How to Service a Dyson Vacuum

How to Service a Dyson Vacuum to Keep in Perfect Condition

Dyson is a brand synonymous with vacuum cleaner equipment, cutting-edge and modernization. But, as with all household equipment, wear and tear with the passage of time can take its toll on a Dyson. You can reduce such occurrences by cleaning and maintaining your cleaning appliance.

In this article, we give details on how to service a Dyson vacuum and how to clean and maintain the key working elements of a Dyson, assisting you to make the most out of yours.

Clean Dyson Cyclonic Filter

To assist keep your appliance working to its full latent, making sure the suction doesn’t become lesser to stop; it is significant to regularly clean and change the filters on your Dyson.

Depending on the model type you have, will base on how simple it is to clean/replace the filters, and the finest way will be outlined in your guideline manual. But to give you inspiration, below is a rough directional guide on how to eliminate filters on an upright wheeled, upright ball type, and cylinder models.

Dyson Standing Wheeled Vacuums

On a Dyson upright wheel type vacuum, it’s advisable to make dirt-free the pre-motor filter every 6 months, by just placing it under warm water. It is value noting that though the pre-motor filter is washable, it may begin to worsen after a number of rinsing, and we would forever recommend if the filter is mostly dirty you change it.

Next, to clear out the pre-motor filter, you’ll also require to replace the post-motor strainer, which can be situated by removing the canister and the filter wrap.

Dyson Upright Ball Vacuum Type

The procedure for removing the strainer on a Dyson ball vacuum cleaner will differ, but when you’ve removed the container from the appliance, you’ll require to on the majority of ball models, tilt back the vacuum cleaner onto its back, previous to twisting the central security device dial on the outer cover of the ball anti-clockwise.

When the cover is free, lift it off and rotate the filter anti-clockwise to let loose.

Dyson Cylinder Vacuums

For cylinder vacuum type models, the cyclone congregation will be removed to offer you access to the launder-able long-life filters. We would urge cleaning these filters after every 3 months.

Filters on all Dyson vacuums can be cleaned by placing them under a tap of cold water and after that leaving them to logically dry for 24 hours.

Fixing Loss of Suction in a Dyson Vacuum

If your Dyson vacuum cleaner machine is losing or reducing suction power, it’s likely to be a reason due to one of four:

  • Filters require cleaning / replacing
  • Jam in the ducting
  • Divide into the hoses or seals
  • The trouble with the belt or motor

To get resolution of the fault, we recommend you work during the list above, initiate from the top, and function your way down and we’ve previously explained how to clean/replace your filters upper explanation.

Blockage in Ducting

If after cleaning and changing the filters your Dyson is still presentation signs of reduced suction, you will require checking the ducting to ensure it isn’t damaged or blocked, and this can be completed by eliminating the valve pipe assembly.

When the valve pipe has been detached, it’s recommended to check all spares, mostly the U-Bend, for any blockages. If no blockages are detected the ducting won’t be the cause for limited suction and as a substitute, you’ll need to go on to point 3.

Split into Hoses / Seals

A divided hose or seal on your Dyson vacuum cleaner machine will significantly decrease the suction, even a little split. Such harm is usually caused by over-extending the hosepipe when utilizing it, or pulling it too stiff, and the solitary way to rectify such liability is to replace the hose/seal.

The trouble with Belt / Motor

If later than checking the filters, ducting, tube, and seals the suction in your Dyson is still deprived, the fault might lie with the motor or the strap both of which will require replacing. Beneath, the article describes how to change the belt on your Dyson.

Taking the time to take out these checks and to correctly maintain your Dyson vacuum cleaner will assist to ensure the appliance carries on to perform at its best, serving you to keep your home clean and neat. And should you require any spare parts or accessories to remain your Dyson operational, you’ll locate them via eSpares.

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Servicing of Dyson Vacuum Cleaners

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