Why is My Dyson Vacuum Pulsing?

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Dyson is one the best vacuum machine brand manufacturer in the market currently. They are widely known for the top-notch vacuum cleaner with versatile application and superior suction power. Dyson vacuum typically assure you a long-term performance. But just like any other electric tool or device, they can malfunction anytime. Such as, sometimes your Dyson vacuum may start pulsing all of a sudden.

In the below article, we will discuss the possible reasons for Dyson vacuum pulsing. Keep going through the article and reasons to diagnosis the issue.

Why is My Dyson Vacuum Pulsing?

Your Dyson vacuum may start pulsing due to malfunctions. Below, we will discuss some top reasons behind the pulsating of a Dyson vacuum.

Check the Cable

Dyson produces both corded and cordless vacuum. If your Dyson vacuum is cordless, then make sure to inspect the cable if the machine is pulsating before doing anything else. What you need to make sure is that the device is properly connected to the power source. The power outlet must be compatible with the cable of the vacuum cleaner. Also, make sure that the power outlet is alright and there is no damage to the cord of the vacuum cleaner.

If you find the power outlet is compatible and still not working, you should try using a different power outlet in your home. If the cord is damaged, it must be replaced through an authorized agent. Never try to keep using the device if the cable is damaged as it can cause more serious issues.

Check the Battery

If your Dyson vacuum is a cordless vacuum, make sure that it is enough to charge for operating. Typically, the vacuums require charging before every clean. Especially, if you use the machine in Max mode, chances are high that the battery will lose power more quickly. Usually, there is a flashlight in these vacuum cleaners that indicates that it will require charging. Sometimes, the light also indicates the other issues along with the empty battery.

When you are done with charging, you will require turning on the device. If it is not still working, the issue can be with the battery of the vacuum cleaner. After using the machine for a specific duration, you will require changing the battery. You will find a replacement unit of the battery based on the specific model of the vacuum cleaner. If you think the issue is with the battery, contact customer support. You might get it replaced for free if it is still under warranty coverage.

If your Dyson vacuum is pulsating, it can happen because the battery is not charging properly. There can be issues with the charger too. Check the charger cable and if you think there is an issue with it, you will require replacing it. Sometimes, the charger cable3 might be okay but the battery is not storing the charge. In such a case, you will also need to change the battery.

Inspect for Clogs in Attachments

Sometimes the Dyson vacuum might keep pulsing if the vacuum bin is not properly emptied. When the dust bin becomes full, the machine doesn’t get enough airflow, and hence it might not work properly. Sometimes the basket might not be full but you will still encounter the issue. In this case, there might be dust stuck on the above part of the bin. In order to get rid of the issue, you will require cleaning the dirt bin.

Just like the bin, any other part of your vacuum can get clogged. Especially, the attachments in the tool including the hose, wand, stick, cylinder, etc. If your vacuum machine is not working properly, turn off the machine and unplug it. Then check the attachments like the hose, canister, etc. where things can get clogged. Also, clean the vacuum cleaner and its parts on a regular basis to avoid the clogging issue.

Sometimes the machine can get tangled hair and dust stuck inside the attachment or can. In such a case, you will hear a pitched or cut-off sound. Give a closer look at the vacuum cleaner if there is anything stuck in the parts.

Check the Filters

Dyson vacuum cleaners equip filters that can trap the dust to avoid returning them to the atmosphere. While trapping the dirt and dust, the filter can also get clogged or blocked by bigger particles. In such cases, you will require cleaning the filter of the machine. As per the manufacturer, you need to clean the filter at least once a month. However, it should depend on the range of uses.

Note that the vacuum cleaner might equip multiple filters like the HEPA filter, pre-filter, post-filter, etc. Make sure that you are cleaning all the removable filters. The filters also need to be replaced after a certain period. Check the manufacturer’s guidelines on when to change the filter. The old filter with wear and tear can also cause the issue. Also, utilize the manufacturer guideline on the user manual while cleaning the filter.

Turn Off Max Power

Some of the vacuum cleaner from Dyson arrives with a MAX button. It is a mode where the machine produces higher suction power to clean the surface efficiently. Typically, you shouldn’t be always using the MAX button. It is only for when the surface is dirtier and requires a thorough clean. If your machine is pulsating while in the MAX mode, you should try vacuuming in the normal mode.

Clean the Dyson Vacuum

The Dyson vacuum needs to be cleaned routinely to get the best performance from the machine. Are you sing the Dyson vacuum cleaner for a long time without any cleaning? This can also cause a pulsating issue. You can try cleaning the tool with the method in the user manual. Make sure to clean everything including the accessories.


These are some of the most common issues behind the pulsing issue in your Dyson vacuum. If you have tried as we mentioned above and if the machine is still pulsing, you should contact customer support. They will give you the proper guide and assistance to solve the issue.

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