Can You Get a Dyson Vacuum Serviced?

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Vacuum is an integral part of cleaning, so; everyone must have a vacuum cleaner. When we buy a vacuum, we usually recommend buying a vacuum with good suction power, the design of the vacuum, and the brand. We forgot to know how long our vacuum worked? Don’t worry, we have covered you as in this article, we will answer all your questions related to the Dyson vacuum, including Can you get a Dyson vacuum serviced? How long your vacuum lasts and many more like that. So let’s dive into the pool of Dyson information. When we purchased the vacuum. No doubt, no manufacturer or dealer will be ready to tell you how long their product lasts. Don’t worry, we have covered you as in this article, we will answer all your questions related to the Dyson vacuum, including Can you get a Dyson vacuum serviced? How long your vacuum lasts and many more like that. So let’s dive into the pool of Dyson information.

Here’s the Answer of Can You Get a Dyson Vacuum Serviced?

Yes, of course, your Dyson vacuum can be serviced, and you can clean your vacuum at home as well. You hear it right! So, let’s get it. How?

Has your Dyson vacuum started scenting groovy? If yes, then before rushing toward buying a new or getting serviced from a mechanic. Your vacuum might need cleaning. Cleaning your Dyson vacuum is necessary. It also expands the life span of your Dyson vacuum.

We will let you know how to clean your Dyson vacuum. For servicing, Dyson service centers are always here to help you when you need some specialist help. Dyson is always happy to help you. The best thing about Dyson servicing is that no appointment is necessary, and all repairing work is completed on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Dyson’s service is always good. Their support service will always be ready to help you. You can speak with Dyson directly via phone call, online chat, or WhatsApp.

How to Clean Dyson Vacuum at Home?

You can clean your Dyson vacuum at home by following these steps

  1. Unplug your Dyson vacuum cleaner
  2. Empty the dust canister
  3. Remove and wash the filters
  4. Untangle the brush
  5. Detach and unclog the pipe
  6. Wipe the outer side of the vacuum cleaner

Now you may say that how to follow these steps? Don’t worry; we will explain each step in detail.

Unplug Your Dyson

Before cleaning your Dyson or any other electric gadget, unplug it from the power outlet. Unplugging your Dyson makes your job safer. It also lowers the risks of electric shock.

Empty the Dust Canister

The best place to start cleaning your vacuum is by cleaning the dust canister and the bags. Once you’ve done with it, half of your work will complete. In most models, the dust canister is under the cyclones. On the latest models like Dyson V6, there’s a button labeled with “bin release” next to the base. Check the manual if you want to confirm where it is exactly?

Remove and Wash Filters

Take out your filter from the vacuum and drain water on your filter. Don’t use any detergent to wash the filter. Using cold water will be a better choice.

Untangle the Brush

In your vacuum, it’s a brush bar that collects all the debris and dirt. While doing this, the ground may tangle with the hair of your brush. Use scissors or a screwdriver for this step. You may need a soleplate to clean the brush bar.

Detach and Unclog the Pipe

If your vacuum hose becomes clogged, this can affect suction power. While cleaning your Dyson, disconnect the hose and detach it for cleaning.

This is what you do for cleaning your Dyson vacuum. What if your vacuum needs service? How much does it cost to do so?

How Much Does a Vacuum Cleaner Cost to Get Repaired or Serviced?

A vacuum is an essential part of the house. Eventually, a problem may arise when you need to replace it. You may want an amount that may cost lighter in your pocket. The cost of repairing done by a professional may charge you from $15 to $50 per hour or by the job. The price will hang on to the service you use, the vacuum type you may have, and the problem you need to resolve. A common issue may include replacing the rollers, cords, hose, or handle.

How to save money?

If you want to save money, you can try to solve your problem by yourself. You can do so by watching different Youtube videos. If the problem is extreme, then replacing it may be a good choice instead of repairing it. If the repairing cost is $75 or more and purchasing price is $150 or a little more. The best option is to replace that part. Many support centers would be glad to give you a rough estimate over the phone or by email.

How to Know About the Serial Number of Your Dyson Vacuum?

Suppose you want to know about the serial number of your Dyson vacuum as you want it to tell your customer support. To learn about this, we will let you know about the upright Dyson vacuum. You can find your serial number in three places.

  1. Back of machine under the suction hose
  2. On the base of your vacuum, near the wheels.
  3. Behind the dust canister

How to Test Your Dyson Vacuum Battery?

If your Dyson is not working well, how to know that it is due to battery or not? For checking your battery life, you need to follow these steps.

  1. Charge the vacuum overnight
  2. After fully charging, do a time test by setting vacuum speed to MAX and setting the timer.
  3. Run your vacuum, press the start button until it flashes blue.
  4. Start the stopwatch
  5. Run the vac until ut stops
  6. Take a note of the time
  7. Check your result.

If the vacuum runs at maximum speed for six minutes, your battery is okay and needs to be changed. The issue may be somewhere else, so call a technician. If the run time is less than three minutes, your battery needs to be replaced.


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