How to Vacuum Seal a Mattress

Guide to How to Vacuum Seal a Mattress

Who doesn’t want to know how to vacuum seal a mattress? Well, it’s easier than you might have thought. We’ll basically provide for you three steps to vacuum seal a mattress. But , has it ever occurred to you why do you need to vacuum seal? Well, let’s find out that, at first.

Let’s assume that you’re going on a tour or holiday. You need to carry the mattress to settle over there once you reach the destination. But, how do you wrap the mattress properly? Vacuum sealing is the best option to consider in that time. Moreover, when you vacuum seal a mattress, it’ll stay away from dirt and other particles.

Hence, you mattress will stay clean. However, our article will give detailed insights on how to do the sealing operation with the ultimate ease. There’re many ways that can be followed. But, it’s up to you do the research and find the most compatible process of sealing a mattress.

Why Should You Vacuum Seal a Mattress?

Mattress can attract day to day dirt and dust. After a while it can really get dirty. When you sleep on the mattress, it can eventually lead to itching on your body. Moreover, during a long travel, if you’re carrying you mattress, it needs some protection.

Considering the above situations, it’s best that you vacuum seal a mattress when not in use. However, it can be lengthy and critical process at times to seal mattress. For that reason, we’ve done the research and has some quite easy steps to vacuum seal.

Next, we’ll start talking about some simple steps to vacuum seal a mattress. But, you might need to go through the steps multiple times to better understand the whole process. There’ll be mainly three steps in total. Let’s find out.

How To Vacuum Seal A Mattress At Home

Step #1. Bag the mattress

At first, it’s better to isolate or remove any accessories or items from the mattress. Place them into a bag and keep it safely. Find the perfect size of bag according to the mattress size. Otherwise, it’ll be harder to push the mattress items into the bag. However, it’s up to you.

You might face some trouble bagging the mattress. But, you place the mattress upright position and slide the mattress into the bag. In this way, it’ll be easier for you to bag the mattress.

So, if you follow the above way to bag the mattress, it’s pretty confirmed that it’ll be perfectly air sealed. What’s next? Look for the hole or gap in the vacuum bag. It’ll be useful when you vacuum clean the mattress in the next step. Always remember to seal the hole or gap after you’re done with vacuum cleaning the mattress.

Step 2 – Turn on the vacuum

The valve or the hole in the mattress bag will come into use now. It’s time that you should turn on the vacuum cleaner. You should then connect the hose to the valve properly. The size of the mattress can very well reduce when you start vacuuming. In this step, all the dirt will be gone.

Always remember that the length and breadth of the valve should match with that of the hose. So, when you buy the vacuum bag, keep in mind the dimension in respect to the hose of the vacuum. Then, it’ll be a perfect vacuum sealing operation.

Step 3 – Finish Vacuum Sealing

Now you should keep the mattress horizontally on the floor or somewhere else. Make sure that there’s no air inside the vacuum bag. With a bit of inspection, if there’s air, try to suck that out with the vacuum on. Next, it’s time to wrap up the mattress.

It’s time to wrap the mattress with some straps. It’s better to find the right size of straps. Next,  you’ll strap on the middle and the both sides to ensure proper vacuum sealing of the mattress. 

So, that’s how you vacuum seal a mattress.

Why Vacuum Sealed Mattress Matters

Vacuum sealing is important and necessary for more than one reason. You can buy a mattress from a shop. But, you’ll want to have the best of mattresses. For that reason, the packaging of the mattress needs to be top-notch.

But, how do mattress makers ensure the proper cleanliness of the item throughout a big timespan? They simply vacuum seal the mattresses to avoid any dirt accumulation on a new mattress.

After you vacuum seal a mattress, it’ll last longer than you can expect. The storage durability enhances when you vacuum seal mattress.

Final Thoughts

Finally, we can say that a vacuum sealing mattress has its pros and cons. But, how did you like the process of sealing the mattress given in our article? Isn’t it easy? Do we have any portion that can be improved? Let us know in the comments.

But, the process is easy but lengthy in our terms. Additionally, it might also get a bit technical at times. We recommend you to keep in mind the breadth of the vacuum bag hole and the vacuum hose. Compliant size will ensure the perfect operation.

There’re additional steps that you can follow for a perfect operation. You can always do some extra bit of research and find the most preferred way to vacuum seal a mattress. Until then, goodbye. Next time, we’ll come up with another article related to vacuum cleaners. Protection Status
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