Why is My Dyson Vacuum not Working

Why is My Dyson Vacuum not Working for Cleaning the Room?

Hand stick-type vacuum cleaners will cost as much as $1,000, you’d expect they’ll last you a while! But similar to any vacuum, they are flat to problems. But earlier than you pitch your vacuum on the scrapheap and purchase a fresh one, there are methods to assist increase the long life of your beloved cleaning appliance, so you can still catch your money’s value! Canstar Blue takes you to a guide on what parts to change and clean if your existing Dyson vacuum is a modest rundown and not up to scratch.

Why is My Dyson Vacuum Cleaner not Functioning Properly?

There are figures of reasons why is my Dyson vacuum not working and may suffer from a drop in routine working levels, including the following:


No problem how long the vacuum was charged for, and in spite of being hung on the charging dock properly, your vacuum won’t function for the suggested timeframe if its battery is on the ultramodern.


The vacuum may not switch on if too much dirt has accumulated on the filters


The vacuum is fixed with a repeated shut-off if an obstruction occurs that wants to be cleared.

Although this direction will especially look at a Dyson stick vacuum, LG and Samsung product types can have related troubles & solutions. The Dyson vacuum itself can give an analysis by observing the glow indicator (pictured below). Check your handbook – which can also be searched online if you’ve lost yours – or call the Dyson Customer Care helpline to get help.

Replacing the Battery

If you’re charging your vacuum for the suggested time frame but it only runs and provide the power back up for a minute or lesser time, this doesn’t show that the whole vacuum has a failure. It may just need a fresh battery. According to information, the Dyson handstick model’s batteries have a life duration of just three years on average. Battery changing costs up to $76 by the Dyson website. Saving you $923 by not operation out to purchase the new Dyson V10 ($999 RRP).

On a Dyson handstick vacuum model, the battery is connected to the lever. The subsequent steps will provide a guide you on how to replace it.

  • Make sure the vacuum is unplugged from the charger connection
  • Eliminate the two screws situated on the rear of the grip and three in the underside of the battery
  • Take off the used battery and put it aside
  • Insert and connect the new battery into the handle
  • Safe in place with the existing bolts

Washing the Filter

If the motor is out of order, the vacuum will show to be dead. A defective motor is often caused by one more issue such as blocked filters. This can also be the reason for unlikable smells. You can swap a Dyson filter for $15 (RRP), but if it’s quite new, a quick wash may also do the trick.

It’s optional to wash the filters each month. The following will give details on how to eliminate and clean your filters.

  • Make sure that the vacuum is ‘OFF’ and unplugged
  • To eliminate the pre-filter, lift it out from the top side of the vacuum
  • To eliminate the post-filter, revolve it anti-clockwise until the two hard black dots line up, and drag the post-filter off the back of the vacuum
  • Clean both filters with cold water
  • Rotate the pre-filter upside down and tap to eliminate any excess debris
  • Through water over the exterior of the pre-filter until the water will be clear
  • Squeeze and bend with both hands to ensure the glut water is disappeared
  • Take the post-filter and in an alike manner, through water into the untie side then tap the strainer to remove all wreckage and repeat the process until the water runs clear
  • You must leave both filters to arid for at least 24 hours to guarantee they’re completely dry earlier than refitting them into the vacuum

Clearing Blockages

Dyson vacuums are fixed with an automatic cut-out if any element of the vacuum becomes blocked. It’s optional to leave the vacuum to become cold before looking for blockages and then subsequent the steps below.

  • Make sure the vac cleaner is completely disconnected from the charger
  • Examine each part of the vacuum and clear any blockage earlier than restarting
  • To get access to blockages in the ground tool, eliminate the bottom plate by using a coin to loosen the screw striking with a padlock
  • If you cannot clear an impediment you may need to eliminate the brush bars (outlined in the next part)
  • Refurbishment of all spares securely before using

It’s significant you use a dry cloth two clean the machine – don’t use any lubricants, cleaning agents, polishes, or air fresheners.

Cleaning Ground Tools

The Dyson floor skull is equipped with 2 washable brush bars. If an obstacle has occurred since of the brush bars take the following actions.

  • Make sure the appliance is disengaged from the charger before eliminating the brush bar
  • Use a coin to rotate the fastener to the not closed position
  • Slide-out the big brush bar and eliminate any wreckage by pulling it off
  • Lift out the little brush bar and grip both under running water
  • Leave both brush slabs upright to dry totally for a minimum of 24 hours
  • When dry, refit the little brush bar before the big one
  • Close the fastening by returning it to the fastening position

Brush bars must be cleaned frequently to clear away any remains, including hair.

Instead of purchasing a new vacuum cleaner to change an expensive one that has stopped functioning or even procuring a cheap vacuum cleaner that might have to be changed in a year’s time. Anyhow, you can effort to fix your vacuum cleaner instead. If you spend on a quality machine, it’s likely to have spares which you can easily replace.

One main advantage of this latest era of attached vacuums is that these appliances can often be set rather than restored. Not simply could fitting your vacuum save you hundreds of dollars, but it might also just provide you the pleasure of not being a sucker for the newest products available.


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