Can You Dry Vacuum With A Bissell Crosswave

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Drying Vacuum With A Bissell Crosswave

Can You Dry Vacuum With A Bissell Crosswave? Are you thinking to answer this question in detail? Let us see how is this going to help us to go through the rest of the article.

What Is The Bissell Crosswave

The Bissell Crosswave is a type of vacuum cleaner that vacuums and washes the floor at the same time. The Bissell Crosswave is a multi-surface vacuum cleaner. The Crosswave cleaner is safe for tiles and any type of floor. But it can not be used for carpets. The Bissell has the ability to suck up all the dry debris from the floor.

How Does The Bissell Crosswave Vacuum Cleaner work

The Bissell Crosswave vacuum cleaner has two-tank technology. One tank is for the dust and dirty water, while the other tank is filled with clean water for washing up the floors. The dual-action brush roll and the innovative multi-surface cleaning solution make the Bissell Crosswave clean the surface better and fill the bucket in less time. With only one push of the button, you can wash and vacuum your floors or tiles. It is always ready to work when you need it.

The Bissell Crosswave Cleaner’s Design

The Bissell Crosswave cleaner is designed with few extra applications, as it has dual work at the same time. One part is for vacuuming while the other part is for moping. This vacuum cleaner has a set of brush rolls that help to clean the surface. The Bissell cleaner has the following features:

  • brush role
  • dirt tank
  • Cleaning tank

Brush Roll To Dry Vacuum With A Bissell Crosswave

The brush roll is made up of several clothes together. The brush roll absorbs cleaning solution and water with the help of clothes to clean the surface. In addition to the cleaning ability, the brush roll does not make scratches on the delicate floors. 

Dirty tank

The Bissell Crosswave cleaner has a two-tank technology. The dirty tank is for the dust and dirt that the cleaner sucks from the surfaces. The dirty tank is about 0.4L. It can be easily removed from the machine. There is a handle for the sake of easy removal of the dirty tank from the Crosswave itself.

Cleaning the tank With A Bissell Crosswave

The Bissell Crosswave cleaner has another tank for clean water. The cleaning tank has two lines. One line is for large dirt particles and the other is for small particles. These lines are marked with numbers to show how much solution is filled. This is the best way to measure the need for a cleaning solution for your floors.

How Do I Use My Bissell Crosswave Vacuum And Mop

In Bissell cleaners, there are two modes of working. One for vacuuming, the other for mopping. These modes are controlled by the button located on the unit. If you want to use Bissell as a vacuum, then you should plug the unit in and choose the floor type. The other work is controlled by the vacuum.

Can We Use It As A Dry Vacuum

The Bissell Crosswave vacuum cleaner can be used as a dry vacuum. It is good as a dry vacuum, but not as good as the normal dry vacuum cleaner. Although it works better for picking up the dog hair from the floor. But if only dry vacuuming is the purpose of buying a vacuum, then you should go for something else than the Bissell Crosswave. 

Warranty And Replacement Of A Bissell Crosswave

Despite the remarkable design of the Bissell Crosswave, if there is an issue, you should not need to bother. It has a warranty of two years. If there is some issue due to the design and manufacture, then you can replace your Bissell Crosswave with this warranty card. But the cleaning of the brush rolls and replacement of the filters is the duty of the consumers.

Pros Of A Dry Vacuum With A Bissell Crosswave

  • The Bissell Crosswave has a powerful suction vacuum. It vacuums and washes the hard floors and the rug areas simultaneously.
  • This machine has a two-tank technology to keep the dirty water separate.
  •  Due to the new and innovative cleaning design, it has an amazing performance

Cons Of A Dry Vacuum With A Bissell Crosswave

Besides benefits, there are also some cons of the Bissell Crosswave.

  • One of the main problems with Bissell Crosswave is that it can not be used on carpets. 
  •  It finds some difficulty while using on the walls.
  • Not ideal for dry vacuuming 


If you are looking for a wet and dry vacuum cleaner for your home cleaning, Bissell Crosswave is the best choice. It vacuums and washes the surface at the same time. It uses marvellous technology to vacuum and mop and has many features. Of course, it has some flaws, but all the products have. In short, it is the best way to clean delicate surfaces. Protection Status
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