How to Put a Belt on a Kirby Vacuum Cleaner

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Want to know how to put a belt on a Kirby vacuum cleaner? Well, you have arrived at the right place. Keep going through the article to find out the steps you need to follow.

Kirby vacuum equips a belt that helps to scrub the sticky dust and soil from the surface. The belt needs to be changed once in a while. If the belt on your Kirby vacuum is worn out, you will require replacing it with a new one. Below, we will discuss how to do this.

How to Put a Belt on a Kirby Vacuum Cleaner

The Kirby vacuum belt needs to be replaced after a certain period to enjoy a decent performance. To be more specific, the belt deteriorates and expands in your vacuum after using for a while. The brushing process may not work optimally because the belt is torn or stretched. You should replace your Kirby vacuum belt once every 6 months.

Fortunately, the Kirby vacuum belt can be replaced very easily without any equipment. Are you having trouble replacing your Kirby vacuum belt? Well, below we will show you how to fix the belt while sitting at home.

Step 1

Before you being, check that the vacuum cleaner is unplugged. In newer models, turn off the vacuum by placing the paddle in a neutral position. Press the height adjustment pedal to its lowest position, so that the power is turned off.  It is important to turn off the vacuum before cleaning, or you may suffer an electric shock.

Step 2

At first, you need to do, lift up the hood from the powerhead. When you look at the powerhead of your vacuum, then you will see a sticker. This sticker has a green arrow labeled “Belt On” and a red arrow labeled “Belt Off”.

The round-shaped piece in front of the vacuum is called a belt lifter. Pick up the metal tab on the belt lifter, then it will turn into an L-shaped handle. Now, grab the L-shaped handle of the belt lifter and rotate the belt lifter anti-clockwise to align the red arrows.

Step 3

There is a little metal tab on the top of your vacuum belt lifter. If you drag this tab anti-clockwise, the powerhead will slowly go down.

Step 4

You will see two tab levers on the back of the power header. The tab lever has arrow keys that tell you which way to lock or which way to unlock. Turn it on the unlock side. This will unlock the plate and you can take it out.

Step 5

If you have taken out the plate, now you can pull the brush roll and the old belt out of the power header. Replace a new belt with a brush roll.

Pay close attention to the tabs next to the brush roll. Take a good look at what height setting the brush roll has. Usually, their heights are given from 1 to 3. Remember, the height of the two sides should be equal when setting the brush roll. Never set up the brush roll up and down on the power header.

Step 6

To attach the belt to the hook, use your belt lifter. Rotate the belt lifter clockwise to align the green arrows. Once the belt is attached to the hook, rotate the belt lifter counterclockwise again and line up the red arrows.

Step 7

Re-attach the plate to the bottom of the powerhead. Turn the tab levers on the lock side, once they are locked the plate will be attached to the powerhead. And attach the hook to the back of the electric head to your vacuum bar.

Step 8

Attach the hook to the back of the electric head to your vacuum bar. Then, pulling the small metal tab clockwise will lock the power header well with the vacuum.

Step 9

Again, rotate the belt lifter clockwise to align the green arrows. Now you can close your vacuum hood, your job is done.

Note That: You may need to try several times to get these steps to be successful. After fastening the belt, check that the roller is working properly when turning on the vacuum. If the roller does not rotate, remove the power nozzle and repeat the complete steps. Besides, check if the belt has slipped from the motor spindle. If the belt slips, attach it properly to the motor spindle.


Why Your Vacuum isn’t it Picking Up Any Dirt from the Floor?

If your vacuum is not picking up dirt from the floor, it may happen for several reasons. Maybe your vacuum is not set to the correct height. If the front side of the vacuum is too high from the floor, the vacuum brush will not reach the floor to clean properly. Press the “to-touch” pedal next to the unit to adjust the height of the vacuum.

Another reason could be, the vacuum brush roll is not rotating. If you notice that the indicator light of the brush roll in front of the vacuum is off. That means the brush roll is not rotating or the belt is slipping or broken. To add the belt to ta vacuum, follow the above instructions.

Can you Pick up Water With Your Kirby System?

The Kirby vacuum is not suitable for removing water from the surface. So, you should never do this. Do not use a Kirby vacuum to draw water from your floor or off the carpet.

How Do You Set The Height on Your Kirby Vacuum?

Adjusting your vacuum to the right height ensures how well the vacuum will remove debris from your carpet. Lower the foot pedal one level down to adjust the vacuum to the correct height. Also, take the power nozzle down one more level. And set the Kirby vacuum to the appropriate height for carpeting as per your convenience.


The belt is an important part of your Kirby vacuum. If it is not in the good shape, you cannot get a decent performance from it. We hope this article will help you to fix the belt on the Kirby vacuum cleaner. Protection Status
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