How To Switch Shop-Vac From Blow To Vacuum

A shop-vac is a dry or wet vacuum. It is used for the same purpose as the standard vacuum cleaners. The shop vac picks the objects that standard vacuum cleaners do not pick such as nails and small wood particles. It also picks water messes. Shop-vac is ideal for any home and shop. 

Some Features Of Shop Vac

  • The Size And The Capacity Of Shop-vac

You will wonder about to know the size and the capacity of shop-vac. These vacuums are lightweight and are perfect for the cleaning purposes of vehicles.

The small shop-vac has two to six-gallon capacity. If you are using a shop vac for your home or shop, it will have a large capacity of 8 to 14-gallon tank capacity. Be aware of the fact, don’t buy a heavy of a big machine which face the difficulty in cleaning. The powerful suction feature of shop-vac is great for cleaning liquid material.

  • The Material Of The Shop-Vac

The tank of shop-vac is made up of plastic. Plastic material is a common choice. Plastic is lightweight and easy to carry from home or room to room. Shop-vac tanks are also available in metal. The tanks made up of metals are used for heavy-duty work in constructions areas.

  • Power And Storage Of Shop-vac

Shop-vac has more power capacity than any other standard vacuum cleaner. If it has more power, it will have more suction. You should decide what type of vacuum you are buying. Its purchasing depends on the type of jobs, you need shop vac to perform. And select the model of a shop vac.

Shop-vacs have a different source of power supply. If you using a shop vac for home or large apartment cleaning, it has cords of different types which are good for large clean-up processes. And if you are using shop-vac at a lower scale, it uses a battery for the power supply. The accessories of shop-vac include a built-in liquid pump, hoses of different lengths, and blower features. You can buy filters, brushes, and special filter bags. 

How To Switch Shop-Vac From Blower To Vacuum

These vacuums tidy up anything from soil and garbage to sucking up water soils and holes. 

Shop-Vac Into A Blower

It is not difficult to convert your shop vac into a blower. Untighten the hocks on the side of the vacuum. Lift the highest point from the back of the tank. From the vacuum remove the bag of dirt and filter. Disconnect the suction hose from the vacuum port.

Then put the suction hose into the blower or exhaust port. Now turn the vacuum on the air will blow out of the hose. For the easier use of shop-vac as a blower, you can buy a shop-vac blower attachment for the hose. It will refuse the air stream, increase the velocity and will improve the blowing power of shop- vac. 

Conversion Of Shop-Vac From Blower To Vacuum

To switch shop-vac from blower to vacuum is again also an easy process. Simply remove the same suction hose you have put in the blower port. Then put the suction port again into the vacuum port. Now turn the vacuum on you will detect the sucking of air instead of blowing.

Sometimes you are vacuuming you will feel the smothering of the blower port. You will think about whether there is a shop-vac cover or not. But there is no shop-vac cover. This is due to the working system of a shop vac. It will suck the air in and blow the clean air out through the exhaust.

When you find that around your machine there is a great air push. You can reduce by reducing the noise that your shop vac produced.

For this purpose, you can use a diffuser. Diffusers are looked like round plastics. When the diffusers are inserted into the exhaust port, they controlled the pushing airflow and reduced the noise. They reduced the intensity of your shop-vac. If you detect that your shop vac blows the dust back, there is a problem with the filter. It will stop the machine from working. You can avoid this problem by replacing or cleaning the filter.


A shop vac vacuum is ideal for homes, shops, and vehicles. It is a special kind of vacuum. Shop-vac vacuums are used for construction sites and clean very dirty places. Some shop- vac vacuums are very expensive. This expensive shop-vac is used for great jobs. Shop-vac vacuums are also called wet or dry vacuums because they suck water messes. Protection Status
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