How to Clean The Canister on a Dyson Vacuum

How to clean the Canister in the Dyson vacuum? Well, this is pretty easy. Keep going through this article to find out the step by step guide on how to clean and maintain the canister of the Dyson vacuum.

The Dyson vacuum is one of the most successful vacuum cleaner manufacturers out there. They are also one of the most reliable manufacturers of vacuum cleaners for excellent performance. Especially, the suction power of the Dyson vacuum is quite impressive. Not a lot of vacuum cleaners out there offer you an efficient performance like the Dyson vacuum.

Just like any other vacuum cleaner, it is also important to clean the Dyson vacuum regularly to get an efficient performance from it. Especially, you must clean the dust tank properly after every use. If you leave the canister uncleaned then the dirt can accumulate in there. If the dirt stays there for a long time, it can cause various issues.

In the below part of the article, we will let you know how to clean the canister of the Dyson vacuum. Along with that, we will also let you know the process of cleaning the other parts of the vacuum.

How to Clean the Canister on a Dyson Vacuum

The Dyson vacuum cleaner’s canister is the place where the dirt stays. As we said, there can be a lot of issues happen if you keep the canister uncleaned. Such as, it may cause a bad smell which will spread more when you are cleaning surfaces with a vacuum. Moreover, the dust and dirt can become mold which can impact the lifespan and performance of the machine. That is why you should regularly clean the part.

Now the question is how to clean the canister of your Dyson vacuum cleaner. The good news is it is pretty easy to clean the canister. All you need to do is to follow some easy steps. Below, we will let you know about the steps.

Step 1

The first thing you need to do is to unplug the vacuum cleaner from the electric source. That means if the plug of the machine is still connected to the power socket, you should remove it. This will prevent the chance of any accidental electric shock. Also, if the machine is recently used, you should leave it for a while to cool down.

Step 2

Now we will work with the dust canister of the vacuum cleaner. You might already know that all the Dyson vacuum is bagless. So, there can be dirt accumulation in the dust tank and the canister need to be cleaned properly. The canister of the Dyson vacuum might be in a different position. In most of the models, you will find the canister underneath the cyclones.

Step 3

Now you will require removing the canister from the machine. Usually, there is a “Bin Release” button, usually red in color. This button should be situated next to the base. Simply press the button to release the canister from the vacuum machine.

Note that the release button might not be situated in the same place for all vacuum cleaners. It can be in other places based on the vacuum cleaner you are using. If you don’t find the button in the base, search around it. Or, check out the user manual of the vacuum cleaner to find out the exact location.

Step 4

Now press the button on the dust canister of your Dyson vacuum to detach the base. Now you can get rid of the debris, dust, and any other thing stored in a dust canister. Gently shake the canister on your bin to remove most of the dust. There will still be a lot of dust stuck on the body of the canister. So, we are not done yet with the cleaning.

Step 5

Now damp cloth on clean water and then clean the inside of the dust canister by sweeping. It would be better if you can make use of microfiber cloth for the cleaning as it can attract the dust more. Clean the cloth several times to get as efficient cleaning as possible.

As per the manufacturer, you shouldn’t use any sort of detergent or soap to clean the canister. That is because this can make the surface inside the canister stickier which can attract more dust.

If you are done with the cleaning of the canister, you should dry it properly before putting back on the machine.

Cleaning the Cyclone

As per some user manuals of the Dyson vacuum cleaner, you shouldn’t clean any part of the cyclone using water. You might use a portable compressed air duster to take out the dust inside the machine. Especially, if there is any dust in the part, you can easily remove it by doing so. Once again, don’t do the cleaning with liquid which can damage the cyclones.

Cleaning the Filters

One of the important parts of any vacuum cleaner is its filter. The filters trap the dust, allergen, bacteria, pollen, and other particles inside the machine. While trapping the dust and dirt, the filter also gets affected by them. To keep them in the good shape, you will require cleaning the filters regularly. In most of the Dyson vacuum cleaners, you will find the filter near the cyclones and comes in an identical purple color for easy identification.

Some of the vacuum cleaners might include several filters. To clean the filter, remove it first by following the guide on the vacuum cleaner’s user manual. Then wash them in your faucet cold water. Like the canister, it is also advisable not to use any sort of chemical or detergent during the cleaning to avoid any damages. Once after cleaning the filter, squeeze out the excess water and let it dry naturally. After that, you can put it back.


Cleaning the canister in the Dyson vacuum is pretty easy as we discussed above. Simply follow the steps and you will end up with a clean canister at the end. Protection Status
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