Do You Really Need A Pool Vacuum

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How To Know Do You Really Need A Pool Vacuum 

Pools are very much a part of life and those that love them want them in the best shape possible. You know how pools are helpful during summer and how relaxing they can help you be or how attractive they look when they are clean and clear. Well, none of that would be possible if they aren’t clean, and there’s hardly a way you can keep your pool clean if you don’t vacuum it frequently. At least once a week. Do you really need a pool vacuum? Yes, you do, and that’s because you need to keep your pool clean. Vacuuming your pool might be a little bit tasking, but it’s just one of the sacrifices you need to make to enjoy your pool. There are a lot of vacuums you can select from to achieve this, so to make it easier, you can go for a robot vacuum. For one, robot vacuums will not require a lot of human effort and they will still do a good job. Just that they are usually more expensive. 

Benefits Of Using A Pool Vacuum 

I wouldn’t say yes to using a pool vacuum if there aren’t a number of benefits to derive from using one. First, one thing you want to avoid in your pool is algae, and they grow and multiply quite fast, especially if there’s dirt in the environment. Now, vacuuming your pool will keep it clean and prevent or at least reduce algae growth. Not cleaning encourages their growth and getting them out of there is quite difficult I must say. Treating and maintaining your pools often requires chemicals like chlorine, which you will have to buy. These chemicals will work more efficiently in a clean pool, and that results in a reduced amount of chemicals, and trust me, you don’t want too many chemicals in your pool. Considering the fact you will have to buy those chemicals too. Another benefit you get from frequently vacuuming your pool is that it stays balanced and attractive. A clear, calm pool has a way of attracting anybody. You can also be sure that when you’re in the pool, your body won’t itch. 

How Often Should I Vacuum My Pool

To keep your pool as clean as can be, you need to vacuum it quite often. That is, at least once a week. It is completely okay if you would want to do it more often, but then once a week should do. How often you clean your pool also depends on how exposed it is to dirt. Whenever you notice a large amount of debris, dirt, or leaves, you should go ahead and vacuum your pool also, even if you have done that before during a week. There is no specific space of time in which your pool must be vacuumed, the goal is to keep it clean always. 

How To Use A Pool Vacuum 

There are about five easy steps to vacuuming your pool, which we will go ahead to discuss. 

  1. Assemble your pool vacuum: This is the first step to using your pool vacuum. It involves attaching the vacuum head to the pole. 
  2. Go ahead and attach one end of the hose to the vacuum and the other end to the inlet using the vacuum plate.
  3. Next, you have to choose a valve setting, depending on how much dirt you’re about to vacuum. You can use a filter setting for light vacuuming while you have to use waste vacuuming for a large amount of dirt. When using a waste setting, keep in mind that the water level in your pool might go down. 
  4. Start the vacuuming process, do it gently so that you don’t raise all the dirt and make the water cloudy. Plus, if you don’t do it gently, the process might not be as effective as it should be. 
  5. Once you’re done, disconnect the parts and keep your vacuum cleaner away. 

What To Consider When Buying

When buying a pool vacuum cleaner, there are a number of things that you must consider to avoid regrets. 

  1. First, make sure the product you’re going for is the one that will suit your needs. For instance, Intex pool vacuum cleaners are made for Intex pools, so they should be bought for that purpose. There are also types of pool vacuums that work well for large pools while some don’t. Consider the size and type of your pool so that you can buy a pool vacuum that works for it. 
  2. Another thing to consider is the price. Check that the pricing of the vacuum is within your budget and will still work fine despite the price. For instance, robot vacuums are usually more expensive than regular manual vacuums. So, if your budget can only buy a manual vacuum, then go for it, as long as it will serve its purpose. 
  3. Research about the types of pool vacuums that you’re considering. Take time to read through customer reviews so that you will better understand what it feels like to own one just like that. If you have any worries about it, ask questions and you most definitely will find answers. 


Do you really need a pool vacuum? Yes, you do. That’s because no one likes to swim in or stay around dirty pools, and vacuuming is the way to get rid of specks of dirt. In truth, vacuuming should be considered as a part of pool treatment and maintenance, and you need to do that to have a healthy, clean and attractive pool. Nobody said this will not be tasking, but it’s all a part of being a pool owner right? So if you like being a pool owner, then you might like the whole thing more than you would imagine. If you can afford to, you can also decide to get a robot vacuum. It will make it less easy and will require minimal effort from you. Just get your pool cleaned. Protection Status
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