Where To Mount Dyson Vacuum

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Mounting Dyson Vacuum

There are many different places where to mount a Dyson vacuum. Quit stumbling over your Dyson! Mount your Dyson on the divider, not lying on the floor or inclining toward the divider. Now the question arises,Where To Mount Dyson Vacuum?

Assuming you’re a tenant or uncertain with regards to penetrating the divider, read on!

Presently you can give your Dyson a spot to “live” which isn’t on the floor, inclining toward the divider or under the couch. Having the option to get fast admittance to the vacuum may have influenced the amount you utilized it. 

Mount A Dyson Vacuum Without Damaging Your Wall 

Here is the uplifting news! You presently don’t have to penetrate and harm the divider to affix the Dyson docking station or support plate to the divider. 

Maybe, attach the docking station or support plate onto a 2×4 wood post worked outside the divider. That implies not harming your divider. You likewise don’t have to discover the stud behind the divider. 

With so many vacuum connections, it’s ideal to have everything in one spot. You got the fissure instrument, the smaller than expected delicate cleaning brush, the blend device and numerous others. 

Take care of the capacity issue by appending metal snares, one for every connection. Effectively hang and store your space vacuum heads and more modest connections across the board place. 

Effectively Store And Mount The Dyson Vacuum 

This is an Easy Project – Give it a go! 

Some essential DIY information is vital like boring pilot openings and securing screws. Additionally, in case it’s your first time, getting the 2×4 wood post vertical and in position will take a couple of goes. 

Pick an area for your Dyson divider mounts with an electrical plug reachable. 

Check the roof and floor are level and stable. 

  • Measure the roof stature and short 3.7 inches or 95 mm from the roof tallness. 
  • Purchase wood and supplies from a home improvement shop

Tip: The home improvement shop can cut the wood for nothing or in some cases they charge a little expense for every cut. 

  • Wood posts can be finished or painted to suit.
  • Colour and finish wood posts. (Discretionary, yet suggested) See staining tips and directions underneath. 
  • Do this to Hide the Cord.

Measure 47 ¼” or 120cm from the lower part of the wood post. 

Imprint the spot with a pencil. With the docking station, adjust the lower screw opening over the imprint. Imprint the two screw openings. Drill pilot openings. Spot the docking station over the pilot openings. 

Draw a blueprint around the square found under the 2 connection holders. 

Eliminate the docking station to show the diagram. Attract an ‘X’ to track down the middle. 

Utilize a ¾” paddle/spade boring tool to drill an opening through the lumber. This is the place where the rope will be taken care of. Push the tip of the charging rope (or jack plug) through the opening – from the back to the front of the wood post. 

More About Mounting A Dyson Vacuum

Get the line through. Then, at that point, ensure the charging link is gotten perfectly to the rear of the docking station. Get the line slack through the opening. 

Utilizing pilot openings made before, secure the docking station to the wood post utilizing 1½” wood screws. 

Put the upper cap and base cap on the wood post. The top cap has a changing screw. 

Position the Wood Post into Place 

Lift the wood post into place. Twofold check the rope can arrive at an electrical plug. Check the wood post is vertical by utilizing a soul level. Turn the changing screw clockwise to fix it. Don’t over fix. 

Tip: Every couple of months, check the situation of the wood post and the snugness of the changing screw. 

Secure Hooks to Hang Dyson Attachments. Effectively store and hang Dyson vacuum cleaning head Connect the snare for the extra vacuum head to the front of the wood post. Measure 18″ from the floor to the primary screw opening on the snare. Then, at that point, secure. 

Store the Dyson and connections reachable On the wood post, connect snares for the more modest vacuum connections.


You’ll see that Dyson vacuum stands are a thing, however, they are gigantic in Asia. They have been around for quite a long time.

These stands are staggering, and you can think that they are online without any problem. They even hold the connections as a whole and have some additional rack space. They are viable with every Dyson cordless vacuum.

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