How to Clean Rainbow Vacuum Hose?

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Everything you Should Know About How to Clean Rainbow Vacuum Hose?

The vacuums are used to clean your houses but have you ever cleaned your vacuum? The question seems absurd but is very important. Cleaning machines also need cleaning. Wondering about how to clean rainbow vacuum hose? Well, read this blog till the end to learn everything you should learn to keep your vacuum cleaner.

Rainbow cleaners are one of the best tools to make your home tidy, but it also requires little care like other devices. To clean your vacuum efficiently, you need to know its essential tools and procedure to make it clean without damaging the appliance and hurting yourself.

How do Vacuum Hoses Become Dirty?

Rainbow vacuum cleaners are highly effective and do their job well. But due to the accumulation of dust particles, their interior and exterior parts become dirty. This gadget helps clean the walls, smooth surfaces, carpets, and even suck the dust particles from the air. It uses water technology to keep these surfaces clean and suck dust from them. Many people around us try to clean this appliance so that it can work long and efficiently. Whenever the dirt is sucked, some particles, instead of accumulating inside the dust bag, attach to the suction hose. It dramatically affects the working of the rainbow cleaner.

How to Clean the Vacuum Hoses Efficiently?

You may think that cleaning the rainbow vacuum means cleaning its dust bag. But apart from the dust bag, there are some other parts which need deep cleaning. To remove all the sticky dust particles, one should clean the hose as well. You will experience suction problems and sometimes some unusual noise from your rainbow vacuum. It happens when the suction hose is dirty. While cleaning the machine, cleaning the hose is the slightest idea that comes to your mind. But it is an important one. You should follow these steps to clean it efficiently.

Disassembling The Hose

To clean the house, you first need to dismantle it. To disable the hose, follow these steps:

  • Remove the rainbow vacuum from the electrical supply.
  • By firmly holding the curved shaft in your hands, discard the top wand from the handle.
  • Now remove the hose from the rod.
  • After removing the hose, let out the latches on both sides connected to a metal container.
  • The hose is now detached and is ready to clean.

Cleaning the Hose

After removing the hose, all the dirt will be visible to you. You can now see how the dust particles cause the clog of the hose. Increasing the productivity of the rainbow vacuum is a mandatory step. Therefore, if you observe a sudden decrease in your vacuum cleaner’s efficiency and suction power, the chance that you have a clogged hose, unclogging, or cleaning the vacuum hose is not a highly complex task. You can easily do it with the help of a clean cloth. As rainbow vacuum cleaners have exceptional suction power, you can use the vacuum cleaner to unclog the hose.

We have listed below some of the most efficient and effective ways for unclogging a vacuum hose.

Method 1

This is a straightforward method, or you can also call it a quick tip that is highly effective and convenient to perform. In this method, you will have to insert the hose handle into the vacuum’s hose port on the front. If you turn the Rainbow vacuum on, it will suck all the dirt out of the hose, unclogging it efficiently.

Method 2

In the second method, you can unclog the Rainbow vacuum hose through the vent cover present on the back of the vacuum. The function of this vent cover is to act as an exhaust. You can unclog the vacuum hose by removing this vent cover and inserting the hose inside the exhaust. When you turn the vacuum on, it will remove all the dirt and unclog the vacuum hose.

Method 3

Once your hose is attached to the vent present on the back of the vacuum, you can also remove the clog by inserting the handle side of the hose inside the hose port. This hose port is located on the front side of the vacuum. The vacuum will work to suck out all the dust and unclog the hose.

Method 4

Now that your handle is also inside the hose port, you can take a cloth and fold it around the handle. As the area is not sealed around the handle, it will create a more powerful suction that will unclog the hose efficiently.

If neither of these methods has proven very useful to you, you can try cleaning your vacuum hose with water and some mild cleaning ingredients or agents.

Cleaning the Hose with Water and Mild Ingredients

You can clean your hose by following the below-mentioned steps;

  • Use a damp cloth or a soft brush to wipe off all the visible debris around the house.
  • To wash off mild dust from the inside of the hose, rinse it with warm water.
  • If the hose is extremely dirty and requires a good wash, put it into a basin of warm water and let it sink.
  • Use a mild detergent or a mild soap to wash the hose thoroughly.
  • Run the soapy water through the insides of the hose and let the dirt loosen.
  • Shake the soapy water inside the hose by closing both openings of the hose with your hands.
  • Use a cleaning brush to remove stubborn dirt stains or dirt.
  • Rinse your hose with plain water.
  • Dry it completely.

Re-assembling the Vacuum Hose

Now that you have cleaned the Rainbow vacuum hose, it is time to reassemble it. You can easily reassemble the vacuum hose by following the below-mentioned instructions;

  1. Re-attaching the cover to the rear vent.
  2. Replacing the vacuum hose
  3. Attaching the wand to the hose.
  4. Inserting vacuum handle inside the wand.
  5. Now, reconnecting the power cord.


It is essential to clean your rainbow vacuum hose regularly to get the required results and efficient cleaning. A dirty or clogged hose dramatically reduces the efficiency of your vacuum cleaner. So, if you are observing a sudden decrease in performance, it is time to unclog and clean your vacuum hose.


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