How to Get Something Out of a Vacuum Hose

The hose is a crucial part of a vacuum cleaner that without it, a vacuum cleaner is useless. It always collects all kinds of dirt in vacuum bags. If it is not cleaned regularly, there is a possibility of dirt getting stuck. As a result, it will prevent new dirt from passing. Now how to get something out of a vacuum hose?

Something here refers to different types of solid dirt particles, glass or pieces of stone, etc. A vacuum hose is used to transport all the garbage debris. Therefore, it must always be free. The main purpose of today’s guide is to tell you how to get something out if it gets stuck in your vacuum. Keep reading the following part of the article to remove dirt from the vacuum hose that you need to know.

How to Get Something Out of a Vacuum Hose

A blocked hose will never give you the best experience of cleaning dirt. This will become a major obstacle in cleaning up the mess. Naturally, sometimes a large piece of dirt can get stuck inside the pipe. Of course, there is a remedy for it. Below, we present them in step form.

Step 1

The first thing to do to clean the dirt from the hose is to check if the device is connected to an electric outlet. If so, unplug it. Then turn off the device as well.

Step 2

Now detach the hose from the vacuum. This is the main step to clean the hose. How to remove it will vary according to the brand and model of your device. However, most models have a switch or button option to detach it. As soon as you press that button, the vacuum hose machine separates from the body.

Never use excessive force to remove the hose from the machine. Because the vacuum hose is not a hard or powerful thing that requires a lot of force to separate. So proceed slowly. Then if you feel confused about how to detach the vacuum hose, stop and follow your device’s manual or use the internet.

Step 3

The most ideal way to get rid of dirt stuck inside your hose is to wash it off. This will make it possible to easily remove all types of dirt. For this, take 3 to 4 inches of water in a container. Then mix 2 to 3 drops of dish soap or detergent in that water and make a mixture.

Now immerse the vacuum hose in that soapy water container. When submerged it will be able to comfortably fit inside the water tube. Then wait a while. It is better to make the waiting time according to your judgment or follow the manual. This will help to soften the hard dirt stuck or loosen the stone.

Make sure the water is normal. Using hot water instead of cleaning will damage the inverted tube. Additionally, you can apply homemade baking soda or white vinegar to loosen the vacuum hose block. These will allow you to block your device as well as destroy bacteria and germs.

Step 4

Not cleaning the dirt for a long time can prevent some stubborn dirt in your vacuum. These become impossible to get rid of with soapy water or detergent. Because the dirt is stuck in the folds of the tube where it is very difficult to reach.

There is a classic way to make this task easier. That is to use a bottle cleaning brush. The bristles of this brush are much stiffer, thinner, longer, and stronger. So this is the right size to go in the middle of the tube to clean the dirt of your hose. You can follow this procedure once if you want. If it can be implemented properly, it will get effective results.

Step 5

Once the vacuum hose is clean or scrubbing, now just wash it with normal water. To do this, take advantage of the direct water pressure from the faucet. Flow the water well through the hose so that all the dirt can come out. It is best to hold the tube in a U shape. Then you can shake the water from one side to the other before it runs out.

Step 6

After the vacuum hose is completely cleaned and the washing activities are over, it is time to dry it. Hang it to get all the water out of the tube. Leave it like this for at least 1 hour so that the vacuum hose can dry well.

Step 7

When your vacuum hose dries well and you feel like now is the right time to set it in its previous place, then connect it to the device. Cleaning the hose of a vacuum cleaner is a forgotten task.

As long as it’s not causing any problems, many people don’t take the initiative to clean it up, which is not the case at all. So we recommend cleaning the vacuum hose once every 3 to 6 months.

Symptoms of a Vacuum Hose Problem

There can be many reasons for vacuum hose problems. Some are due to user inefficiency while others are due to not cleaning. However, the main reasons are as follows:

  • Clogging is one of the main causes of vacuum problems most of the time. This can damage the suction and prevent the removal of dirt.
  • Sometimes the smell comes out of the hose. This means that there must be some food stuck, which is rotting and spreading a bad smell.
  • Vacuum hard and heavy dirt can cause hose leaks. The dirt then becomes harder to clean as they begin to fly under the influence of the vacuum air.
  • The hose may be damaged if the device is not cleaned properly after use or if it is not kept in a safe place.


A vacuum hose is one of the means of removing dirt. Be careful not to get dirty or other harmful things stuck in the tube. That’s why there has no substitute for keeping the hose clean. Keep the hose clean and enjoy the best cleaning experience. If anything gets stuck inside the vacuum hose then follow this article. Protection Status
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