How to Keep Cobwebs from Coming Back

Preventive Measures for Recurring Cobwebs

How to Keep Cobwebs from Coming Back

As you know and have dealt with the problem of the cobwebs, it is not an easy task to keep them from getting back again. You might be sick of it and want a long term solution for this issue, because cleaning ceiling, walls, basements and other parts of the house is never an easy task. Well good news for you is that here in this article we are going to give you some tips and tricks to get rid of these headaches for a long time.

You just need proper tools, right time and maintenance to keep them away from your house.

Do This First

On the very first note you have to clean the cobweb for the ceiling or from wherever you want. You can use a vacuum cleaner for the purpose if you have one and use its long reach attachment that is made to clean ceilings, it will help you to remove the cobwebs from the ceiling.

And if you do not have any vacuum cleaner or one that has attachments to reach the high ceiling then get a cobweb duster like this one here. These dusters are designed in a way to cobwebs and the dust and debris on the ceiling fans too.

If your ceiling fans are fixed at a good height, then the normal duster cannot reach it so for this purpose you should consider having an Extension Duster like this one here.


The Reasons For The Cobwebs

If you have spiders in your house there is a big chance that you have other insects too in your place, the reason for this is that the spiders have other insects as their food. The other insects like moths, flies, earwigs, bedbugs or others can be inhabiting your place and spiders are here to help you get rid of them, and these are here then there must be cobwebs.

Now you have to eradicate the problem from the root and the root of this problem is other insects and pests.

Get Rid of the Pest

If you have a pest problem then there must be a food source for them in the house. This food can be dust, trash, damp areas, leaking water and even some types of clothes.

If you want to get rid of these then make sure that no trash is laying around or in your house and you do not have cardboard boxes in your house because many insects like cockroaches feed on them and also use them as their habitat.

Make sure that you clean your house properly from each and every corner, and use a good multipurpose cleaner to clean and disinfect the surface.

Vacuum every carpeted place in your house and make sure that the corners are well cleaned as the bugs and insects love to live here. For cleaning you can use a shop vacuum like this one because it can clean anything; liquid or solid.

Insect Killer

Once you are done with all the cleaning matters then use a proper insecticide in your house to get rid of the pest problem for a long time, you can call pest controllers to do this for you or can buy a spray or other pest killing chemicals for your own use.

Black Flag Home Insect Control Plus Germ Killer can be a good chemical that can kill and prevent their regrowth, but you can buy any other spray, as your priority. I am recommending this because it has worked well for my problem and after its application I face any spiders and cobwebs again because their food source has been uprooted.

But the only negative aspect of these insects is that you have to use them after every 6 month but if you ask me then this is not really a big deal as you will face much bigger problems if you do not do this.

One of my friends has told me to use white vinegar for the insects issue and he used a half white distilled vinegar and water solution to deal with the spiders, but the smell of the vinegar is like body odor and is unbearable for me. In addition to this, vinegar evaporates in a very short time and fails to give a long term solution.

You can try this technique if you are looking for a cost effective and economical solution for the cobwebs. He told me to spray in the corners for best results but there can be a chance of your walls getting stains from this acid.

The Cobwebs Don’t Come Back

If you want a solution for a long time then you can execute the following method

First you have to realize that the cobweb is not the real issue but the spiders are and some spiders can be lethal because they can be poisonous like these. And they should be removed from your house as they can also contaminate your food.

And if the spiders and wandering around your house you must know that pests are hiding somewhere at your place and in turn all this problem is because of the lack of cleanliness. If you will clean each and every place and corner of your house then neither insects, nor spiders nor the cobweb will get their way to your house. So on the very first note keep your house as clean as you can. Protection Status
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