Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute Review in 2024

Dyson V10 Review

Dyson v10 is one of those vacuums on the market which may be a little more on the expensive side but renders just amazing and perfect type of cleaning.

So if you are interested in something that is classy and equally fun to operate, stick with us because this review is about to blow up your mind. We will tell you everything you need to or should know about the Dyson v10 before or after you purchase it.

Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute Review

Now as we all know that the Dyson v10 is one of the best handheld vacuum cleaners on the market, what we might just want to know whether it actually can do the job it is supposed to be doing.

For that reason, this guide is brought to you by us.

Speaking from design to the portability to the power of cleaning, the Dyson has ruled the industry for years. They now decided to take things up another level with the Dyson v10. You will love how efficiently this vacuum does all of its jobs with the amazing ability to take it from any place you like to any place that you do not find right.

With this vacuum, you no longer have to go over floors again and again in order to clean them fully. The Dyson v10 has a suction power which will make you crazy. It literally cleans in seconds. It delivers the best performance and thus we think that Dyson v10 is one of the best vacuums produced by the industry itself.

After going forward with cordless vacuums like this one and recovering epic response, the company stopped making wired vacuums.


The overall design of the Dyson v10 is quiet, sleek and smooth while still being stylish. Dyson has incorporated a set of new features like the motor and the battery. The design literally meets every need of the user. We can not help but fall in love with every part of this vacuum.

Even though it may look like a normal vacuum, the design will tell you just how it is a lot more than it looks. The Dyson v10 has a shaft with orange hues all over it, it has a vacuum clear at one end and a battery maintainer and checker at the other end. Everything on the Dyson v10 is organized and well maintained.

Now just as we said, the Dyson v10 is a vacuum cleaner which has brought to the world of vacuums, it will level up and make things really easy for its users in terms of cleaning. It is what we think of it after observing it cleanly.

The Dyson v10 has a new battery, this battery lets you see how things we previously saw in older Dyson models are enhanced knew. Like we said it is the best handheld cordless cleaning vacuum in the market which makes everything clear regarding the performance. The battery life was also quite excellent. The bin capacity on the v10 was increased up to a level of 40% as compared to the previous models of this best handheld vacuum.

The Dyson v10 offers the most powerful suction force unlike any other cord-free vacuums, it can do as it says and we literally mean it when we say it.

This cordless vacuum has roundabout 60 minutes of run time when in use.

The Dyson v10 is not just lightweight but also is surprisingly versatile, to clean right through your home without leaving a single place dirty and dusty.

This vacuum requires around 80 minutes of charging time for about 3.5 hours minimum before its first use. This vacuum also has up to 20 minutes of fade-free power.

It can drive down its stiff nylon bristles into the carpets in order to capture the dirt which is lying deep down in the carpets, sucking all the dirt and debris hidden inside the fibers.

Experience an elegant design like never before.

The Dyson v10 also has a fully sealed filtration system which can trap about 99.97% of the dust particles. You will love how smoothly it carries out the whole process of cleaning without making any extra noise. The Dyson v10 Vacuum is something worth buying.

 The Good 

The Dyson v10 has an amazing yet a beautiful and well-equipped design which is suitable for use in any space you like. Be it indoors, outdoors, homes or any other spaces.

The suction technology on the Dyson v10 is also great. We love efficiently and smoothly it sucks things up.

The battery power on this one is very improved as compared to the previous models we tested.

The attachments found on this vacuum are very fantastic

 The Bad 

You need to make sure you gather up and remove all the bigger dust or dirt items away from this vacuum else it will block the process of cleaning.

If you put this vacuum on its highest settings, you will be able to witness a drastic drop in the battery levels.


The Dyson v10 is one of those vacuums which make you want to fall in love with the process of cleaning all over. Though it is a bit high in the price, you have no idea of its numerous capabilities, which is why this vacuum will always be our favorite one when it comes to the handheld vacuums. The company has always been famous for their beautiful and light sized vacuums. Now they have stepped a little higher with the launch of Dyson v10. The company has also refined its ultimate suction technology to really put the vacuum in more control than the previous ones. In terms of suction power.

Well, we hope that you found our article on the Dyson v10 a one that is worth giving enough information to you. By now, you should know whether to purchase this one or not.


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