How to Store Pool Vacuum Hose

Nowadays swimming pools are present in almost every home. Sometimes you find your pool very dirty, especially when you open it in the spring season. A pool vacuum cleaner plays an important role in cleaning the pool. But have you ever wondered how to store a pool vacuum hose? Let’s try to find out.

Many people know how to use the vacuum cleaner hose. But not they feel the need to store it properly. In today’s article, we will share with you that simple matter. So keep reading this article patiently to know the effective and easy way to store the hose of a pool vacuum.

How to Store Pool Vacuum Hose

If you want to store your pool vacuum hose effectively, build a central vacuum house system. It can give maximum safety to your pool vacuum hose in the mud. You can buy this Central Vacuum House readymade or you can make it yourself. Keep reading the following paragraph to know more about this. The Central Vacuum House System allows you to store your pool vacuum hose in a variety of ways. They are as follows:

  • Hose tote
  • Hose hangers
  • A wand wall champ
  • Hose reel

Perhaps hearing these names sounds like aliens to you and you are wondering how to implement them. No reason to worry. We will discuss each here separately.

Hose Tote

Most of the time a central hose vacuum system falls into some problems. One of the notable ones is the struggle to carry the structure. Pool vacuum hoses are much longer and thicker in shape. So if you don’t store them, they will occupy a lot of space in the storeroom which will look cluttered and awkward to you.

A central vacuum hose tote will give you a simple Velcro connection through which you can save the back of the door by twisting the coil. Now no matter how big your hose is. Note that totes can last up to a maximum length of 50 feet. This is why you keep looping the hose around the tote woven in polyester. Before that, you must put a hook on the wall

Hose Hangers

A hose hanger will help you hang the coiled pool hose. You just finish the work of your vacuum hose and loop it and then hang it on the designated vacuum hose hanger. This is what you will get at the local store. Most hangars have pre-drilled holes for an installation that will allow you to set them up easily.

To install the hose hanger, choose a closet, wall, or any other space at your convenience. Then unplug the hose from both ends and convert it into 3 to 4 loops. Now carefully place it in the middle groove of the Velcro system.

A Wand Wall Champ

Many people may not have enough space behind the door or closet. So in this case we would recommend you to think of a wand wall champ that will allow you to easily mount the screw straight. You just have to insert the wand into the opening structure. The front rubber grip will allow it to hold tight and tight. The funny thing is that it doesn’t take more than two screws to place the Wand.

Hose Reel

A hose reel is great for storing your pool vacuum hose in a well-organized way. The cylindrical structure gives the long hose the neat advantage of storing. The reels are usually equipped with separate suspension brackets that hold the thick hose pipes properly without any issues. So you can go with this.

How to Clean Pool with Vacuum Hose Manually

Follow a proper method to clean the swimming pool with the help of a vacuum hose. Here we are showing you a process in step form that will work for you.

Step 1

The first step is to prime the vacuum by removing all the air from the suction system. Since air pockets can loosen the suction power of the device, it is advisable to remove them. To do this, attach the vacuum head to the telescoping pole and lower it to the bottom of the pool floor. Then place it on the other end of the hose opposite a jet and allow it to evacuate all the air.

Now air bubbles can float from the vacuum head and indicate that air is circulating through the hose. It will be suitable to use when the hose is air-free and there will be no air bubbles.

Step 2

Now it’s time to attach the pump. Your vacuum system works by linking to a suction-driven inlet of a pool circulation pump. The strainer basket needs to be detached before joining the input to the end of the hose opening. Then you have to attach the open vacuum line to the skimmer’s suction hole at the bottom.

Step 3

Start from the deep bottom of the swimming pool and work towards the deep end of it. Try to use extended sweeping strokes when vacuuming. Slightly overlap each stroke to avoid debris on the edge of your sweeper or brush. Then you need to move the head of the vacuum backward over the surface of the pool until you can clean it.

Step 4

The rush will cause dirt to fly everywhere, the visibility will decrease, or will take a few hours to sit down. It may even take longer than that to vacuum your pool. No matter how careful you are when doing the work, if there is a lot of debris, you must throw a cloud of them. But never rush. This will increase your extra work.

If the water becomes turbid, wait a few hours for it to settle. When the water has settled, start the vacuum again. Turn off the pump for one second and break the vacuum force. If it gets stuck for any reason, release the vacuum head. So keep a slow and steady speed while vacuuming.


Hopefully, now you have enough information to store the pool vacuum hose. So store your pool hose in the right way without leaving it random. Anyway, using the hose can cause faults. If there is a problem with the hose, make arrangements to fix it quickly. Protection Status
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