Where To Buy Central Vacuum Piping

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Purchasing Central Vacuum Piping

Where To Buy Central Vacuum Piping? There are numerous companies of central vacuum pipes available; nonetheless, to identify the best brand, check for things made in either the United States or Canada, where production standards exist. Many of the devices sold on the internet nowadays were either made in China or had Chinese motors. One popular brand claims that their products are created in Canada, although their motors resemble toys. You should avoid purchasing a pipe that is made from Chinese. We’ve had a lot of issues with central vacuums and their pipes from China. Many of the Chinese units are also available on Amazon.

What Are Central Vacuum Pipes

The central vacuum pipes have been built exclusively for your vacuum system. This will help to lower the chances of system failure.

The central vacuum pipe is 1/16″ thick and has a 2″ outside diameter, which is smaller than the PVC pipes. No special adaptors are necessary because this size matches the thickness of the fittings on your equipment.

With a plastic tubing cutter, central vacuum pipes are easy to cut and offer a smoother finish. With any PVC primer, these pipes are also easy to adhere to the fittings.

Disadvantages Of Using Central Vacuum Piping

  • Obtaining a vacuum pipe can be challenging because central vacuum merchants are the only ones that sell them.
  • It isn’t as thick or as durable as PVC piping.
  • You can find yourself stranded while waiting for an order to come.
  • Freight costs a lot of money.

Other Pipes That Can Be Used Instead Of Central Vacuum Pipes And To Buy Central Vacuum Piping

PVC Pipe For Central Vacuum To Buy Central Vacuum Piping

PVC refers to polyvinyl chloride pipework. It’s also known by its “schedule,” such as Schedule 40 or Schedule 80. The minimum thickness, force capacity, and color of the pipes are the main differences between the two. PVC pipeline is one of the most adaptable types of plastic piping now available. It’s used in a variety of sectors and for a variety of functions all around the globe.

What Materials Are Used To Create PVC Piping To Buy Central Vacuum Piping

PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride, which is a solid kind of vinyl chloride polymer. Then, to make it smoother and much more malleable, phthalate is injected. This allows it to readily be molded into irregular configurations, such as central vacuum tubes and connectors.

PVC Pipes Are Available In A Variety Of Lengths And Diameters To Buy Central Vacuum Piping

These pipes are available in a variety of sizes, lengths, wall thicknesses, and diameters, as well as a variety of fittings. A PVC pipe is typically 20 feet (6 meters) long. This enhances efficiency and cuts down on the quantity of cutting and bonding necessary. They can, however, be made in a variety of lengths, both shorter and longer, if necessary.

The PVC pipes have thicker walls than a central vacuum pipe. They can also be anywhere from half an inch to five inches in diameter. If you’re going to use PVC piping, schedule 40 is the best option. These are special central vacuum pipe adaptors for your unit’s inlets. Where To Buy Central Vacuum Piping?

PVC Pipes Have A Number Of Drawbacks To Buy Central Vacuum Piping

The internal walls of PVC pipes can be a touch rough because they are designed to be used with flowing water. This is not a problem with water, but it can lead to dirt and debris becoming stuck inside the pipe or on the joints, causing a blockage.

PVC pipes are also much thicker than standard central vacuum pipes; therefore, cutting them to size might result in crooked and rough edges. You’ll need to spend some time smoothing off the edges if you don’t want the dirt to stick to them. Where To Buy Central Vacuum Piping?

Blockages in your pipes might also cause suction issues, which must be resolved before you can use the system again.

PVC Pipes Are Used For A Number Of Reasons To Buy Central Vacuum Piping

PVC pipes are utilized for central vacuum systems for a variety of reasons, including the following:

  • They are easy to obtain from local hardware and plumbing stores 
  • They are affordable because they are mass-produced for a variety of uses 
  • Affordable since they are mass-produced for a range of uses
  • Saves you money on freight charges for large piping packages
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to install or replace
  • They are sturdy and durable
  • Do not corrode easily
  • Have little risk of expanding or contracting due to temperature change
  • The materials they are constructed from are recyclable


A central vacuum pipe is not the same size as a plumbing pipe. The plumbing tube is 50mm in diameter, while the vacuum pipe is 2′′ in diameter. Since central vacuum systems developed in the United States and Canada, they employ imperial measurements. To run the pipes for your central vacuum system, you can use conventional plumbing PVC from any hardware shop instead of a central vacuum pipe. It helps you save your time and expense by avoiding the need to search the world for central vacuum piping because common plumbing PVC is far less expensive.

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