How to Store Shark Vacuum Attachments

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Shark vacuum cleaners are one of the very robust cleaners in the market. They are a great combination of ingenious technology with suction power. Shark vacuum is amazing in cleaning small to large places. If you have a shark vacuum cleaner it might include some attachments. Each attachment works for different functions of the vacuum device. Today’s article is for those who are looking for how to store Shark vacuum attachments.

Vacuum cleaners are a much-needed domestic item that is present in almost every home nowadays. But not all vacuum’s performance is the same. The main reason behind this is the quality and standardness of the attachments of the device. The more top-rated the attachments in a vacuum, the better the service. From this point of view, Shark Vacuum is far ahead of other brands.

Now to assure the quality of these attachments it is essential to store them well. Keep reading this article to know how to store shark vacuum attachments.

How to Store Shark Vacuum Attachments

If you know the right way to store shark vacuum attachments, you can take maximum benefit of vacuum. Because storing them properly will increase their lifespan which will allow you to have a cleaning service for a long time without any issues. Below we mention how to store shark vacuum accessories. Check them out quickly.

Shark vacuum accessories include extension wand, upholstery instrument, crevice cleaner, dusting brush, fan blade duster, floor sweeper, multi-angle brush, power brush, mattress refresher, car cleaning nozzle, radiator brush, etc.

Shark Vacuum Attachments Holder

The best way to store shark vacuum accessories is to have their own holder. Every good quality vacuum cleaner company provides a holder with their device. Now if for any reason it is damaged or broken or cannot be found then buy a new one. Because a vacuum holder is the best pouch to store its accessories in a neat and organized way.

You can easily hang the vacuum holder behind the door or on the wall. This will enable you to reach them whenever you need them. If the attachments are random, there is often an item missing which is very annoying. So a vacuum holder can protect you from that embarrassment.

Via Vacuum Gear Storage

Some people leave their vacuum accessories randomly under the bed which is not very accurate. You can put all the accessories of your vacuum together in one easy way. All you have to do is put a hook on the door of your storage room. Then hang a net or cloth bag on it.

Now simply put all the accessories in that bag. The design of this bag should be such that there is a chain system. You don’t have to open the whole bag when you take out an item. Many call it gear storage.

Garage Corner Shelve

A garage corner shelf is the best way to store attachments of a vacuum cleaner. It works great for a storage idea. It takes less space to set up as it is cheaper. Besides, it is made of plywood or oriented strand board. It has a few shelves. Here other equipment can be arranged with each attachment. It looks interesting as well as effective. So we recommend you go with this special arrangement.

Basement Storage

The space under the stairs in everyone’s house is useless. You can pick that place as a place to store attachments if you want. For this, you need to build a shelf in the shape of a right triangle with a fly board or plywood. You can keep a glass or lock system on that shelf.

This way you can store all the necessary appliances and vacuum accessories in the house which will be protected from dirt. You should pick this excellent option.

Under The Cabinet

Another way to store attachments of any other brand, including Shark, quite clearly is under the cabinet. Serially set the number of hooks with a gap of 2 to 3 inches under the cabinet. Then hang attachments on them one by one. This time place the large attachments in the back and the small ones in the front. This will allow them all to be viewed in one go and gain access to them. Tell me why you shouldn’t use the space under your cabinet to have such a simple way.

Go With Basic Idea

If you want to save money and effectively store your SAARC vacuum attachments then you can follow a very basic idea. Even this basic idea is very simple and hassle-free. You just take some screws or garage hooks. Now select a place that has a safe and free space in your home. Set these hooks when you find blanks.

Make sure these hooks can carry loads of your vacuum attachments. If you install weak and small hooks they can run out at any time and damage your attachment. There are also children at home. Make sure that they do not reach these attachments.

How Often to Clean the Shark Vacuum Attachments?

According to the Shark Vacuum Cleaner Original book, it is best to clean once every 3 to 6 months. However, in the first 2 years, all the accessories can be accessed without any cleaning. It comes from customer reviews and company experience.

However, if you expect better service from all the attachments of your vacuum cleaner, you must clean it once every 6 months. If you can’t do it once every 6 months, clean it at least once a year.

How Long Does it Take To Clean the Shark Vacuum Attachments?

This is a very complex question. Because a shark vacuum has many different attachments. Each takes a different amount of time and process. For example, 10 to 30 minutes is enough to clean the brush of small to medium shark vacuums. But in the case of a large vacuum, the amount of time can be increased from 30 to 60 minutes.

Similarly, there are other attachments, each of which has a different function, so it will take time to clean them. Focus on the attachments you just need to clean and use the manual or the internet to find out how long it will take.


By storing attachments you can protect your shark vacuum from becoming ineffective. There is no doubt that a shark vacuum can be used for a long time with proper storage. In that case, this article will be useful for you. Protection Status
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