How to Replace Lower Hose on Shark Rotator Vacuum?

How do you replace the lower hose on Shark Rotator Vacuum? Well, it can be easily replaced by going through a few steps. If you want to DIY replace the hose, keep going through this article. You will find the appropriate way to do so.

Shark Rotator Vacuum is one of the best-selling units from the manufacturer. It is a corded upright vacuum with a lot of features and optimizations to make things easier for you. Apart from cleaning different types of floors, you can utilize the vacuum cleaner to clean the carpet and a lot of other things.

Like any other vacuum cleaners in the market, different parts of the Shark Rotator Vacuum might require replacing when they wear out. If you are searching for the process of lower hose replacement in the Shark Rotator Vacuum, you have arrived at the right place.

In below, we will discuss the steps you need to follow for changing the lower hoser in the Shark Rotator Vacuum. We will also let you know how to clean the hose.

How to Replace Lower Hose on Shark Rotator Vacuum?

Sometimes you might encounter lower suction while cleaning things with the Shark vacuum cleaner. When this happens, the dirt and dust from the floor will not be sucked properly by the vacuum. Sometimes it happens when the lower hose in the vacuum cleaner is worn out or damaged. In such a situation, you will require changing the hose to get efficient suction power.

Check out the below steps to change the lower hose in your Shark vacuum. Note that things can be different in distinct models of the vacuum. But you should still be able to utilize the guide to fix the hose in most of the models by modifying the steps. Check out the guide to acknowledge the correct way to replace the hose.

Step 1

The first thing you need to do is to remove the attachments from the vacuum cleaner like the tanks, hoses, and other things. Then, position on the base of the vacuum cleaner face down towards you. You should find five screws where two of them are in the bottom, one in the middle and another two in a bit upper. There might be more or less screw depending on the model of the vacuum.

Now use an appropriate Phillips screwdriver to loosen the screws. You can now detach the stick from the main body of the vacuum for ease of working.

Step 2

Once after removing the screws, you need to remove the case on the above. Now you might require removing the two wheels in the bottom of the roller brush. Based on the vacuum model, you might require using some sort of tools to remove them.

The next thing you need to do is to find out three plastic screws on the bottom part of the machine. They keep the part locked. You can easily remove them by twisting them with a screwdriver. Now you can remove the case covering the roller brush. Simply pull it up and remove it.

Step 3

The next thing you need to do is get rid of the roller brush. Simply turn over the part to leave the brush in the ground. Now remove the top casing of the vacuum by making use of your hand. Grab it carefully to avoid any sort of damages. Now put the part in face-down position like earlier.

Now you will require removing a few more screws to release the lower hose. Find the screw in the middle close to the right wheel of the vacuum. Use an appropriate screwdriver to remove the screw from the machine.

Step 4

Now pull out the front end of the hose by pulling it with gentle pressure. This is the part that is connected with the roller brush chamber. You need to pull this part out from the base. The next thing you need to do is to twist the hose and pull it to take it out from the above part.

That’s it. This is how you can remove the hose from the machine. Note that it might be a bit different based on which model of the vacuum you are using. Following the above-mentioned steps, you should be removing the hose. After removing it, simply attach it by reversing the process of dissembling.

After reading the above guide, if you are confident that you can replace the wheel following this way, you may move forward. However, you should never try DIY changing the hose if you are not confident about the steps. Instead, go to a technician with relevant experience to ask for help. Or you might contact the customer support of the vacuum cleaner manufacturer to get official support. The support agent will tell you what to do to fix this issue.


How do you take the hose off a shark vacuum?

If we are talking about the hose attachments that are used for cleaning, then you can easily take it off. Simply press the tabs that are on each side of the nozzle at the bottom where it is attached to the vacuum body. Then press the release button to remove the handle as well as the hose attached with it.

If we are talking about the little lower hose, then this is going to be a bit tricky. You need to go through the above steps and remove quite a number of screws.

Are shark vacuum hoses replaceable?

Yes, the Shark vacuum hoses are replaceable. You will find a replacement unit from the manufacturer. Make sure that you know the model’s name of the vacuum cleaner to get the right replacement.

Can you clean the hose on a Shark vacuum?

Yes, you can clean the Shark vacuum hose. In fact, it needs to be cleaned once within a month. You will find an appropriate cleaning guide on the user manual of the vacuum cleaner.


If you want to replace the lower hose on your Shark rotator vacuum, make use of the steps we have discussed above. We hope they will help you to remove the hose successfully. Protection Status
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