How Much Do Rainbow Vacuum Cleaners Cost

Cost Of The Rainbow Vacuum Cleaners

How Much Do Rainbow Vacuum Cleaners Cost? The Rainbow cleaning system is one of the most famous vacuum cleaners ever. They’re known for their canister volumes, big warranties, and long life. How much does a rainbow vacuum cost with these features?

Rainbow Vacuum – What Is It

Rainbow vacuums look just like any other vacuum and are used to clean floors and upholstery, but they have a few advantages over conventional vacuum cleaners. Rainbow vacuums have a few exclusive features. By combining their efforts, they can eliminate 99.9% of household dirt, dust, and debris. 

The lines of the vacuums work so well is the reason why Rainbow water vacuums are so popular. Water-based filtration systems prevent dust and dirt particles from returning to your home.

Further, the vacuum also works as a carpet shampooer, keeping carpets and rugs fresh and clean. Its double filtration system eliminates all types of allergens in your house, making it ideal for people with allergies to dust, pet dander, and pollen. A Rainbow vacuum can also function as an air purifier since it can also clean the air inside your home.

Why Do Rainbow Vacuum Cleaners Cost So Much

Rainbow vacuum cleaners can be quite expensive because they include a water filter. Rainbow vacuums cost anywhere from $1500 to $3000. The cheaper ones are from the SE series, and the more expensive ones are from the E2 series. 

Together with the high-quality HEPA filter, this vacuum is a step above regular vacuums. There are so many rainbow vacuums on the market that they are usually offered in new formats. Other vacuums are not updated as frequently.

Rainbow Vacuums – Are They Worth It

Many people wonder if these vacuums are worth the price because they are so expensive. While these vacuums are extremely expensive, you should also remember that they are extremely durable and efficient. Every Rainbow vacuum can last for 20 or 30 years, so you won’t need to buy another one for a very long time.

In addition, they serve as a multipurpose cleaning unit. Therefore, you can use them to wash your carpets, vacuum your floors, clean your furniture and upholstery, and even clean your walls and curtains. All of these things make them a great purchase.

Rainbow Vacuums – Things To Consider Before Purchasing

You know what Rainbow vacuums have to offer in terms of features and specialties. Here are a few things you should take into consideration when choosing a vacuum.

Assembling Rainbow Vacuums

Rainbow vacuums have a lot of parts and they all go together before vacuuming. Also, you need to fill the water bowl before placing it in the vacuum cleaner. Assembly of the vacuum is pretty easy and doesn’t take much time. There is a bit of a learning curve and you might need to practice once or twice before you get the hang of it.

Weight Of The Rainbow Vacuum

It’s impossible to escape the fact that these vacuums are heavy. Rainbow vacuums typically weigh 19 to 30 pounds, and even more. Although the vacuums are mobile and move smoothly, they are still very heavy.

Additionally, it becomes even heavier after you fill the water bowl. Ensure you are capable of handling a heavy vacuum and will be able to move it.

Bagless Cleaning On Rainbow Vacuum Cleaners Cost

Rainbow vacuums do not use vacuum bags. Each time you use the vacuum, you will need to empty the water bowl and clean it. Depending on how often you vacuum and how dusty your house is, you may also need to clean or replace the HEPA filter.

It can be a little complicated, especially if you are used to using vacuum bags that can be easily discarded and replaced. In the long run, bagless cleaning is more environmentally friendly and saves you money.

Accessories On Rainbow Vacuum Cleaners Cost

Rainbow vacuums come with an array of additional cleaning tools. You can use the crevice tool to clean corners where your vacuum head or nozzle can’t reach. You can always use a dusting brush or upholstery tool to clean your furniture or upholstery.

You can also use the vacuum to clean your walls and stairs, making it an all-in-one device. By understanding what these additional tools do and how to use them, you will have an easier time adjusting to the Rainbow vacuum.

Is Vinegar Safe To Use In A Rainbow Vacuum

To remove stubborn stains from your carpet, add a small amount of vinegar to your water bowl. A little baking soda sprinkling on the carpet makes this process even more effective. This will eliminate stains and even funky smells from your carpet and floors.


Rainbow vacuums aren’t cheap, but they’re good in quality. The Rainbow vacuum is a good choice if you want good quality. All Rainbow vacuums are pretty much the same, so it just depends on your budget. Protection Status
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