Do Vacuum Storage Bags Ruin Pillows

Do Vacuum Storage Bags Ruin Pillows

Pillows are essential to all of us, and we have a special place for them on our beds. However, sometimes we want to keep our pillows in a safe place so we can utilize them in the future. We mostly keep our pillows under our bed or in any cupboard without any cover.

And when we need them, they are filthy, smelly or ruined. Therefore, nowadays, individuals have started to keep pillows in vacuum-sealed bags, so they remain in their best condition when you need them. Now the question is, do vacuum storage bags ruin pillows? Or not? Well, the answer to this question is explained in this blog.

It will be wrong to say that vacuum storage bags ruin pillows. In fact, they can prove to be very good if you want your cushions to stay in the best condition. However, the material of the pillow is an important concern. You cannot put all buffers in the same vacuum bag and expect them to remain in the same condition. Let’s not stretch it more and dive in the details.

Can You Keep Synthetic Pillows In Vacuum Storage Bags

Individuals love synthetic pillows, and most people use them for extreme comfort in their bedtime. They are considered as the substitute for feather pillows. They can prove to be very good for individuals having any allergies or skin problems. Most of these pillows can easily be stored in a vacuum storage bag ideally.

One thing to keep in mind before storing it in the vacuum bag is that you have to pack it perfectly. Otherwise, it may lose its capacity to keep you away from the allergens. If you still find any difficulty compressing the synthetic pillow in a vacuum storage bag, you can refer to its manufacturer.

Note: these pillows can be fully compressed.

Can You Keep Down or Feather Pillows In A Vacuum Storage Bag?

The option mentioned above is the cheap alternative of feather pillows. Therefore, if you want to enjoy absolute comfort, a feather pillow is the best option. However, the bad thing about this pillow is that it can only be 50% compressed. Which means it will still require a lot of space in your cupboard.

If you try to compress it fully, the pillow will lose its shape, and you will not be able to enjoy its full features. So, in this case, vacuum storage bags are not recommended because they can potentially damage the pillow.

How To Put a Pillow In a Vacuum Storage Bag

The best way to put the pillow in the vacuum storage bag is to gently put the pillow inside the vacuum storage bag and close the zip. Once you are sure that the zip is perfectly closed and no air is coming in or out of the bag, you can now vacuum the air out.

If you are storing synthetic pillows, that means you can compress them as much as you can. It will help you to double the space while storing it. They are soft, and they won’t get ruined if they are compressed in a vacuum bag. However, if the feather pillows are compressed abruptly, they will eventually lose their shape.

How To Safely Remove The Pillow From Storage Bag

If you have ideally stored the pillow, you can easily remove it as well. All you have to do is to unzip the vacuum storage bag and gently pull out the pillow. If you find it very hard to pull out, try pulling it out from the corners slowly. Do not apply too much force to it.

Once you take it out, you have to put it in a cool dryer to restore the originality.

Note: if you are storing it for more than six months, you have to repeat the process every six months, so the original softness is not lost.

Sometimes, when you take pillows out of the vacuum storage bags, they don’t smell good. That smell is probably due to the dirty furniture. Therefore, if you are storing pillows for a more extended period, you have to keep everything around them neat. In case you forgot to do that, you can dry clean your pillow or put it in sunlight for three days. ( dry clean is recommended)


To sleep properly, we need good pillows. Therefore, it is important to take care of your pillows in the best possible way. We have provided some tips and tricks to store your pillows, and we are sure you got your answer ( do vacuum storage bags ruin pillows?) Protection Status
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