Are Rainbow Vacuums Worth It

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Rainbow Vacuums Worth It

Are Rainbow Vacuums Worth It? Vacuums are an amazing device. It saves considerable time and effort in household cleaning. You become good friends with vacuums if there are plenty of carpets and rugs in the house. The embedded dust is not easy to clean, and cleaning it by hand- forget the idea. Only vacuums can do such a thing effectively. This article contains information about rainbow vacuums and are they worth it? Continue reading this article to decide for yourself.

An Intro To Rainbow Vacuums

Rainbow vacuums are an advanced form of ordinary vacuums. They work on the same vacuuming principle but in a more efficient and progressive form. As you know, normal vacuums have a Canister bucket that collects all the dust coming from the vacuum hose. This working mechanism is a bit different in rainbow vacuums. Instead of having a canister bucket, they have a water compartment that filters out the air and dissolves the dust particles coming from the hose.

They are a lot cleaner and more efficient than ordinary vacuums. The water-used technology prevents dust from roaming In the room. The atmosphere becomes lighter as the water filters out the air before releasing it back to the room.

Rainbow vacuums are a suitable choice for asthma patients. If you have asthmatic people in the house and still need to vacuum, then the certified rainbow vacuums are the best product to buy. They not only pull the dust but also take the allergic particles from the air. So, you get fresher air with a cleaner carpet after operating rainbow vacuums.

Benefits Of Rainbow Vacuums

As stated before, rainbow vacuums are asthmatic and allergic people friendly, but various other benefits make them much more valuable. A few of them are listed below:

Easily Operatable 

Like ordinary vacuums, rainbows are simple to use and operatable by anyone familiar with vacuum cleaners. One can move them with ease, thanks to the advanced rollers technology. Their compact size makes the movability even more convenient. You can access a small space without any difficulty. 

To set up the machine, referring to the owner’s manual is enough. It takes several minutes to join all the components and start cleaning. Most of the part comes pre-assembled and only has to be attached to the vacuum cleaner. 

Rainbow vacuums don’t have a canister bucket, which means that you are saved from the duty of emptying it after every use. Rather, it has a water compartment that needs to be rinsed and refilled after it gets loaded with dissolved dust. 

Rainbow Vacuums Come With So Many Tools 

The standard vacuums mostly come with a vacuum machine and a few vacuum heads. But with rainbow vacuums, you get a variety of tools to clean different surfaces. So if you are a person who likes thorough cleaning with optimum tools for other places, then these vacuums are made for you. 

Rainbow vacuums feature a compact mop for tiles and floors that wipes the floor while vacuuming the dust. You get a rainbow mat that pulls away from all the dust from fabric surfaces for carpet and rugs. 

The Air Fresher 

Enjoy a new environment after every clean. The water-used technology filters the air most effectively. Having these vacuums provides you with a more hygienic atmosphere in addition to a dust-free carpet. 

You can also get fragrant air by dissolving scent drops into the water. It will mix the scent with the air particle, and as a result, the room will become more pleasant and welcoming. 

How Much Does Rainbow Vacuums Cost

If you are watching all these attractive features of rainbow vacuums, do remember that they won’t come cheap. Rainbows are one of the expensive vacuums available presently. They range between $1200 to $3000 depending on the features and vacuuming power

Are Rainbow Vacuums Worth It

It is undoubtedly a fact that every comfort comes at a cost. If you desire luxury, then spending more is necessary. For asthma patients, rainbow vacuums are the best vacuum machine available today. 

However, if you require a vacuum for regular cleaning, spending this much buying rainbow vacuums is not recommended. You can buy a lot of standard vacuums at a much lower price which will clean effectively. 


Rainbow vacuums are an advanced feature to be added to any household. But the price tag makes it a luxurious good. You don’t have to spend this much if pulling the pet’s hair and dust from the carpet is the only thing to do. However, from a medical perspective, the opinion is the opposite. Protection Status
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