Why Is My Pool Vacuum Not Working

My Pool Vacuum is Not Working

Why Is My Pool Vacuum Not Working? Often this question becomes interesting. A pool vacuum is a relatively basic device that uses the pump system of a swimming pool to draw water through the head of a portable vacuum appliance that scrubs along the pool’s bottom and edges.

Connecting suction hoses to the pool’s pump system and turning on the pool pump is all it takes to set up the vacuum. Filters inside the vacuum head collect debris from the pool water in certain vacuums that function. Others must be manually pushed along the pool’s surfaces with an extension pole.

Suction should be reasonably trouble-free if your pool pump system is in good functioning order. If the pool vacuum stops operating properly, the filtration pump system should be the first place to investigate.

Knowing The Vacuum System

If you have a pool, it will unavoidably gather trash such as leaves, sticks, and dead insects, which will require the use of a pool vacuum to clean when they sink to the bottom. When flocking the pool, you’ll also need a vacuum to remove the silt that’s clouding the water. If the vacuum does not seems to be working, the issue is usually simple to resolve. When diagnosing a problem, knowing how the vacuum system works will help you look in the proper places.

Problems Occur With Pool Vacuum

The heart of the pump system is usually the circulation pump, which also runs the filtration system. The pump could be close by, in a tiny shed next to the pool, or in a short distance distant, a separate shed You’ll see that it’s divided into two pieces when you look at it closely: a suction side and a discharge side. The water that enters the pump’s suction side is normally visible through a glass plate on the pump housing’s top.

The pipes that lead to the suction side of the pump are provided by buckets on the pool’s sides that are accessible from the deck. The pipes from the pump’s discharge side go to the nozzle-like return jets on the pool’s sides.

Suction­-Side Problem in My Pool Vacuum

The Pool Has Too Little Water In It

 Make sure the water level is high enough to cover all of the skimmers and return jets if there is more than one.

The Vacuum’s Suction Hose Is Either Missing Or Has Holes

 Make sure the vacuum hose is securely put into the skimmer’s inlet port, and then look for cracks or holes in the hose.

The Filter On The Skimmer Is Clogged 

Remove the filter basket and verify it for any debris obstructing water passage to the pool pump.

The Pump Cap Is Allowing Air Into The Pump

Check for bubbles inside the pump by turning it on and looking through the plate. If you notice any and have ruled out hose issues, the O-ring seal on the cover will most likely need to be replaced.

Vacuum Pump Problems In My Pool Vacuum

If the vacuum still doesn’t work after you’ve checked the inlet and outlet sides of the pump, the motor shaft seal inside the pump is the most likely reason. You can change this seal yourself; however, it will require disassembling the pump. If you’re not mechanically inclined, you might want to hire a pool pro to do the work for you.

Vacuum Unit Problems

Although most vacuum issues are caused by the pool pump system, it’s also conceivable that the vacuum appliance is malfunctioning. Because the vacuum is such a simple instrument, finding the source of the problem is usually rather simple.

There Can Be Air In Vacuum Hose

Only if the hose is completely filled with water will the vacuum perform properly. Check to see if the hose connecting the vacuum head to the skimmer fitting is full of water if the vacuum fails to suction water. This is simply accomplished by disconnecting the hose and immersing it in water before reconnecting it. Why Is My Pool Vacuum Not Working is often a debatable question. 

Blocked / Dirty Vacuum Filters

When the filters on your pool vacuum become clogged with dirt, the device may be unable to move water through it, just like a home floor vacuum. Replacing and cleaning the vacuum head’s filters, as suggested by the manufacturer, may bring it back to life.


If the vacuum doesn’t function, it’s because air has gotten into the vacuum line or the pool pump’s suction side. The system is unable to pull water as it should due to the presence of air in the pipes.

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