How to Shampoo Carpet with Rainbow Vacuum

How to Shampoo Carpet with Rainbow Vacuum by Using Extra Attachments

If you by this time have a Rainbow vacuum cleaner, you can effortlessly convert it into a carpet shampooer with only a few additional attachments. Recognized as the Rainbow AquaMate, this deep-cleaning rug care arrangement allows you to lift dust and muck out of carpet fibers.

How to Shampoo a Carpet by Using a Rainbow Vacuum

Step 1: Prep the Carpet

By using the Rainbow vacuum cleaner to gather all movable dust, dirt, and wreckage from the carpet. This will permit how to shampoo carpet with rainbow vacuum to rapidly target tough grease and grime entrenched deep within the rug pile.

Step 2: Remove the Rainbow Wand from Vacuum Head

The vacuum head sockets into the stainless steel wand. Plug out this power cable from the wand and detach the wand from the vacuum head. Then, bring into line the pins in the wand by the pins in the AquaMate addition, forceful the double together until the wand locks into the place. Plugin the AquaMate interested in the wand.

Step 3: Fill the Water Pool and Soap Dispenser

On the upper side of the AquaMate accessory, you’ll discover the pliable water reservoir and shampoo dispenser. Flippant it over and detach the lids on every section. Fill the great section with water. In the minor compartment, add a capful of Rainbow rug cleaner, then fill up it the rest of the way with liquid to shrill the solution. Exchange the lids and align them on the AquaMate to swap the liquid reservoir.

Step 4: Acquaint Yourself with the Functioning Icons

There are 3 scrubbing phases on the Rainbow AquaMate. Clasp between them by using the lever beside the AquaMate addition. The stages are Shampoo (cleanser bubbles), Stain (a water droplet), and Excerpt (squiggly lines). Ensure the pedal is on the shampoo icon and now turn the appliance on.

Step 5: Leading the AquaMate

Once primarily using the AquaMate, the shampoo might not distribute right away. Crush the trigger on the grip numerous times in a row until shampoo sprays out. It can take equal to 20 seconds of clasping the trigger on and off to lead the AquaMate.

Step 6: Shampoo

Utilize the trigger on the lever to start distributing the shampoo as you gradually maneuver the AquaMate accelerative and backward over the rug.

Step 7: Rinsing

At this time, fix the pedal to the Rinse location. Squeeze the trigger to dole out water onto the carpet in the parts you previously shampooed.

Step 8: Extract

The wobbly lines on the AquaMate characterize the extract stage. Set the controller to this icon. The appliance will start to pull extra water from the rug. Thrust and pull the AquaMate from the carpet until liquid stays being perceptibly pulled into the instrument. You can observe liquid intake thanks to the clear shelter on the attachment.

Step 9: Unfilled the Water Basin and Tank

In the leading frame of the Rainbow vacuum, the muddy water will gather in the water basin. Junkyard this water depressed the drain, stain the basin comprehensively and permit it to dry before packing the machine. While the water in the tank is fresh, it’s a worthy idea to scrapheap both sections later than use and to continuously start with a fresh cleanser and water afterward time.

Step 10: Rehabilitation

The rug may still sense wetness after utilizing the AquaMate. Let it parched for several hours earlier to put whatever on top of the carpet. Regularly eliminate dirt and wreckage with the Rainbow vacuum among deep-cleaning periods.

Directions for a Rainbow Carpet Shampooer

A Rainbow Scrubbing System offers a substitute for encumbering the closet with distinct large devices for vacuuming and shampooing rugs and mats. The leading Rainbow device vacuums rug, though its AquaMate fitment turns the Rainbow into a mat shampooer. Shampooing the rug is as simple as linking the AquaMate accessory, adding liquid and a branded cleaning solution, and after that running the unit on the carpet.

Spray Abstraction Cleaner

Vacuuming the mat ahead of the period assists any mat shampooer doing a better work of cleaning. Move as greatly furniture out of the way as probable to make it calmer to clean and shampoo the rug. Fill the Rainbow’s liquid booth with lukewarm water, then vacuum the area exhaustively with the Rainbow and its Control Nozzle connection. Dump the dull water down a trench and clean the water container out.

Arrangement of the AquaMate

Disconnect the Power Nozzle affection from the conclusion of the Rainbow tube and nozzle arrangement. In further words, only eliminate the piece that rolls over the rug. Fasten the finishing point of the nozzle from the Rainbow to the primary for it on the AquaMate connection, persistent until you hear a click.

Eradicate the lid from the AquaMate’s soap tank. Decant a capful of the AquaMate rug shampoo distillate into the reservoir, then fill in the rest of the way by cool tap marine. Change the cap and stiffen it. Fill the distinct water reservoir on the AquaMate by cool tap liquid as well, and then squeeze its cap into habitation. If you’ve taken the container off the AquaMate base to fill it, reset back it on the base.

Shampoo the Carpet

Shampooing by the AquaMate is a three-step procedure: cleansing, washing and extracting. Shampoo the rug by choosing “soap and liquid” on the AquaMate button. Choose the “high” location on the Rainbow and switch on it. Run the AquaMate back and onwards gradually over the floor though squeezing the trigger on its knob. When prepared to rinse, turn the AquaMate control to “water only” and go over the whole carpet once another time, unhurriedly. Keep pressing the trigger though washing the carpet.

Excerpt wetness from the carpet instantly afterward by selecting “extract” on the AquaMate control. Move the expedient back and forth even leisurely over the rug to remove as much moistness as possible. This too helps defend the flooring underneath the carpet.

Permit the rug to air dry for numerous hours or until it no longer touches damp before swapping furniture or walking preceding it. Ventilation time varies depending on the humidity and area temperature. Turn on roof-fitted fans to help speed up the drying procedure. Protection Status
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