How to Clean Dried Vomit from Carpets

How to Clean Dried Vomit from Carpets

How to Clean Dried Vomit from Carpets

If vomit gets dried it not only looks worse but also smells nasty. It is very hard to clean. 3 components of the vomit will make it hard and necessary to clean the carpet.

First one is the color of the stain that might depend on the last night dinner of yours, and if it has no color and is clear then you should have a sigh of relief.

After it the smell is the component which is a stinky one and is the combination of various materials present in the stomach. It has a bad smell because of the undigested food.

Then is the turn of stomach enzymes because it is organic in nature and has saliva in it which can be a source of food for bacteria and this can be a source of many diseases.

And if you have faced some issue earlier then you might be thinking of dumping your carpet or rug, but wait, read this article to the end first, may you get some useful procedure to clean your carpet. It will save you the money of getting new carpet.


Steps To Take:

Following steps can be taken to clean the vomit from your carpet.

  1. You have to scrap the vomit up of the carpet as much as you can to clean it, as it is dried. Use a spatula or some type of scraper for this purpose. Removing dry vomit will help you in later steps.
  2. Then moist the dray spot, this will make fresh the entire stain so that you can clean it very easily. For this purpose use old clothes, rags or paper towels or anything that you do not want to use again and you will never want to use anything having vomit stains on it. Use them in wet form. Never scrub the stain it will worsen it just blot the area having stain.
  3. Next thing on the list is to use Enzyme Cleaner like this one here, this will digest the organic material present in the vomit. Enzymes can work on vomit as well all other body fluids staining the carpet, or other things of home. You just have to apply the cleaner as much required on the area of carpet having stain, let it settle there for a few seconds, and then again blot the area with a damp towel. Make sure this towel is clean.
  4. Repeat the process if you feel the need because sometimes the stain is very strong or has too much organic matter in it that reapplication of enzyme cleaner becomes necessary.
  5. After the step of enzyme application and removal now dry the spot you can air dry the spot or you can use a shop vacuum to suck the excessive water and let the carpet dry, shop vacuum will make sure the quick drying of the carpet.
  6. And after drying the carpet again vacuum the carpet so that its fluffy texture can be restored


Why Enzyme Cleaner?

Because enzymes work on organic material and dissolve them into its components which makes cleaning much feasible. And if there are pets and children in your house then you must have faced or are facing many stains like that of vomit, poop or urine. For all these spots enzymes are the best cleaner, what they can do any other cleaner is not capable of. They make sure that nothing of the spot has left behind after their application.

But, hold on! Before applying the enzyme on the area of stain, first use the enzymes on some indistinctive place to make sure that its application will not harm the stuff, color or texture of the carpet.

What About Baking Soda or Vinegar?

Vinegar or baking soda? Well these things are just a piece of crap and they can do nothing on carpets it just can make the spot worse. Moreover, when you mix the vinegar and baking soda it will cause a neutralization reaction resulting only in salt and water which cannot clean carpets.

And when vomit and soda get mixed their mixture can destroy the color of the carpet, maybe because of some components present in the vomit. So like the enzymes use it at some insignificant area to know that it will not harm the carpet.

But for baking soda usage vomit should be wet not dried. On dry vomit this baking soda will not work because it needs water to react with the components present in the water. Protection Status
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