How To Disconnect Pool Vacuum

Ways To Disconnect Pool Vacuum

 Disconnecting pool Vacuuming is a task, but it is easy if you maintain your pool regularly. If you do not avoid cleaning your pool and let the fungus grow inside. it isn’t a difficult task to disconnect pool vacuum. 

You can choose any type of vacuum cleaner, it can be a manual vacuum cleaner or an automatic one. The benefit of the automatic one is that it is easier to use and saves a lot of time! 

But that doesn’t mean it won’t require regular cleaning or services. You will have to regularly maintain it and empty the filter bag as well. Also for cleaning and maintaining it after using we should know how to disconnect it first.

How Can You Disconnect The Vacuum Cleaner From The Pool

Vacuuming a pool is only one task you have done. We know that is enough hard work but after cleaning the pool we should always disconnect it and clean it to maintain its life span.

Here is the step to step guide to remove your pool vacuum cleaner.

Step 1:

As soon as you are finished vacuuming the pool, you will have to switch it off. To avoid any electrical problems. Disconnect and rinse everything after you have done cleaning it.

Step 2:

Now you will have to detach the vacuum head from the telescopic pole and drain out any water left in the vacuum hose. 

Step 3:

Hold the hose up to take out any remaining water from the hose. Wash everything with clean water using a garden hose. And let it air dry completely. 

Step 4:

If you have cleaned algae and fungus, you need to clean your pump strainer basket because there might be a lot of debris in it. 

Step 5:

Take out all your vacuum equipment and put them back in storage.

Step 6:

Make sure to empty all the skimmer baskets. If you forget to do so, it will leave a very unpleasant smell and create a bigger mess for you to clean later.

Step 7:

Turn off your filter switch which is near the pressure gauge. Always do this before you move to the multi-port valve to backwash the filter. Or else you could damage the diverter gasket inside the valve.

Step 8:

 Now turn the multiport valve from filter position to backwash position. This will change the function of the filter to drain and pass the water through the nozzle.

Step 9:

Connect the backwash hose to backwash the nozzle. You will have to slip the hose clamp over the end of the backwash. There will be extreme water pressure when you backwash the filter system. Make sure the hose is tightly connected to the backwash nozzle.

Step 10:

Turn on your filter to rinse settings if you have vacuumed on waste, turn on the pump and let it run for a good 30-45 secs. This will clear up the water completely. Then turn the pump off.

Step 11:

Turn the filter option back again from the rinse. This will rinse out any remaining dirt from the filter system.

Step 12:

You might need to spray the cartridge out if you have a cartridge filter. After cleaning, put them back in the filter.

Pros Of Taking Care of The Pool Vacuum Cleaner

Now that we have learned to disconnect the pool vacuum from the pool after cleaning let’s take a look at the pros of taking care of the cleaner.

  • You should always take out the cleaners from the pool when shocking, this will also help to rinse off any chemical water left over.
  • Most people do not do this and leave it in the pool and move over to their daily tasks. This way you won’t mess up with your cleaner.
  • If you take care of the cleaner and get it repaired regularly when needed obviously, it will last longer.
  • Cleaners aren’t supposed to be in the pool 24/7. This includes all types of cleaners.
  • Parts such as tail scrubs, rings on the tail, bearings, and tires will need to be replaced when needed.


Owning a pool also comes with several other tasks to be done. And pool owners have always been confused after getting it. But there is always a way out. Just follow these step-wise guides to disconnect your pool cleaner and you will have the cleanest vacuum cleaner every time you start cleaning.

So, next time you plan on vacuuming the pool, make sure you disconnect it using the above steps. Maintaining is the key to a longer life for the vacuum cleaner. Happy cleaning! Protection Status
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