How To Vacuum High Pile Rug

Vacuuming High Pile Rug

How To Vacuum High Pile Rug? Vacuuming has become one of the easiest yet quickest cleaning methods of all time. Today we are going to talk about cleaning high pile rugs. High pile rugs or shag carpets are very luxurious and comfortable to feet. Also, they look amazingly lovely to look at. But with luxury comes high maintenance, since it is very hard to maintain these luxurious carpets and only vacuuming them properly can keep them perfect.

It can always be a lot of hard work and struggle to remove dirt and dust, or even skin flakes and pet hair from these types of carpet. More than any other carpets.

If you have thick or high pile rug carpets at your place, you might have faced a lot of trouble already. To get the debris and dirt out completely. Not all vacuums provide the best cleaning or suction like picking up tiny bits and particles of even sand. Some may be too tall to suck up and may glide over the dirt.

Which Is The Best Cleaner To Vacuum High Pile Rug

To clean a high pile rug, the perfect vacuum must have a brush roll and a turbo brush for agitating carpet fur and sucking up debris. Along with a surface type adjustment feature that allows it to suit your carpet best.

As high pile rugs add elegance to the room and house, it requires the correct vacuum cleaner for it.

But the question remains the same.

How Can We Vacuum High Pile Rug

Since we know that it is difficult to vacuum a high pile rug, here are some tips you can follow to maintain your rug and keep it as new as before.

Wool is stubbornly stain-resistant, which makes a high pile rug nearly impossible to avoid getting dirt or dust stuck in it. No matter whatever you do, the woollen strands or fibers will always catch them.

But regular dusting of the rug can also make it manageable.

Step 1: Set The Vacuum Head in A High Pile Rug

First, you need to set the vacuum cleaning head to the high pile. You should always buy a vacuum cleaner which has this feature as it allows the head to move easily around and the suction is always in your control.

Step 2: Flip The Rug

You need to now flip over the rug so that you can see the woven downside of it too. Now start vacuuming the downside by moving the vacuum head away from you. Start from the edge of the rug so you can keep the vacuum in its place. This way you will suck out all the dirt and debris that might be left somewhere in the fibers.

Step 3: Rolling Out

After flipping the rug, the next step is to roll it in the rug and vacuum the place where you had just vacuumed the rug’s downside. All the dust you have vacuumed from the rug will be lying on the floor.

Step 4: Spreading It Out

Last but not the least, spread out the rug right side up, and suck out the dirt and dust thoroughly. This step can be very much tiring and time taking. But you can’t let go of this step.

Tips for Vacuuming The High Pile Rug

Along with these steps to follow you need to also incorporate these tips while you vacuum your high pile rug. This will help you to maintain your rug and also maintain your vacuum cleaner.

Tip 1: When Vacuuming Never Use The power Brush Head

If you use the power brush head on your rug it will unnecessarily wear and tear your carpet or high pile rug. If you have a high pile rug, always use a wet/dry vacuum. As the bigger and powerful vacuum cleaners will only damage and tear the rug fibers.

Tip 2: Remove Spills Or Stubborn Stains

To remove stubborn stains and coffee or tea spills from your high pile rug you should always use an appropriate cleaner that is suitable for your rug. You can take a white, face cloth or towel to absorb or soak the spill on the rug.

Tip 3: Dry Shampooing Your Rug

Another tip to clean your rug is to use dry shampoo. All you need to do is sprinkle some rug absorbent, carpet shampoo, or cleaner granules. Make sure the switch is turned off and then use the vacuum head to brush the granules on the rug thoroughly. You will need to allow the shampoo to absorb in the rug for at least an hour before you start cleaning it. Later you can vacuum out the granules quickly.


Since we all know that high pile rugs or carpets are going to go out of fashion any time soon. So all you need to do is take care of these rugs as they require high maintenance. If you plan to keep your high pile rug as new as before, invest in the best vacuum cleaner suitable for this. Which is good for it aesthetically as well as hygienically. Protection Status
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