Do You Need Oxygen Absorbers If You Vacuum Seal

Need Oxygen Absorbers If You Vacuum Seal

Do You Need Oxygen Absorbers If You Vacuum Seal? You may be here to find ways to preserve food, or perhaps valuable non-food items by adding extra protection via oxygen absorbers. Any time you search for vacuum sealing, you’ll likely come across an article or two about the use of oxygen absorbers while vacuum packing. Many people who have been vacuum sealing and packing for a while are already familiar with oxygen absorbers.

Depending on what they will be used for, they are made from varying materials, so purchase the right ones for the job when buying them for food storage. This guide will help you gain a basic understanding of whether you need oxygen absorbers when vacuum sealing.

Oxygen Absorber – What Is It

In an oxygen absorber, tiny packets of iron powder let oxygen and moisture in but prevent the powder from escaping. These are typically added to vacuum-packed foods to extend shelf life and maintain freshness. The use of oxygen absorbers is necessary when storing dry foods for an extended period.

When food is exposed to oxygen and moisture, it can spoil faster and lose shelf life. The oxygen absorbers help absorb any oxygen and any moisture that may be present. As a result, your canned foods and vacuum-packed foods will stay preserved more efficiently and last longer.

What Is The Purpose Of Oxygen Absorbers If You Vacuum Seal

If food preservation is done properly, it can keep items fresh for months or years longer than traditional methods. It is possible to use oxygen absorbers to extend the freshness of your food and to preserve your non-food items. 

When vacuum sealing foods, use oxygen absorbers to ensure that the sealed bags are oxygen-free. Oxygen absorbers protect your products against mould and bacteria, take up little space, and significantly extend shelf life.

The Purpose Of Oxygen Absorbers In Storage Containers

Oxygen absorbers are also useful for use with deli containers, as well as storage containers and canisters. They will keep items fresh that you don’t want to crush by vacuum sealing. When oxygen absorbers are exposed to oxygen they can lose their functionality very quickly. So if you open your container, remove your items, then close the container again, the oxygen absorber will still function.

How Oxygen Absorber Helps In Preserving Non-Food Items

A higher oxygen level can cause deterioration in historical documents, art, and other precious artefacts, causing mildew, mould, and other contaminants. With the correct utilization of oxygen absorbers, oxygen levels in the surrounding environment can reduce to 0.01%.

What Are The Benefits Of An Oxygen Absorber If You Vacuum Seal

  1. They keep foods, like nuts, from losing their flavors.
  2. Preserve foods without sacrificing vitamins, nutrients, or color.
  3. The oxygen content of sealed containers reduces.
  4. Your oral vitamins and medications can last longer if you vacuum pack them. Many drug stores pack medicines in oxygen absorbent bags.
  5. Cheese, yogurt, and other dairy products are prevented from developing mold.
  6. They prevent mold from growing on fruits and vegetables.

A Few Things To Remember About Oxygen Absorbers If You Vacuum Seal

Remember to purchase only the amount you will use before the expiration date when you purchase these absorbers. Make sure to not keep the package open too long as this could result in them absorbing oxygen. This will prevent sealed foods from deteriorating. Keep the unused oxygen absorbers sealed right away to keep them fresh. When storing them in a vacuum-sealable bag with oxygen, limit their exposure to the air. If they expose themselves to oxygen, they can absorb it and become ineffective when you need them.

Which Items To Pack With Oxygen Absorbers

The oxygen absorbers are good for packing foods. Such as nuts, soup mixes, pasta both dry and precooked, dried fruits, veggies, and sweets like cake, cookies, and bread. Dairy products, smoked meats, spices, flour, and sugar can be packed with oxygen absorbers. A lot of these items, particularly when sold in bulk, are stored in oxygen absorbers.

Food-safe pouches protect oxygen absorbers against potential contamination. You can purchase them almost anywhere that sells vacuum sealers or accessories. You can also buy them on Amazon, where you will find competitive prices.


An oxygen absorber is not expensive, and it enables you to save on your investment. Food and other items that are properly save can reap great benefits from a small investment. Hopefully, this post was informative and helpful if you are canning, storing dried foods, snacks, meats, and using them for better food storage and preservation. Protection Status
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