How Long is a Dyson Vacuum Warranty?

Dyson vacuum is one of the most popular brands of vacuum cleaners in the market currently. They manufacture some of the bestselling vacuum cleaners that arrive with top-notch features to assure you an efficient performance. The vacuums from the brand are also known for their extreme durability. Want to know how long is a Dyson vacuum warranty? Well, you have arrived at the right place.

The warranty coverage of the Dyson vacuum varies based on the models. Based on the models, the vacuum cleaner’s warranty can be up to five years. In the below part of the write-up, we will elaborate a bit more about the warranty coverage of the vacuum cleaner. Along with that, we will also let you know what makes the warranty vary.

How Long is a Dyson Vacuum Warranty?

The Dyson vacuum cleaner arrives with one to seven years of warranty. It doesn’t matter which model you are purchasing; you will get at least one year of warranty coverage with the product. The cordless vacuum cleaner from the brand typically arrives with a warranty of two years. Some of the corded vacuums from the brand might arrive with up to five years of warranty. Not a lot of vacuum brands offer you such an expansive warranty coverage.

Apart from the corded vacuum cleaners, the hand dryers, lights, and some other products from the brand also arrive with five-year warranty coverage. The terms and conditions of the warranty for this brand are similar to the other brands. If you utilize the product in the correct manner and if it got malfunctioned or damaged during normal use, you can claim the warranty.

The warranty is applicable for almost all the parts of the machine starting from the batteries to the cords. The parts will be replaced if they got damaged or wear out during regular use. If the machine gets malfunctioned when you are using them, you will get the repair free of charge. If it is not possible to repair the machine, you will even get a free replacement from the brand.

However, the warranty will not be valid if it gets damaged or malfunctions due to misuse. Such as, you cannot utilize the vacuum cleaner for commercial purposes as they are only designed for household uses. The accidental damages because of the power surge, thunderstrike, etc. are also not covered under the warranty. The warranty will not valid if you purchase the vacuum cleaner from an unauthorized seller.

How to Claim the Warranty

Claiming the warranty is pretty easy. You will require contacting the customer support service of the vacuum cleaner. You can call their hotline number, or connect through email. Once you connect, they will ask you some basic questions about the issue. Then they will decide whether you can get the repair or replacement. You might require sending the product to their support. Sometimes, they even collect the product from the doorstep in some cases.

How Long is a Dyson Vacuum Last?

As per the report of Consumer Reports, an average vacuum can last up to eight years. But the lifespan of the vacuum varies on a lot of things. Starting from the manufacturer to who you utilize the product, all these things will make the lifespan of the machine. Note that the performance of the vacuum cleaner might drop a lot earlier. As per our research, the vacuum cleaner from Dyson lasts around seven to ten years.

The Dyson vacuum cleaners are very much praised by the user because of their quality components. The vacuum manufacturer utilizes the best quality components and accessories and motor which assure a long-term performance without any issues. So, if you are going to purchase a Dyson vacuum cleaner and are worried about the warranty, you can expect a decent performance for around eight years and more sometimes.

When to Replace your Vacuum Cleaner

After a certain period of decent performance, the vacuum might start declining performance. you might not get the expected suction power or effective cleans with the machine. However, just because your vacuum is not picking up the dirt like earlier, you shouldn’t think that its lifetime is over. It can happen for a lot of other reasons. Sometimes, that can be a simple issue which you can easily fix without much difficulty.

If the vacuum cleaner has warranty coverage, the first thing you should do is to contact customer support and claim the warranty. If it is out of warranty, you should try troubleshooting the issue.

Troubleshooting the Issues in Vacuum Cleaner

Here are some of the things that you can do before throwing it away.

  1. Try replacing the filter. Based on the vacuum cleaner manufacturer or model, you will require replacing the filter of the machine after a certain period. If the machine is not producing enough suction, it might be because of the clogged filter with dust and dirt. Replacing the filter might help.
  2. While inspecting the filter, you find it dirty and wear out, probably you should also clean the other parts of the vacuum. In fact, it is necessary to clean the vacuum cleaner regularly to get a decent performance from this.
  3. The next thing we will recommend you is checking whether the hose is clogged or not. It is very easy to clog the hose while vacuuming. Sometimes things can get stuck and clog the hose. You will require cleaning the hose to remove the clog.
  4. Another thing you need to do is to check the drive belt. There are driver belts in the vacuum cleaner that helps it to operate. Sometimes, the belt can wear out with constant use. If this is the case, you will require changing it to solve the issue.


The Dyson vacuum cleaners typically arrive with warranty coverage of around one year to five years. The corded vacuums from the manufacturer usually include longer warranty coverage while the cordless models have a smaller coverage. Protection Status
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