How to Use Vacuum for Pool

A Complete Instructional Guide on How to Use Vacuum for Pool to Get a Fresh and Crystal Clear Pool

When you plan to clean your pool after a party bash or to prepare it for a summer party then the trickiest part is to clean the floor or your pool. The floor and pool walls are more adaptive to absorb the dirt and dust into them. Hence the cleaning of pool walls and floor become easier when you use a vacuum to clean your pool. Pool vacuums are available in different sizes and price ranges. You can buy one according to the capacity of your pool.

Using skimmers for pool cleaning is a cheap but not effective option. You may want to deep clean your pool from all the dirt that is on the water’s surface or that is stuck to the floor of the pool. This vacuum is an effective and efficient choice for you because of this. Following we will describe all the different parts of a vacuum and the steps about how to use vacuum for pool.

What does a Manual Vacuum Consists of?

Vacuum Head

A vacuum Head is the main player in the pool vacuum equipment. It is usually a liner or a triangular-shaped suction device with brushes. These brushes keep the liner a bit above the floor so it keeps the suction.

Telescopic Pole

A telescopic pole is used with the head to reach the maximum area of the pool. It is an extendable pole that gives you the length to reach any side of the pool.


The hose is a long tube that carries the water from the vacuum head to the skimmer. Always keep your hose arranged and tidy to have a hustle-free and effective cleaning.

Vacuum Pool Step by Step Instructions

  1. Take the vacuum head and the telescopic pole and attach one head of the telescopic pole to the There will be 2 places on the vacuum head one for the telescopic pole and the other for the hose connection.
  2. Now take the hose and place it straight so it will be easier for you to put it in there will be two tips for the hose. One would swivel and the other tip will not swivel. Put the swiveling one on your vacuum head so you can easily move it. The swivel tip will attach to the head with a little push.
  3. With the help of a telescopic pole pick the vacuum head and put it into the water so that it touches the floor of the pool.
  4. Now straighten the hose so that it easily gets into the Now fill up the hose from pool water through its tip, before putting it into the skimmer so that it does not make the pump suck air.
  5. Once the hose fills up with water the vacuum head will start to make the water bubble around it.
  6. Now open the skimmer and remove the skimmer
  7. Put your hand on the tip of the hose and carefully put your hand into the skimmer holes and try to feel which one is sucking water.
  8. Put the hose tip into that hole tightly and the vacuum process gets
  9. Now you can move the vacuum head back and forth to clean the
  10. You may also need a helping hand to run the vacuum head all over the
  11. After you are done with vacuuming your pool, remove the vac head and attach the brush to the telescopic pole for removing algae on pool walls.

Manual Vs Automatic Vacuum Which One to Choose

If you budge is high enough to buy an automatic vacuum then you can go for that but manual vacuum will also do a fast and effective job for you. On the other hand, if you are one who is not able to put a lot of physical effort into pool cleaning then automatic vacuum is the right choice for you. But we will focus on the manual vacuum for pool cleaning as the automatic vacuum will also need a manual vacuum for floor cleaning.

Few Important Things to Remember

Few things to remember while vacuuming are that you should not move the vacuum head too fast. Because it may leave the suction from the ground. Another important factor that you can utilize to make the vacuum process more effective is your pool filter. Keep an eye on is the filter setting for your pool. Filter systems have a setting called waste. This setting will take all the water from the pool and bypass it from the filter. Remember to put the valves to their original mode after using waste mode. Also, when you have filled your pool to desired water level. You will need to fill up the pool with fresh water afterward. If you want to do a routine cleaning then switch your filter to Multi valve or two-position valve mode. It will vacuum the pool, take the water and filter it, and send it back to the pool. Also, the vacuuming time and efforts would be different for different pools such as in-ground and above the ground pools.

Bottom Line

To enjoy a healthy and peaceful swim or pool time your pool. The pool needs to be as fresh and clean as possible. So, for a routine cleanup, you may need to vacuum your pool once a week. This cleaning is even more vulnerable if the kids also use that pool. But, it also depends on how frequently your pool is used. So, it will need more cleanups after every second or third day. Don’t forget to clean and dry the vacuum equipment. Try to store them in a well-maintained place for future use. As the manual vacuum is not an easy process to be done. Most people may not enjoy doing it or may not have the time. For those people, there is always an option of automatic vacuums. This was our step-by-step guide on how to use a vacuum for pool cleaning. We hope that you have enjoyed our today’s article on how to use a vacuum for a pool and now you can vacuum the pool just like a pro. Protection Status
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