How to Clean a Eureka Vacuum Filter

Find How to Clean a Eureka Vacuum Filter

Do you know how to clean a eureka vacuum filter? Well, today our topic is on cleaning a eureka vacuum filter. It’s quite easy. However, when we hear about cleaning a vacuum filter, we think it might be complicated.

But, if you know the ins and outs of cleaning a vacuum cleaner, it’s quite easy.

Cleaning filter and the hose are important. Moreover, you need to understand that cleaning is a complete process. So, when you clean a vacuum cleaner, clean all the parts at once. It’s better not to clean the filter only.

How do I Clean a Eureka filter?

If you analyze Eureka vacuum cleaners, you’ll find that the filters are in the same position on different models. So, whatever model of eureka vacuum cleaner you own, the cleaning process will be the same. There’s a dust cup in eureka vacuum cleaners situated right by the filter. It’s easy to clean the dust cup as well when you clean the filter.

  • At first, we recommend that you remove the dust cup and keep it separate from the vacuum cleaner.
  • Now, find the filter and place them on the ground or somewhere accessible.
  • If you find the foam filter, clean it. But, before cleaning, it’s better that you wear a mask.
  • Dry Cleaning will do for a eureka vacuum filter. Or, you can follow the wet cleaning procedure. Whaterver suits for you.

Learn How to Dry Clean a Eureka Filter

So, it’s time for the dry clean process of a eureka filter

  • At first, clean the visible dust on the surface.
  • Then, you can slam the foam against a surface to clean initial dust on the filter.
  • You can then use a blower and blow air throughout the foam filter to remove all the dust and residue.

So, that’s how simple is it to dry clean a Eureka dry clean filter.

Learn How to Wet Clean a Eureka Filter

Now, we’ve another method to clean a eureka filter. The wet clean process.

  • It’s the same. Clean the dust on the surface. That way, wet cleaning won’t be messy and sticky.
  • Since, it’s a foam filter, you can submerge it on soap water. You can repeat this step two to three times.
  • Next, it’s time to dry the filter
  • This step requires you to ensure the foam filter is completely dry. Then, simply, you can go ahead and put the filter back in vacuum.

Overall Cleaning Of Eureka Vacuum Cleaner

Step 1

The vacuum bag should be checked at first. Make sure you clean it properly. The vacuum bin or bag with dust all around it will lead to inability to have proper suction. Although, you can change the bag, it’s better you clean them frequently for safe vacuuming purpose. There’re bagless versions of Eureka vacuum cleaner.

Step 2

In this step, we’ll check if there’re any blockages in the vacuum cleaner. Blockages mean you’ll have problems in the vacuuming operation. You’ll find that, it’ll be hard to suck up dust and other debris.

Blockages can be mainly found in the hose. So, check for the blocks in the hose. You can put a light source at one end of a hose and check if the light goes to the other end. If everything is okay, you’ll find the light passing clearly to the other end of the hose.

Lastly, in this step, you can very well flex the hose. That’ll allow the debris to fall out from the hose easily.

Step 3

So, this is the step where you can clean your filter. We’ve already shared with you two steps to clean vacuum filter. One is the dry clean, and the other is the wet cleaning method. Feel free to choose any from one that suits your comfort and flexibility.

The filters are usually beneath the dust cup. For good cleaning, you can clean the dust cup as well while you clean the eureka vacuum filter. It’s always good if you can clean the filter cover as well.

Remember one thing. You should change the whole filter after every six to eight months.

Should You Change Your Vacuum’s Filter

Of course. You should change your vacuum’s filter within 6 months at least. Because, how much you clean the filter, you’ll find problems in the vacuum cleaner. There’ll be a time when cleaning filter won’t work anymore. At that time, it’s an indication that you should clean your filter as soon as possible.

However, there’s an alternative if you don’t want to change your filter every 6 months. You, then have to clean the filter every week. If you keep your filter week in and week out, there won’t be any concerns of changing the filter two times a year.

Eureka Replacement Filters

Good news is that you can find eureka vacuum cleaners at your local shop. Even better, you can find them on the official eureka website.

Besides, you can also find the replacement filter from different online shop portals. You can also use other filters which fits on a eureka vacuum cleaner. Always remember that finding the correct filter that goes with your vacuum cleaner is important.

Final Thoughts

So, there’re mainly two ways to clean eureka vacuum filters. Both of the ways are easy- the dry clean and wet clean process. None of the steps take much time to clean.

However, that’s all for our discussion. We highly recommend you to clean your eureka filters two times every month. Even better, if you can change the filter after every six months.

That way, your vacuum’s condition will remain healthy. Make sure to let us know in the comments if you got any queries. Protection Status
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