachment against a jet. You will encounter air bubbles bubbling up. This way, all the air will be removed from the vacuum pipe. 

  • Attach The Pump

Under normal conditions, the vacuum system runs through the skimmer inlet. As you do not have a skimmer at the moment, the inlet will be free. 

You can proceed by attaching the open end of the vacuum hose to the inlet while the other remains attached to the vacuum head. 

  • Vacuum Your Pool

Your assembly is entirely ready to vacuum the pool. You can move around the edges to clean your vacuum. In addition to this, if you feel that the vacuum is losing its power, you can repeat the two initial steps to restore the power of the vacuum machine. 

  • Clean The Equipment 

After you are done cleaning your pool, it is essential to clean your vacuum assembly too. If you do not clean your vacuum assembly, the contaminants and the chemicals can quickly reduce the half-life of the vacuum machine. 

Rinse your hose with water twice, let it dry and store the apparatus under shade. 

Advantages Of Vacuum Pool Cleaners

Vacuum pool cleaners are also called automated vacuum pool cleaners. They have indeed made life much easier due to their uncountable advantages. Here are some of the benefits of automated vacuum pool cleaners. 

  • Save Energy

One of the most significant advantages of Automated vacuum pool cleaners is that they save a considerable amount of energy. The automated vacuum pool cleaners are equipped with microprocessors and automated navigators. Hence, you do not have to move to and fro around your pool area; these cleaners can navigate the water themselves. 

  • Hygienic Finish

The automated vacuum pool cleaners can scrub the surface of your pool. This way, they can easily remove the dirt, debris, and also bacteria. They come in many sizes and models. Amongst all the sizes and models, you can easily decide which complements your pool and its specifications. 

  • Effective Cleaning

Automated vacuum pool cleaners provide effective cleaning of your pool. They can do so by going down the crevices and gaps on the floor of the pool. These spaces are housed in bacteria and debris. Through the scrubbing action, automated vacuum pool cleaners provide effective cleaning irrespective of the size of the particle. 

  • Time-Saving

Automated vacuum pool cleaners provide rapid cleaning of your pool. A regular vacuum cleaner takes around 3 hours to clean an average-sized pool, while an automated vacuum pool cleaners take 45 minutes to do so. 

Disadvantages Of Vacuum Pool Cleaners

As there are multiple advantages of vacuum pool cleaners, there are also certain disadvantages. Here are the following disadvantages of vacuum pool cleaners. 

  • Periodicity Of Working

Once an automated pool vacuum cleaner is programmed to work, it will do so every day, whether the pool is clean or dirty. The vacuum cleaner will perform at the same hour every day, even if you don’t want to clean your pool. 

  • Empty The Basket

During the autumn season, the leaves fall off quite often and are found on the pool superficially. This will fill the collection basket of the pool very fast, and you will have to empty it every day or two times a day. 

  • Doubtful Cleaning 

Even the best variants of automated vacuum pool cleaners do not offer perfect cleaning. This is because the vacuum cannot reach portions of your pool, such as the corners of the collection and the interfaces. Hence, you might need manual cleaning to ensure perfect cleaning. 


Conclusively, automated vacuum pool cleaners are one of the most straightforward ways to clean your pool. You do not have to put manual effort into cleaning the pool. You can follow simple steps to clean the pool by fixing your pool assembly, and you are good to go. 

However, there are certain disadvantages over many advantages of vacuum pool cleaning. Hence, you should keep your options open while considering the installation of a vacuum pool cleaner. Protection Status
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